The Advertising Revolution For #SAScon For Sharing On Linkedin For #SAScon Delegates


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The talk I did on mobile marketing and augmented reality at #SAScon

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The Advertising Revolution For #SAScon For Sharing On Linkedin For #SAScon Delegates

  1. 1. Advertising Revolution Talk#sasconAR For #SAScon 2012. Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  2. 2. #sasconAR Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  3. 3. I also speak at: Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  4. 4. So WHO am I? Dan Sodergren: Motivational, marketing, man.#sasconAR Working mainly in MOBILE. Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  5. 5. #sasconAR Just search for “Dan Sodergren” Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  6. 6. Where else to find me  • Through Linkedin. • I have two accounts. • Best bet is through • Through Twitter. • I have three accounts. • Best bet is@ukmarketinghelp or @goaugmented • Through email. • Again several accounts: • For AR stuff ping me a quick massage at Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  7. 7. "The medium is the message"
  8. 8. So …. First think… what story… do your actions tell your customers?#sasconAR Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  9. 9. SoLoMoPho • So • Social • Lo#sasconAR • Location • Mo • Mobile • Pho • Photography / scanning • Want to remember it…. • Think… Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  10. 10. Singluar Motherf***er • SoLo • MoPho • It’s all about the “me” and the “me#sasconAR right now”. • Cultures are changing the next generation is upon us. • Is the UK more social or mobile? • 79 percent of smartphone users use their smartphones to help with “We even get on our mobiles at shopping. the Christmas Dinner table…. • Even at the dinner table… My father was livid. He is a vicar…” Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  11. 11. Great Sentiment by Google. I don’t work for them… Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  12. 12. Are you making the wave?Google is BIG enough too… Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  13. 13. Or are you planning to ride it?#sasconAR Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  14. 14. Through riding this wave…• I get to meet new people (like your guys last night)• New companies.• Mainly tech companies.• Interesting companies.• Mainly, new, interesting tech companies with new interesting ideas.• And this is where AR comes in….• The Advertising Revolution.• Augmented Reality #AR.• And this is where I met goAugmented. Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  15. 15. • We at goAugmented - are a fun, different, small , bespoke, creative bunch of marketing geeks.• We are the only award winning UK based independent AR development house. Which means we work with lots of people.• We use AR - that new (ish) excitement buzz term - as well as a host of digital wizardry to make our clients give their customers the occasional WOW in this somewhat jaded world.• AR, in reality, is the bridge point between print and ink and digital and think – between the digital and print worlds.• It is also a potential new world of alternative and personalised geo locational advertising.• Augmented Reality is a tech led, potential Advertising Revolution which if we position the UK (Manchester) correctly and aggressively could change the way people view not only advertising2012 (c)the UK / Manchester as well. Copyright Dan Sodergren but
  16. 16. And we specialise in#sasconAR Mobile Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  17. 17. What is AR and Mobile AR? • (AR) “Augmented Realities” have been around for ages. • AR IS NOT NEW!!!!#sasconAR • In techie terms, AR produces a composite view for the user that is the combination of the real scene viewed by the user and a virtual scene generated by the computer. • In a marketing reality – we bring print and places to life – and we do this through the power of new mobile phones. • And all we need is a smartphone.... Or a good phone  • We just need a smartphone with a camera and then… Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  18. 18. We are living through a revolution.#sasconAR Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  19. 19. The wave is already here…#sasconAR Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  20. 20. Are we all riding the wave? And what’s it made of? Or…HYPE! Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  21. 21. Are we all riding the wave? And what’s it made of?#sasconAR Or…HYPE! Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  22. 22. The Hype Cycle for (2010)
  23. 23. The Hype Cycle for (2011)
  24. 24. We have to be very aware. As people in or out of the industry.#sasconAR Augmented Reality could be… Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  25. 25. be en ha ve uld#sasconAR it co Bu t t! ’s No It Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  26. 26. AR - It’s just likeordinary reality Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c) Flickr: wvs
  27. 27. Only more so Flickr: wvs
  28. 28. Examples of AR in action Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  29. 29. So…AR is not that simple.• It’s split into different area or capacities.• Dream Reality. Not talking about today.• Real life scenarios – ambushed by technology.• Will give example as have one.• Visual Search. Am talking about today.• The death of SEO in location.• Print Magic. Am talking about today.• As links into Analytics and real-real time. ?• The Future. Am talking about today (if time)• Social augmented reality. The next level. Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  30. 30. That was YEARS AGO!#sasconAR Almost a full three years ago… Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  31. 31. Digital Dream Reality.#sasconAR Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  32. 32. All we need is a space…#sasconAR Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  33. 33. And maybe a screen…#sasconAR Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  34. 34. To bring interaction to a new level#sasconAR Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  35. 35. To create a bit of fun / a talking point#sasconAR Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  36. 36. A viral success / youtube online.#sasconAR Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  37. 37. Maybe even to sell more…#sasconAR Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  38. 38. Some kiosks work well to do this.#sasconAR But wouldn’t this be better at home? Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  39. 39. Or even on your mobile! • True Blue • Look at me mates.... (no jibs please) • How many city fans would like a picture next to their hero? • Of the past or of the present. • How many fans would facebook their picture?#sasconAR • Making the experience go on the social graph at least once or twice. Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  40. 40. Local#sasconAR Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  41. 41. Let’s all go HYPER local.• Location precision should be a marketers first point of call.• i.e. is my target nearby?• In the U.S. mobile ad spending will grow from US$790 million in 2010 to $4 billion in 2015.• With this local ad spend will grow from US$404 million to $2.8 billion.• This makes locally targeted mobile ads 51 percent of overall U.S. mobile ad spending, growing to 70 percent by 2015. Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  42. 42. Local, local, local• 61% of smartphone users make local searches from a device ( Localeze/ Local Search Usage Study February 2012 )• 49% of mobile and tablet users conduct local business searches on apps ( Localeze/15miles Fifth Annual Study February 2012 )• Mentioning a location in an ad or search result can increase click- through rates up to 200% (ThinkNear 2012 via MediaPost) Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  43. 43. Visual Search Time • Location is a culture. • It involves more than just a “place”. • A ‘location’ – is a time, a social moment, a consideration. • Visual search – the future?#sasconAR • A U.S. Bank has began piloting an augmented reality smartphone app that enables users to point their smartphone at the horizon and see an animated image showing the bank branches and ATMs in view. • Ever wondered where the nearest ATM is? Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  44. 44. Examples of AR in the East • We just came back from Hong Kong. • With the Ukti…#sasconAR • Great examples happening: • Tourism boards AR app • Love it and proves you can do something magical. • Why don’t we do something like this in Manchester? • For Manchester Digitals? • For UK creatives etc etc …  Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  45. 45. Location – instant? • If we know where you are. • At that instance#sasconAR • And we can augmented the information? • Are you really searching for it? • Why do you think Google did StreetView? • Why are there so many patents from both Apple and Google on this subject. • Could this mean the death of SEO in the future? Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  46. 46. Joking aside  what AR does…
  47. 47. It’s Print Magic• It’s QR codes on steroids.• And QR codes are everywhere…. And now…• Every where / everything is a QR code.• The magazine.• The dusty old book – Zappar have just done an AR campaign with Penguin.• The flyer.• The beer mat.• That house over there.• Even you and me – with 3D tracking. Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  48. 48. You may have seen it already  Come discover more.
  49. 49. It’s not been perfect – but it will be: Why? Mobile Processing power Moore’s inexorable law Screen size Tablets, new tech foldable/rollable? Human limitations: Better touch interfaces, natural#sasconAR eyesight, thumb width gestures GPS locating speed AGPS, other cues e.g. wifi Network bandwidth/latency 4G/LTE brings better speed/latency Tools/APIs Will come…. (ARE HERE NOW!!) Battery Power Moore’s law brings efficiencies Installed base >50% by 2012 (in UK even higher…) Ultimately the browser may displace Fragmented mobile platforms native apps M-commerce & monetization We’re working on it
  50. 50. Other New Tech things happening: • You guys know about them already. • But things like the Everything everywhere team#sasconAR up. • The 4G tests in Cornwall. • The roll out of mobile coverage on the Underground in London. • The start of the NFC uptake… • This changes everything… Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  51. 51. More and more brands doing it! • ASOS launched the Scan to Shop app, allowing people to shop with their phones directly from the company magazine, delivered monthly to#sasconAR 400,000 ASOS customers. • Within the magazine, they had also placed ‘smiley faces’ which when viewed in-app allow people to access surprise features. • BUT PLEASE YOU CAN ONLY DO AR IF…. • Your client already has a solid relationship with your customer base. Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  52. 52. You kinda have to be like this – already#sasconAR The brand needs to be established! Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  53. 53. When oh when…#sasconAR Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  54. 54. As AR allows – insane analytics. • The data from Augmented Reality is mobile. • So it’s real time. • It’s also social. At a flick of a finger. • It gives high CTR’s – mainly as a WOW factor – but who cares why – it#sasconAR does. Proof from yesterday – top secret. • Top Gear magazine conducted research into the value of their Aurasma- enabled campaigns. The results showed that: • After only two editions 85% of Top Gear readers were aware of the AR / Aurasma-enabled content. • 27% of Top Gear total readership engaged with the content (not bad, considering only 50% of their readers own smartphones). • As a result of Top Gear’s innovations in publishing, the magazine won the coveted FIPPs Editors’ Choice award at the Digital Innovators’ summit in Berlin. Top Gear were so pleased with the results, they’ve now released their own Aurasma enabled app - TGMag Extra - for use in conjunction with the magazine each month. Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  55. 55. But is Mobile AR worth the risk? • The rise and rise of the smartphone has led to an explosion of handsets in the market that are capable of offering AR applications.#sasconAR • Qualcomm creating an AR-software development kit • Samsung pre-loading AR browsers in selected markets • AR-boosted mobile advertising from major brands. • Augmented reality through our mobile phones will be a business worth $1.5 billion (£928 million) by 2015, according to analysts Juniper Research. • I don’t know – you do the maths? It’s up to you. Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  56. 56. Your future?#sasconAR Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  57. 57. So – social – and the power thereof. • My favourite fact: • Social has over taken Porn as number 1 activity on the web .#sasconAR • Big deals and movers – Google and semantic search. Ask your SEO company what they are planning. • Google’s social platform, launched early 2011 as an invite-only platform. It now boasts a user-base of 170 million. • Mobile search mixed with semantic search – a new horizon in SEO. Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  58. 58. Social and Mobile • Mobile users are more social  • Three times more active on Twitter. • Twice as active on Facebook .#sasconAR • And around half of Facebook access through mobile! • 32% of UK internet users surf social media sites using their mobiles, while the European and Global average in only 26%. • Surfers who consult social media via their mobiles log in an average of three times per day. The average for people without mobile access is 1.5 times per day. • Mobile users are also more active when it comes to sending messages, uploading photos and becoming fans of brands.
  59. 59. So Augmented Reality… Web 3.0 • Through keywords / SEO etc. • We know what you search for. (web 1.0) • Through facebook and all social.#sasconAR • We know what you like and who you like (web 2.0) • Through mobile phones. • We now know where you are. Plus the other two (web 3.0) • Through Geo fencing and locational • We can deliver digital, scalable, instant promotions to you based on the above: Who you are, what you want, when you want it. • Location is not a set of co-ordinates…. • It is a culture of place. • We may not even access web 1.0 or 2.0 in the next revolution of ZMOT. • But Google seems to still be the middle man. Or are they? Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  60. 60. Social Augmented Reality Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  61. 61. Social Augmented RealityHold up your phone – or blink your eye and getThe knowledge of joining a crowd and knowing:• Who do I know here?• Where do I know them from?• Who should I get to know?• Who here is single?• Are there any naked pictures of them on the internet? Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  62. 62. Has it already started? Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  63. 63. BUT we the consumer willChoose our context and our filter.
  64. 64. Or will we?#sasconAR Google Project Glass Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  65. 65. Google Glasses – anyone? • Google’s Project Glass promises to be the biggest innovation within this sector in 2012, so we also wanted to gauge general consumer interest in Google’s glasses. • The results reveal that almost a third of consumers are still#sasconAR undecided on the merits of the technology and only one in six would be ready to buy a pair of glasses from Google if they were available today. • Interestingly, around a quarter of men are ready to don a pair Google Glasses versus just one in ten women, with many claiming they would feel self-conscious wearing them. • Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  66. 66. Augmented Reality Shopping anyone?#sasconAR Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  67. 67. Or even better…. Or worse…#sasconAR An 130% increase in online sales  Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  68. 68. #sasconAR The future is already here… … just unevenly distributed. Many thanks from Dan Sodergren Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
  69. 69. A different vision –#sasconAR A future Technology opportunity Dan Sodergren Drop your card into YES or NO. Copyright Dan Sodergren 2012 (c)
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