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  • 1. By Asia Getaway Inc Your Gateway to Asia Access World Expo China Discovery Tour Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce SEPT 13-22, 2010
  • 2. General Information
  • 3. Map
  • 4. How to Get There
    • For UA mileage plus member, you can check in 24 hours before your departure time via; for more information, please visit the website.
    • Print out your e-ticket copy and bring it with you along with your passport.
    • Arrive at the airport at least 2 hours prior to your departure time.
  • 5. Weather
  • 6. WHAT TO PACK Casual Comfortable Shoes Hat/Sunscreen Personal medications
  • 7. Baggage Regulations
    • One piece of checked in bag of 44 lbs is allowed when travel within China.
    • One piece of hand carry is allowed.
  • 8. Currency Chinese money is called Renminbi (RMB) means "The People's Currency". The popular unit of RMB is yuan " . The official exchange rate between U.S. dollar and Renminbi yuan currently is about 1:6 .75 (1 US dollar = 6.75 yuan RMB)
  • 9. Visa Application Visa is required for all American to China. Visa can be obtained through Chinese Consulate or contact Asia Getaway Inc for our visa service. A valid passport is required.
  • 10. Customs Regulations
    • Reasonable amount of currency (up to $5000)
    • Alcohol and cigarettes, cameras, and tape-recorders can be brought into China.
    • Liquor has to be check in.
  • 11. Health Requirement
    • No special vaccinations are required.
    • Travelers should bring with them any special health remedies or medications they require.
    • Travel to high-altitude areas such as Tibet is not recommended for those with pulmonary or heart problems.
  • 12. Electrical
    • Throughout China 220 volt/50 cycle is used.
    • Although 4 & 5 star hotels are wired for use of 110 electrical appliances.
    • Most hotels have a hand hair-dryer in each room.
  • 13. Telephone & Postage
    • Telephone:
    • If you want to call home, you can call from hotel room but the phone charge is very expensive. You can buy local phone card to make long distance calls.
    • Most phone card available at the convenience store.
    • Postage:
    • For mailing letters or post card, you can arrange through hotel concierge. It takes approximately 7 days on regular mail.
  • 14. Language
    • The official language is Putonghua.
    • English will be used in most tourist area such as hotels and airports.
    • Street signs are in Chinese only. Therefore, please consult with your local guide or with the hotel before you explore the city on your own.
    • Most taxi drivers do not speak English. We suggest that you carry a hotel card with you.
  • 15. Public Transportations
    • In China, we suggest you take a taxi or hotel car when you explore the city on your own. Please make sure you obtain Chinese translations before you get into a taxi. Subway is also very convenient esp. new subway lines are built for the World Expo.
    • The most convenient way to travel on your own from hotel to Expo site is by subway.
  • 16. Tipping
    • Tipping to service people such as guides, drivers, porters are included. Additional gratuity is always appreciated.
    • For most restaurants, service charge is included.
  • 17. Water
    • It is inadvisable to drink tap water in Asia. Two bottle of water provided free in the room. Bottled mineral water is widely available in stores. Water provided in hotels or licensed restaurants are good to drink.
    • Avoid uncooked vegetables and anything sold by street vendors.
  • 18. Food & Taste of Local Cuisine Dumpling Peking Duck
    • Breakfast – all breakfasts will be full international buffet style, which includes eggs, meats, coffee, tea, juice, breads, fruit, cereal etc.
    • Lunch and dinner arranged in Chinese family style. Some buffet dinners will be included.
    • One soft drink included during meal.
    • Refills, coffee, tea is not included with Chinese meals.
  • 19. Restaurants
  • 20. Coach
    • Deluxe air-conditioned coach; 53 seats
    Punctuality is important. Please follow the departure time listed and your local guide will reconfirm every day prior to the event. There will be 3 buses. We may alternate the sequence of the tours based on the local condition.
  • 21. Public Conveniences
    • Public conveniences in China are not up to Western standards. Many toilets are of the “quat” type. In some cases, toilet paper is not provided and some toilet may not have doors. In most tourists’ sites, you will find “pay toilets”. These are clean and better.
    • Remember to carry toilet paper or tissue with you at all times.
  • 22. Tour Guide
    • Bilingual Tour Guides
    • Extensive and knowledgeable experiences.
  • 23. Program 10 Days Access World Expo China Discovery Tour Beijng / Suzhou / Hangzhou / Shanghai September 13-22, 2010
  • 24. Itinerary Day 1 (Sept 13): Depart from your gateway to Beijing. Day 2 (Sept 14): Arrive in Beijing. Meet and transfer to hotel. Enjoy a welcome dinner in the evening. (D) Day 3 (Sept 15): Visit Summer Palace, Pearl Workshop, Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City. Enjoy Peking duck dinner. Optional Kung Fu Legend show . (B/L/D) Day 4 (Sept 16): Visit Temple of Heaven, Cloisonne Workshop, Spiritual Way, Jade Craving Workshop and Great Wall. Optional Hutong Tour. Dinner at hotel. (B/L/D) Day 5 (Sept 17): Fly to Shanghai and transfer to Suzhou. Visit Lingering Garden, Grand Canal, and Double Faced Silk Embroidery. Dinner at hotel. (B/L/D)
  • 25. Itinerary (Con’t) Day 6 (Sept 18): Continue to Hangzhou. Visit Lingyin Temple, Economic Development Zone and Tea Plantation. (B/L/D) Day 7 (Sept 19): Visit West Lake. Continue to Shanghai. Afternoon, optional Traditional Chinese Reflexology. Evening, optional ERA-Intersection of Time by Cirque du Solei. (B/L/D) Day 8 (Sept 20): Full day visit the World Expo. Optional Evening Cruise on Huangpu River . (B) Day 9 (Sept 21): Explore Shanghai by visiting Yuyuan Garden, the Bund and Silk Weaving Workshop. Farewell dinner. (B/L/D) Day 10 (Sept 22): Transfer to airport for your flight home. Optional Maglev Train ride . (B)
  • 26. Beijing The capital of China
  • 27. Summer Palace
    • The Summer Palace literally "Garden of Nurtured Harmony”.
    • It is an ancient royal resort.
    • In 1998, UNESCO included the Summer Palace on its World Heritage List.
  • 28. Tian On Man Square
    • Built in 1651.
    • The largest square in the world.
  • 29. Forbidden City
    • This is the largest and most complete Imperial palace in the world.
    • It was built in 1406
  • 30. Temple of Heaven
    • Built in 1420.
    • It was the temple where emperors prayed for good harvest.
  • 31. Spiritual Way
    • Spiritual Way is also known ass Sacred Way, which means the road leading to heaven. The Emperor known as the Son of the Heaven, who came from Heaven to his country through the Sacred Way, also deservedly would return to Heaven through this road.
  • 32. Olympic Sites
    • Beijing National Stadium (Bird’s Nest)
    • Beijing National Aquatics Center (Water Cube)
  • 33. Great Wall
    • The only man made object can be seen from the moon.
    • It was first built in 7 BC.
    • Approximately 45 minutes ride from the city.
  • 34. Peking Duck Dinner
    • Peking Duck (Peking Roast Duck) is a famous duck dish from Beijing that has been prepared since the imperial era, and is now considered one of China’s national foods.
  • 35. Suzhou Venice of the East
  • 36. Lingering Garden
    • One of the four most famous gardens in China
    • List of the world heritage site by UNESCO.
  • 37. Grand Canal
    • Grand Canal is the largest ancient canal or artificial river in the world.
    • The oldest parts of the canal date back of the 5 th century BC.
  • 38. Double Faced Silk Embroidery
    • Double Faced Silk Embroidery is one of the most famous embroidery technique in China.
    • It is famous for its elaborateness and elegance.
  • 39. Hangzhou The scenic city
  • 40. Economic Development Zone
  • 41. West Lake West Lake is a famous fresh water lake located in the historic center of Hangzhou. West Lake is not only famous for its picturesque landscape, it is also associated with many scholars, national heroes and revolutionary martyrs, thus embracing many aspects of Chinese culture.
  • 42. Lingyin Temple Lingyin Temple is a Buddhist Temple. The temple's name is commonly literally translated as Temple of the Soul's Retreat. It is one of the largest and wealthiest Buddhist temples in China, and contains numerous pagodas and Budddhist grottoes.
  • 43. Longjing Tea Plantation Longjing actually means, "Dragon Well" and according to legend, the Dragon Well was discovered in about 230AD. This fresh spring water encouraged the people of Hangzhou to develop their own quality tea, and thus Longjing tea was born. The dominant thing here is tea! Whether it be drinking, picking, smelling or buying. Tea terraces rise up on either side of the village and it's an interesting area to walk around and watch the locals at work. 
  • 44. Shanghai The largest city in China
  • 45. World Expo 2010
    • Over 186 countries and 47 international organizations will participate in this event.  The Expo's main theme of "Better Cities, Better Life"  will be showcased in promoting various initiates aiming at achieving a greener, safer, healthier, and
    • energy conscious human environment where countries can share their wealth of knowledge to
    • build a better world for the
    • future generation. 
  • 46. The Bund
    • The birthplace and the symbol of Shanghai
    • China’s most famous waterfront is lined with 1930’s buildings
    • Once known as the Wall Street of Asia.
  • 47. Yu Yuan Garden
    • This 16 th Century garden is a maze of colorful Pavilions, Ponds, stone dragons.
    • It is one of the China’s finest examples of Ming Dynasty
    • It is one of the four best garden in China.
  • 48. Silk Weaving Workshop
    • Silk weaving is an age-old handicraft industry in China. At the Silk Weaving workshop, you will see
    • the entire process
    • of produce silk
    • from silkworm.
  • 49. Accommodations
  • 50. Beijing Doubletree Hotel by Hilton
  • 51. Suzhou Sofitel Hotel
  • 52. Hangzhou Sofitel Xanadu Resort
  • 53. Shanghai Renaissance Zhongshan Park Hotel
  • 54. Optional Tours & Shopping
  • 55. Kung Fu Legend Show September 15, 2010
    • Kung Fu Legend Show is a combination of the elements of kung fu, story telling, acrobatics, modern dance and original music to celebrate the philosophy and skill of martial arts. (USD 28 per person)
  • 56. Traditional Chinese Reflexology September 19, 2010
    • The Traditional Chinese reflexology is the ancient art of healing by working pressure points on the feet corresponding to different parts of the body. It helps unblock these pathways by ridding the body of toxins and improving blood circulation. (USD 28 per person)
  • 57. ERA-Intersection of Time by Cirque du Solei September 19, 2010 ERA is a multimedia odyssey whose inspiration is a direct result of the combination of traditional Chinese acrobatic arts and modern technology. Just like Shanghai, ERA evolves through a constant collision between the past and future. (USD 35 per person)
  • 58. Huangpu River Cruise September 20, 2010
    • The cruise will absolutely build in every one an unforgettable impression of Grand Shanghai! The evening view of Shanghai from the cruise is gorgeous, charming and unbeatable.
    • (USD 25 per person)
  • 59. Maglev Train September 22, 2010 Shanghai maglev train, the first commercial rail line of its type in the world, at top speed of 431 kilometers per-hour which is much faster than the Bullet Train in Japan. It takes only 7 minutes and 20 seconds to cover 30-kilometer trip, which currently takes 30 to 40 minutes by driving. (USD 15 per person)
  • 60. Shopping with Famous Chinese Art & Crafts
    • Best buy in China:
    • Tailoring service
    • Jade
    • Pearl
    • Cloisonne
    • Double-faced silk embroidery
    • Silk
  • 61. Security Tips
    • An alert traveler is the best security!
    • Keep an eye on your cameras and handbag
    • Keep your suitcases locked during transit and when you leave your hotel room.
    • Keep your valuables (passport, air ticket, jewelry) locked in hotel safety deposit box.
    • Make sure you remove your belongings upon checking out.
    • Carry as little as possible
    • Leave fine jewelry and other valuables at home
    • Follow hotel guidelines for safety and security suggestions.
    • Do not follow stranger on the street even they sell you a product at very attractive price
  • 62. About Asia Getaway Established in 1997, Asia Getaway is highly specialized in designing and operating travel programs for business, professional and special interest groups. Whether you are an association looking for an appealing venue for your next conference, a company wishing to network with similar business colleagues overseas, or a travel agent booking a senior group, Asia Getaway's experts have the experience and the contacts to make your journey successful.
  • 63. Testimonials "Asia Getaway handled our arrangements with expertise and professionalism. Every detail was attended to – from efficient baggage handling to special menu requirements. An unforgettable experience with a reasonable price tag - marvelous value!" Bella Heule President/CEO San Diego World Trade Centers Association "The experts at Asia Getaway organized a well-run and effective program to China for our business members. Excellent accommodations, varied and delicious meals, a flexible schedule for our business meetings and the unwavering service of the Asia Getaway hospitality desk – all contributed to the incredible success of our trip. As the largest Chamber of Commerce in California, the value gained from our experience will be effectively realized for years to come." Jessie J. Knight Jr. President and CEO - San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • 64. Famous Chinese Quote See you in China!