Making and Installing a Custom Classic Car Headliner


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Follow me as I use the original headliner in my hot rod 1955 Studebaker to create a new custom headliner and install - making my cars interior look way better!

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  • Making and Installing a Custom Classic Car Headliner

    1. 1. By Grease Girl Learning: Making & Putting In A Headliner
    2. 4. In this slideshow I will be taking out the original headliner in my 1955 Studebaker and using it to draft a brand-new custom headliner made out of glitter vinyl. As far as headliners go, not all cars were constructed the same – but generally vintage cars have rods underneath the liners spanning side to side which hold them in place. My use of glitter vinyl is atypical and not suggested due to its heavier weight…but I had to have it and so far it seems to have worked out very well!
    3. 21. Once headliner is technically in – your job is to finish attaching it while trying to make it completely smooth...this is the challenge! To get it smooth means getting the tension just right. Patience, a good glue, and a blow dryer will help you get it all smooth.
    4. 32. Visit more of Grease Girl at & Until next time…Happy Trails!