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Future generali hris assignment

  1. 1. Human Resource Information System HRM-Assignment-2GROUP A4 ASSIGNMENT Human Resource Information system 1 XIMB-PGPBFS (2010-11)
  2. 2. Human Resource Information System HRM-Assignment-2Raja Chaitanya Vikram. GIndex:S.No Name Page no.1 Description 32 HRIS practices in the organisation 4 to123 Group Analysis 134 The positives and negatives of the 13 practice5 Positive practices 136 Negative practices 137. Match & Mismatch between 14 theory and practice8. Our recommendation 14 2 XIMB-PGPBFS (2010-11)
  3. 3. Human Resource Information System HRM-Assignment-2Organisation: Future Generali InsuranceDescription:ABOUT THE COMPANY:Future Generali is a joint venture between the India-based Future Group and the Italy-based Generali Group.Future Generali is present in India in both the Life and Non-Life businesses as FutureGenerali India Life Insurance Co. Ltd. and Future Generali India Insurance Co. Ltd.FUTURE GROUPFuture Group, led by its founder and Group CEO, Mr. Kishore Biyani, is one ofIndia’s leading business houses with multiple businesses spanning across theconsumption space. While retail forms the core business activity of Future Group,group subsidiaries are present in consumer finance, capital, insurance, leisure andentertainment, brand development, retail real estate development, retail media andlogistics.THE GENERALI GROUPThe Generali Group is a leading player in the global insurance and financial markets.Established in Trieste in 1831, today the Group is one of Europe’s largest insuranceproviders and the European biggest Life insurer. It is also one of the world’s top assetmanagers with assets totalling more than € 400 billion. With an employed sales forceof more than 100,000 people serving 70 million clients in 68 countries, the Groupoccupies a leadership position in Western Europe and an increasingly important placein Eastern Europe and Asia. 3 XIMB-PGPBFS (2010-11)
  4. 4. Human Resource Information System HRM-Assignment-2HRIS practices in the organisation:From 2009 onwards Future Generali is using HRIS servicesDetails of Service provider:The Service provider, for HRIS application used by the Future Generali, is“Adrenalin”Adrenalin is a web-based Human Capital Alignment Software available on Microsoft.Net and IBM Lotus platforms. It automates business-to-employees administrative andstrategic processes. It is workflow based and is accessible to every employee with selfservice features.HRIS – Adrenalin is continuously maintained by 3 dedicated persons inFuture Generali.They are trying to improvise the existing and pipeline applications.Key Modules of Adrenalin:  Performance Management  Training Management  eRecruitment  Employee and Manager self-service  Absence/ Leave Management  HR Management  Shift Management  HR & Workgroup Reports/Analytics  PayrollFollowing processes are being performed by these Services:1. Attendance management:  Maintaining information on whether an employee is Present / absent, the number of Hours worked, OT done, etc is a hygiene requirement for an organization.  Attendance Processing enables collection of - Swipes, Shift Assignments, Leave, Holidays and Manual Update data - and prepares this information for every employee accurately and in a hassle-free manner. 4 XIMB-PGPBFS (2010-11)
  5. 5. Human Resource Information System HRM-Assignment-2  The processing can be scheduled at a specified time every day totally eliminating you from doing any manual work in preparing the Muster.  The Attendance Information will contain data on the in time, Out Time, Hours Worked, Late In and Early Out times, OT Hours and the Attendance Status of the employee.Attendance enables a number of processes to be automated. Some of theseare listed below:  Attendance Regularization request from employee with approval by his Manager  Shift change request from employee with approval by Manager.  OT Approval request from employee with approval by his Manager.  Pre-OT and Post-OT Request by Manager on behalf of his Team Members.  OT Cancellation Request by employee with approval by his Manager. 5 XIMB-PGPBFS (2010-11)
  6. 6. Human Resource Information System HRM-Assignment-2Reports:A common feature of most of these reports is the provision to filter the data based onEmployee Categories and Date Range. Apart from the filter, the reports haveprovision to export the output into an Excel file.Representative lists of these reports are given below.  Absenteeism Report  Annual Census Report  Attendance Muster Report  Days Worked Day wise / During Month / Year Report  Manual Swipe Entry Report  Day wise OT Hours Report  On Duty ReportManager Self Service:The Manager Self Service module enables a manager to  View the Attendance information of his team members  View the list of all team members who have swiped, thus eliminating a manual count at the beginning of the Shift  Mark Attendance on behalf of team members 6 XIMB-PGPBFS (2010-11)
  7. 7. Human Resource Information System HRM-Assignment-22. Leave Management:FG group performing leave management by HRIS-Adrenalin in following ways.Holiday Planning: Enables the employee to view leave balance under various eligibleheads, plan holidayLeave Administration: The system enables the employees to regularise leave forexceptions such as sickness or emergenciesRole-based Workflows: Allows different users, such as employees, managers, payrollmanagers and HR administrators to be part of the application flow as per rules of theorganisation.Reporting: Offers useful reports such as the Punctuality Index for capturing andanalysing trends in leave and attendance of the employees, allowing managers to pro-actively take steps to tackle any irregularitiesUsing Employees Leave Management employees can:  View time earned, time taken and remaining balance for each policy assigned.  Model balance as of a specific date to get a real time snap shot of balance information.  Enter and request time off.  Carryover accrued time.  View time off transaction history.Using Employees Leave Management managers can:  Approve or reject employee requests for time off  View time earned, time taken and time remaining for each employee  Model an employees balance as of a specific date  Enter and request time off on behalf of employees  Carryover accrued time on behalf of employees  Make adjustments to an employees balance  View transaction history of employee leave requests 7 XIMB-PGPBFS (2010-11)
  8. 8. Human Resource Information System HRM-Assignment-2Using Employees Leave Management HR can:  Perform all of the functions that employees and managers can perform  Edit leave records  Delete leave records  Manage leave policy assignments  Edit the employees service date  Assign leave policies during the hire process  Report on aggregate data for leave policies3. Training Management: FG Group using Adrenalins Training Management module is a powerful solution to maximise the benefits and effectiveness of training programs extended to employees by creating customised training schedules that are directly aligned with their requirements.Training Management – Features:  Create training courses across locations and specific groups to build an annual training calendar  Communicate schedule and full course details to employees and invite nominations from employees, managers or HR  Assign trainers and venues and generate related correspondence  Conduct training courses, track attendance and record faculty and participant feedback  Track under-subscribed courses and view course details for corrective action  Generate reports to track training costs  Post training feedback allows you to track the effectiveness of training 8 XIMB-PGPBFS (2010-11)
  9. 9. Human Resource Information System HRM-Assignment-2Adrenalin Training Management Features in FG Group:  Track Class Data – With a training management system, you should be able to not only track information by employee by also information by classes offered and a history of those classes. The data may include location, instructor, an enrolled list, costs, grades, CEU’s, and/or credits received from the class.  Employee Training Data – A training management system will offer far more detail than simply when an employee took a class and when they are next due. These systems will also include in the employee data all of the information covered in the class data.  Job Requirements – A common ability of training management systems is the ability to track training requirements by job title. For example, within health care, nurses are required to maintain licenses and take certain training, such as CPR, on a predetermined time table. When a nurse is hired and added to the system, the training management system would display exactly what the training requirements are for their job and the status of each requirement.  Training Management Reporting – As with all HRIS options and features, they will have the ability to also report on the data contained within your training database that may include the ability to run reports on the following:  Employee Training History  Employee Required Training and Status  Certifications due  Training cost per department, job title, or class  Employee Enrollment  Employee Training Program (CEU and Credit totals)  Employee class enrollment and class completion letters 9 XIMB-PGPBFS (2010-11)
  10. 10. Human Resource Information System HRM-Assignment-24. eRecruitment:FG Group introducing eRecruitment by using Adrenalin. It turns recruitment into afaster, simpler, more effective process. It reduces costs drastically, as well as theimpact of employee turnover. Not only is recruitment across locations aligned withorganizational benchmarks, but right talent and positions requirement, their goals andperformances too can be standardized.Applications of Adrenalin in FG Group:  Position Management allows you to structure your organisation.  Identify vacancies and map requirements by skill sets, experience etc.  Screen applicants by user friendly search criteria, identifying most capable resources for key initiatives, evaluate and shortlist with online testing.  Track and record unique resumes across sources.  Interview process automation either through position based structured interviews or ad hoc interviews.  Make offers to candidates after doing salary structuring.  Issue offers to candidates from the system.5. HR Management:FG Group HRIS-Adrenalin HR Management system makes routine HR administrationeasy as a breeze. Day-to-day HR administration activities and events now get atechnology edge that makes information available on the go. Areas like HR DataMaintenance can be automated with individual needs customised. With Adrenalin, HRadministrators can effectively manage tasks around the Employment Life Cycle. 10 XIMB-PGPBFS (2010-11)
  11. 11. Human Resource Information System HRM-Assignment-2HR Management - Features  Simplified employee joining & induction.  Employee confirmation with or without appraisal process.  Plan projects consistently across organisation.  Manage Clusters and Role Players within the organization from a central system.  Track Pay and Compensation details over time.  Protect organizational assets given to employees.  Employee Separation6. HR & Workgroup Reports/Analytics:Insights are key to taking business decisions, even in HR. Armed with informationand reports, planning and productivity go hand in hand when constant monitoring isdone. Alignment helps in being prepared and deliver exact business results, saving infutile cost overruns in a big way. HR & Workgroup Reports/Analytics - Features  Comprehensive set of built-in reports for line managers & HR skill manager tools.  Report writing through our independent reporting tool - iReporter.  Export reports to Microsoft Excel 11 XIMB-PGPBFS (2010-11)
  12. 12. Human Resource Information System HRM-Assignment-27. Payroll:Adrenalins payroll system helps to FG Group managers deliver error-free payrollservices month after month. With over 75 analytical reports and statements built in, aReport Writer® that allows managers to draw up critical info, and a powerful FormulaBuilder; payroll services can now consistently surpass expectations in the mostdemanding business environments without the administrative hassle.HR & Workgroup Reports/Analytics - Features  Flexible to create multi-company payrolls with unlimited number of employees.  Have over 75 statements and reports for the company or the individual at your fingertips, including group reports for branches, departments, and job categories.  Calculate tax, gratuity, medical and tax credits.  Comprehensive set of IT, ESI, PF, Leave and miscellaneous statements.  Fully compliant with statutory and legal requirements.  Define formulas with Formula Builder for custom calculations, specifying special conditions.Some of the applications like Performance management, Employee & Managerself service are in pipeline. 12 XIMB-PGPBFS (2010-11)
  13. 13. Human Resource Information System HRM-Assignment-2Group Analysis:The positives and negatives of the practice:Positives of the practice:  Accessible to every employee with self service features  Automates routine HR and employee processes, allows managers and employees to directly access key functional business processes, information and business intelligence / reports  Maintains / manages HR data  Adrenalin helps organizations and business leaders maximize organizational human performance and thereby deliver business growth.  Providing a platform for better business-to-employee communication thereby paving the way for a transparent, positive organizational culture and higher productivity levels amongst employees.  Acting in alignment of individual goals to organizational goals, providing for a platform to agree on views and actions  Supporting informed decision making through analytics and reporting tools that allow the Business Leaders and Managers to review performance and other metrics related to their human capital.  Giving all employees single window web based to all their HR processes, reducing time spent on administrative activities, significantly enhancing individual and corporate productivity.  Relegating administrative efficiencies to the machines while creating a more strategy focused HR Department.  Consolidating all employee information in one central repository precluding the need for multiple employee data files maintained by individuals across the HR department  Automating time-and error prone manual processes, achieving considerable reduction in administrative time and cost and business process time.Negatives of the practice:This is the technical software application and hence employees need to be trained forusing these applicationsOther than this there are no major disadvantages. 13 XIMB-PGPBFS (2010-11)
  14. 14. Human Resource Information System HRM-Assignment-2Match between theory and practice:1. HRIS systems are used for improving work place productivity.2. HRIS systems used for recruitment and selection process by reducing the turnaround time.3. HRIS learning portals are the sources of cost effective and flexible trainingprograms.Mismatch between theory and practice:HRIS is not used in succession planning in Future Generali. Whenever there is a needfor succession planning the HR will identify the resources without the aid of HRIS.Our recommendation for making practice more effective:All the employees should be adequately trained all the HRIS tools & applications sothat the maximum work place productivity can be achieved through HRIS practices.THANK YOU 14 XIMB-PGPBFS (2010-11)