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YLA - Bringing True Diversity to Motorsports


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YLA is dedicated to providing disadvantaged kids with real life opportunities through motorsports. YLA\’s program combines strong educational programs (with a specific focus on science, math, and …

YLA is dedicated to providing disadvantaged kids with real life opportunities through motorsports. YLA\’s program combines strong educational programs (with a specific focus on science, math, and technology) with a proven mentorship program to enable their youth to aspire to motorsports dreams while developing real life skills.

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  • 1. Race 2 Success
  • 2. America’s At-Risk Kids
    60% of at-risk youths will not graduate high school
    33% of low-income graduates enroll in college
    14% of those college entrants earn a bachelor’s degree
    High school dropouts are 4 times more likely to be unemployed
    High school dropouts earn nearly 60% less than high school/college graduates
    High school dropouts are 2.5 times more likely to be arrested
  • 3. Youth Learning Academy
    President and Founder Tammy Cavanaugh started the Youth Learning Academy in 2003
    YLA was initiated to improve math and science scores among young people and as a direct response to the increasing need for qualified workers in industries that require math and science skill sets
    Quite simply, YLA aims to “build futures” for at-risk children through interactive educational programs
    The YLA program works! Currently impacting 122,418 at-risk youths each year in 7 VA school districts
  • 4. YLA’s programs WORK
    Student retention – 84%
    Student business aptitude – 114% improvement
    Student written skills – 83% improvement
    SAT scores – 254-point increase after YLA’s SAT prep
    High School Graduation – 100% of YLA graduates have graduated High School
    College Admissions – 100% of YLA graduates have been admitted to college
  • 5. YLA’s programs WORK
    82% of teachers reported change of two letter grades
    86% of parents reported their child’s overall behavior has changed positively
    75% of students boasted higher grades in math
    70% of students boasted higher grades in science
    93% of students agreed the program enhanced their interpersonal skills and ability to be successful in a job
  • 6. YLA’s Race 2 Success
    Mission: Increase the number of at-risk individuals who enter design, engineering and motorsports-related fields through interactive educational programs.
    3 Main Goals of Race 2 Success:
    Inspire youths to learn about science, math, design, and technology
    Attract new students to the automotive and motorsports industry
    Retain students in the industry though hands on activites
  • 7. Race 2 Success Programs
    YLA has created a pipeline of age-specific programs for
    students ages 4-18 so they can develop working skills and
    gain exposure to a quality education throughout their
    Phase One: Career Awareness
    Phase Two: Career Orientation
    Phase Three: Career Exploration
    Phase Four: Career Preparedness
  • 8. Phase One: Awareness
    Introducing motorsports to kids at an early age:
    “Kick Start”- (grades P-1) Basic programs teaching children about transportation and imagination
    “Pit Stop” – (grades 2-4) Activities, events and competitions teaching children how transportation affects the environment with math and science lessons and some real world application.
    “Motorvate” – (grades 5-6) After school program teaching automotive technologies through the use of designs, models, building practices and presentations.
  • 9. Phase Two: Orientation
    Focusing on the anatomy of cars and how they work:
    • “Chase your Dreams” – (grades 7-8) Rigorous and advanced look at the design and creation of a working racecar. Lessons include: complex physics, advanced scale drawing, mechanical engineering, and geometry.
  • Phase Three: Exploration
    Technical experience geared to challenge students:
    • “Stock Car Challenge” – (grades 9-10) Introduces students to the history of racing, civil and mechanical engineering, design, fabrication and management in the racing industry.
  • Phase Four: Preparedness
    Focus shifts to career pathways in motorsports:
    • “Racing Mentor Program” – (grades 11-12) More intense concentration in business management, design, engineering and journalism through class work, field trips, hands on instruction, and internships.
    • 10. Racing Business Model Competition – (grade 12) The final project before graduation. Seniors work together to create a comprehensive business model. Each team member utilizes their individual areas of expertise to compete in the interscholastic racing series.
  • Race 2 Success Resources
    Community Colleges –YLA is connected with a number of colleges in VA and NC which offer on-line classes, quarterly examinations, and job placement opportunities for students seeking a college education.
    Mentors –Comprised of former YLA students and volunteers, the YLA has established an extensive mentorship program for students seeking to join, participating in, or graduating from the YLA pipeline.
    “Pay It Forward” Initiative – YLA places a premium on teaching the advantages of networking. Each YLA teacher and mentor is open to connecting students with professionals who can help them realize their goals.
  • 11. Race to Success Wants…
    National Exposure – The program works, let’s take it to a national market so it can make a big difference
    NASCAR Affiliation – The program needs NASCAR connections so top performers can land opportunities at the motorsports industry’s elite level of competition
    Additional Investors – The program needs to secure new business partners to fund further expansion
    Face of the Program – The program needs to align with a well-respected personality with a strong connection to Race 2 Success
  • 12. Your Company Can Help…
    Contact Graham Chapman today for more information or
    details on how to partner with one of the nation’s
    most successful non-profit organizations:
    Graham Chapman
    919 Marketing Company