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At Grazitti Interactive, we know that early and prompt bug fixing can save a lot of time and resources. We therefore, follow international test parameters to provide end- to - end quality assurance testing and ensure smooth end user experience. Starting with creating an exhaustive list of test cases, we do various types of testing including smoke testing, functional testing, and regression testing; and also provide automated testing expertise.

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QA Service Sheet

  1. 1. Service OverviewQuality Analysis & Testing Service.Robust, Reliable, Agile Testing Solutions from Grazitti Interactive.
  2. 2. Quality Assurance Testing Our ProcessIn the backdrop of tighter budgets, growing customer expectations, cut throat At Grazitti Interactive, we believecompetition and, stringent timelines for time to market, how do you make your that quality analysis and testing goesproduct stand out? The answer is quality. Quality cannot be knee jerk reaction beyond bug fixing, to make softwareto post release bugs. Instead, quality testing should be an integral part of that is exceptional. We have well definedsoftware development life cycle. However, with all resources committed to and documented process to achievesoftware development how does one focus on quality? the same. At the start of the project, we schedule meetings with the clientAt Grazitti Interactive, we have you covered. We have a team of professionals and their dev teams to understand thecommitted to quality testing and assurance, which follows highest levels of scope of the software. Test cases aresecurity, integration, and industry standard processes. The team goes beyond built, keeping the key software function-testing to understand the objective of the product and tests on all param- ality and objectives in mind.eters around performance, utility, and user experience. We provide cutting-edge services with focus on minimizing your operational cost and maximizing We do QA in sprints and create weeklysoftware performance and utility. reports to identify open defects and prioritize – this allows us to be adaptive, instead of reactive. We also conductOur Services smoke tests after every build to reduce iterations. We map out componentsWe employ well-established testing methodologies and a range of industry and their interdependencies in thestandard software testing tools. We have extensive experience in domains beginning of the project - makingsuch as CMS, Salesforce, SaaS, E-Commerce, Mobile Applications, and change impact testing simpler and lessScientific Instrument Software. expensive. Our ‘in-cycle’ QA helps get maximum test coverage, in least timeWe offer the following software testing services: and cost possible to help you deliver winning products. Manual Testing Automation Testing Functional Testing GUI Automation Regression Testing Testing system Testing Functional & User Interface Testing Regression Cross Browser Testing Testing Integration Testing Type of Testing Database Testing Techniques Compatibility Testing Installation/ Uninstallation Testing Smoke Testing Security Testing Performance/Load/ Stress Testing Mobile Application Testing Bug Tracking JIRA, Bugzilla and Eventum ToolsCopyright © Grazitti Interactive. All rights reserved. 2
  3. 3. QA Project Test Plan About Us Creation of Test Scripts and Test Cases Documentation Generating Bug Reports Statistical Analysis of Reports Grazitti Interactive specializes in providing web applications and internet Selenium IDE, Webdriver (Junit) using Java marketing services to businesses Automation Language worldwide. We partner with a diverse Testing Tools QTP, Quality Center and prominent portfolio of clients and WinRunner and Load Runner deliver quality-oriented web solutions. Unit Testing In our Quality Testing Service, we Agile Testing follow international test parameters to JUnit Tools provide end-to-end quality assurance Development models like SCRUM testing and ensure smooth end user experience. Starting with creating an exhaustive list of test cases, weWhy Grazitti Interactive? do various types of testing including smoke testing, functional testing,Grazitti Interactive gives you the following benefits: and regression testing; and provide Comprehensive, end-to-end testing under one roof: Be it any automated testing expertise as well. specific testing, end-to-end manual testing, or automated testing, we give For more information, please visit, you all the services underone roof. or Focused approach to only testing: Our team is committed to Call us at improving the product, freeing up your managers and developers to focus US: +1 650 641 1754 on the product. India: +91 172 5048500 Quick turnaround: Our turnaround time is simply amazing and however short the notice, we get the work done on time, with quality. Robust product management: The biggest challenge that companies face when outsourcing work is ownership of the project. We dedicate a manager and a team of quality analysts to own the software and complete the testing. It is literally your team working from our premises. Insight reporting: Insight driven reporting, after each test cycle and SCRUM helps highlight discrepancies and allows for prioritization of devel- opment and bug fixing. Cost Effective: Driven by a product centric approach, our agile QA service offers an integrated test solution - reducing your time to market and operational costs, and providing competitive advantage.Copyright © Grazitti Interactive. All rights reserved. 3