Creating Mobile Experiences with TourML and TAP - TAP Workshop MCN 2012

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Slides from the MCN 2012 TAP Workshop

Slides from the MCN 2012 TAP Workshop

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  • Content experiences are specific and personal per institution.
  • A Story Structure specification
  • A Story Structure specification
  • A Story Structure specification
  • Museum of contemporary art San Diego
  • San Diego Museum of Art


  • 1. Creating Mobile Experiences withTourML and TAP Kyle Jaebker Application Development Manager Indianapolis Museum of Art @kjaebker Charles Moad Acting CIO; Director IMA Lab Indianapolis Museum of Art @cmoad Gray Bowman Application Developer Indianapolis Museum of Art @latenightwgray
  • 2. AGENDA• Getting to know TAP and TourML• Getting up and running• Authoring content• Deploying: web app• Deploying: iOS app• Q&A
  • 3. What do you want out of today’s workshop?
  • 4. • 2 year IMLS National Leadership Grant • A collaboration of Museums, Vendors, and Content Experts 1. Create open-source tools that can be used in full or in pieces to support the creation of mobile experiences in museums 2. Build community support and adoption of the TourML metadata specification as a means of representing the content of mobile museum experiences 3. Successfully use these tools and methods to launch and document mobile experiences in each of the partner museumsGoals of the TAP & TourML Project
  • 5.
  • 6. “Never create something you can’t reuse” - @rjstein
  • 7. Application Content Layer Layer Authoring LayerBuilding blocks of TAP
  • 8. TAP: Authoring Layer
  • 9. TAP: Application Layer
  • 10. TAP: Application Layer
  • 11. TAP: Application Layer
  • 12. TAP: Application Layer
  • 13. iOS Application• Completely Re-Factored• Using iOS data stores• Load content from endpoint or bundle• Translated interface components• iOS 6 and iPhone 5 ready
  • 14. Other Implementations• Android App built by iWayTours• In Google Play store
  • 15. TourML ərˈmoil/ˈt /
  • 16. Images Video Audio Objects Web Pages Location TextTourML: Assets
  • 17. A collection of assets experienced together Flickr:emagine6TourML: Stops
  • 18. Flickr: alles-schlumpf The relationships between stopsTourML: Connections
  • 19.  TourSet  Tour  TourMetadata  Asset  Stop  ConnectionTourML: Content Layer
  • 20. Tour Stop Asset Asset ReferenceTourML: A specification for mobile tour content
  • 21. Tour Stop Stop Asset Asset Connection Asset ReferenceTourML: A specification for mobile tour content
  • 22. Tour Stop Stop Stop Stop Stop Asset Asset Asset Asset Connection Asset ReferenceTourML: A specification for mobile tour content… or storystructure generally.
  • 23. TourSetTourML: Content Layer
  • 24. TourML: Validation Tools
  • 25. Questions?
  • 26. To the walkthrough… Sandbox Information:
  • 27. Installation
  • 28. Drush
  • 29. Retrieve Make File
  • 30. Drush Make
  • 31. Standard Profile
  • 32. Enable TAP Modules