defyconvention: gravitytank's approach to sustaining an innovative culture


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This deck provides founding partner Chris Conley's take on gravitytank's culture, collaborative style and his perspective on how to sustain an environment that's conducive to producing creative, innovative work.

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defyconvention: gravitytank's approach to sustaining an innovative culture

  1. 1. Conventiondefynotes on the spirit of the firm
  2. 2. this is a take on things from founding partner, Chris Conley
  3. 3. Defy Convention
  4. 4. Defy Convention refuse to obey
  5. 5. Defy Convention what is generally done
  6. 6. ✴ to be clear, this is NOT about not submitting time sheets
  7. 7. Defy Convention not for the sake of it, but because things can be better
  8. 8. It would be great, but: ! “that’s not how things are done” ! “not sure what would happen” ! “nobody pays for that” ! “you should find someone who has done it before”
  9. 9. An organization must create the conditions to overcome convention, to achieve the creative.
  10. 10. the company clients & work us our place
  11. 11. About the company ideas baked into the firm
  12. 12. Bring a culture of studio to consulting practice
  13. 13. Do world-class work, remain humble
  14. 14. Be open about how the company works
  15. 15. Don’t play office, maintain an even keel
  16. 16. Creative and operational aspects are equally important
  17. 17. Share leadership, help others succeed
  18. 18. Beware of incentive plans, they incent the wrong things
  19. 19. Don’t be overly competitive there’s plenty of work to go around
  20. 20. About clients & the work ideas about the content of our practice
  21. 21. Use every project as a way to learn, try something new, and grow
  22. 22. Inspire clients, empathize with their situation, partner with them
  23. 23. Engage quickly, share observations and ideas early
  24. 24. Approach every step in a creative way, design the work
  25. 25. Strive for clarity More work is not better work
  26. 26. Take responsibility for mistakes
  27. 27. About us ideas about a community of practice
  28. 28. We earn our roles from each other
  29. 29. Our colleagues are way more interesting than we know
  30. 30. Part of building our company is getting to know each other
  31. 31. No one role is more important than another
  32. 32. Our diversity, in skills & points of view, is our strength
  33. 33. We use our judgement, not rules or policies, to work together
  34. 34. Go out of your way to help
  35. 35. About our space ideas about a culture of studio
  36. 36. We host ourselves every day
  37. 37. Design the space to support our work
  38. 38. Provide the best tools and resources that we can
  39. 39. Maintain an inspiring and interesting facility
  40. 40. We create the conditions to overcome convention, to achieve the creative.