Gravitant Government Cloud Computing Conference Feb 26 2013
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Gravitant Government Cloud Computing Conference Feb 26 2013






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Gravitant Government Cloud Computing Conference Feb 26 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. A  Prac,cal  Approach  to  Cloud  Adop,on       Gravitonfiden,al  2012   1   Gravitant  Confiden,al  2013  
  • 2. Contents  •  Current  Cloud  Adop,on  Situa,on:  KPMG  Survey  Dec  2012    •  The  IT  Journey:  A  lot  of  success  but  also  challenges  •  Prac,cal  approach  to  cloud  adop,on    •  Texas  Case  Study    •  Lessons  Learnt  •  Ques,ons    
  • 3. Key  Objec,ves  behind  current  Approaches  to  Cloud  Adop,on   Source:  KPMG  Dec  2012  Survey   3  
  • 4. Is  Cloud  Delivering?  70%  agree   4  
  • 5. Cloud  Adop,on  Challenges   5  
  • 6. The  IT  Journey   Current  IT   Cloud  IT   •  Request,  Solu,on,  Full  Fill   •  Discover,  Solu,on,  Order,   •  IT  Process  Automa,on  –   Deploy   SDLC  &  ITIL   •  New  IT  Processes   •  Many  Technology  PlaYorms   •  New  Technology     •  Trained  staff   •  New  Skills   Internal  IT   ITO   Mul,-­‐Provider   6  
  • 7. Moving  Forward:  The  Key  IT  Gaps   Current  IT   Cloud    IT   IT  Governance  –  Dashboards   New  Metrics   Metrics  for  current  IT   Cost,  Resources,  SLA   SDLC  +  ITIL  process   New  Processes   Planning,  Design,  DevOps,  Governance   Mul,ple  HW  +  App   Cloud  PlaYorm  –     PlaYorms   Different  Flavors  of  Iaas,    Paas,  Saas     Mul,-­‐Provider  –  Private,  Public  and   Internal  IT   ITO   Hybrid  Cloud   7  
  • 8. Consump,on  of  Clouds  A  Prac,cal  Approach  Method   Discover   Design   Solu,on  and   Iden,fy  ROI   Source  and   Simulate  -­‐ Provision  +   and  TCO  of   Spend   Control   Cost  and   Fulfill   Cloud   Analysis   Technology   Feasibility   Cloud  Broker  and  Management  PlaYorm   Internal  IT   ITO   Mul,-­‐Provider   8  
  • 9. What’s  Required  to  Implement  the  New  Approach?   Current   Integrate   New  Governance  Process   IT  Gov   Bill  of  IT,  Cloud  SLA,  Security,  Resources     Current   Integrate   New  Processes  for  Cloud  Consump,on   SDLC+ITIL   Discover,  Solu,on,  Order,  Deploy  (DevOps)   Current   Cloud  Technology  Management  PlaYorm   Integrate   Architecture   Common  Technology  View  Across  Clouds   Changing   Prices   IBM   Changing   Private   Terramark   Smart   SLA’s   Paas   Opsource   Cloud   Cloud   Engine   Foundary   Current  IT   IBM   SAVVIS   Go   DELL   Private   Yard   Cloud   Infrastructure  and   Microsog   Google   Rackspace   Grid   Apps   Iaas   HP   Azure   Changing   Cloud   External  Public  Clouds   Packaging   ~  2000  Cloud  Vendors  Opera,ng  Today:  Gartner  Jan  2012   9  
  • 10. State  of  Texas  IT  Enterprise:  Cloud  Adop,on  Model   In  produc,on  since  Sept  2011   Enterprise  and/or   Applica,on  Workload   Mid  Market  Customers   Paas   PorYolio  Ex:  CloudFoundary   State  of  Texas   Cloud   Ecosystem   BU   AWS   Commodity   GoGrid   Operator   Cloud   Enterprise   SAVVIS,  TerreMark   Command  &   CIO   Cloud*   AWS   Control   VMWare   Cloud         Cloud  Solu,on   Design    (App  Arch,   CTO/IT   Private   vDirector   Broker  &   Architects   vCloud  API   Service  Agg  &   Cloud   Management   Capacity  Model)   OpenStack   PlaYorm   Sourcing  &   Gazaang   Spend  Analysis  &   Procurement   Security   Security  Cer,ficate   cloudMatrix   Order  Mgmt   Managers   Services   VPN   Monitoring,   Dashboards   IT  Ops   Backup  with   DevOps   ITIL  Processes   Resource    Mgt   Managers  &  Sys   Managed   Admins   Services   third  party   Providers)   Managed   VAR/SI   Service   Ancillary   Providers   Services   Cloud  On  boarding,   •  5  Customers  currently  opera1ng  in  this  model   Managed  Services   •  Saved  customers  30-­‐50%  Infra  costs  when  compared  with   Market  Management   10   internal  data  center  costs   •  Improved  agility  to  onboard  to  cloud  by  >5X  
  • 11. Next  Gen  IT   Cloud  is  an  extension  of  the  data  center   Next  Gen  IT:   Extensible,  Managed     Tradi,onal  IT   Current  IT:   and  Governed   Extensible     Business   Units:  Users/   Managers   Governance   Governance   Business   Governance   Units   Business   Units   CIO/CTO   Saas   IT  Users   IT  Managers     Internal  IT   Internal  IT       Outsourced  IT   Ex:   (Infra  and  Apps) (Infra  and  Apps) Workday   Paas   Cloud   Ex:  Heroku   Broker Outsourced  IT   Internal  IT   Amazon    Iaas   Saas   Iaas    Ex:  Workday   Other  Iaas   Ex:  Amazon   Paas   Vendor   Paas   Ex:  Heroku   Amazon    Iaas   IT  View   •  Not  Secure  and  Reliable   •  IT  in  control   •  No  Control  of  Cost   •  Flexible,  yet  secure  and  controlled   •  Secure   •  Not  Op,mally  U,lized   •  Op,mized  IT  Sourcing/Spend   •  Well  Managed   •  No  Control  of  Assets  in  cloud  (Sprawl)   •  Op,mized  Usage  and  Cost  Control   •  Reliable   •  Shadow  IT  buying  (Business  and  IT)   •  Managed  QoS  and  Vendor  Performance   •  Rigid   •  Compliance  Risk   •  Opera,onalized  for  QoS,  Reliability,   •  IT  in  control   •  IT  disenfranchised            Scale  and  Choice  Business  View   •  Lower  cost  and  variable  spend   •  Slow   •  Elas,c   •  Agile  and  elas,c  as  needed   •  Inflexible   •  Lower  cost   •  Self  Service  IT   •  Expensive   •  Agile   •  Best  Value  IT  Purchasing   •  Capex  intensive   •  Choice  (External  IT)   •  Bill  of  IT  and  Chargeback    
  • 12. IT  Organiza,on:  Undergoing  Structural  Change   Business  Unit       Business Sales & R&D Manufacturing Organiza,on   Operations Marketing Cloud IT  Demand   Services Organiza,on     Broker Discover Governance   (Store/ Design & Source Provision Organiza,on   IT Demand Control Service Aggregate & Order & Fulfill Management Catalog) CIO  &  CFO   IT  Supplier  Organiza,ons   IT  Ops   VMWARE   Opera,ons   AWS,   (ITSM)   et  al   Organiza,on   Eloqua   Public   VMWare  &   Private   Internal  Virtualized      Paas  &   Saas   IT  Admin    Cloud   Infrastructure   Iaas  Clouds   Public  Clouds   Current  IT  Flows   Mul1-­‐Sourced  (Mul1-­‐Provider)  Dynamic  IT   Current  Internal  IT   Shadow  IT  Flows       •  Single  with  Limited  IT  Suppliers   •  Mul,ple  internal  and  external  cloud  providers   Broker  IT  Flows   •  Build  capacity  behind  demand   •  Con,nous  Demand  and  Supply  Matching  and  Fulfillment   •  IT  Management  tools  and  Ops   •  Metered  Bill  of  IT  for  Con,nuous  Cost  Op,miza,on            designed  to  run  internal  IT     •  IT  Mgmt  Ops  and  Tools  designed  to  run  Mul,ple            Internal  and  external  providers  
  • 13. The  Value  Proposi,on   The  Truth   With  Cloud  Service  Broker  $90,000   $90,000   8%  Savings  $80,000   Realized   $80,000  $70,000   $70,000   41%  Savings   Realized  $60,000   $60,000  $50,000   $50,000  $40,000   $40,000  $30,000   $30,000   57%  Savings   57%  Savings  $20,000   Promised   $20,000   Promised  $10,000   $10,000   $0   $0   Therefore,  Gravitant  CSB  contributes  to  approximately  33%  in  savings  
  • 14. Lessons  Learnt  •  Need  to  think  on  bridging  current  IT  with  New  IT   •  People,  Process  and  Technology  •  Think  about  solu,on  architecture    -­‐  Applica,on  and   Infrastructure    •  Understand  provider  capabili,es,  sourcing,  procurement  and   SLA  Management  •  Analyze  new  cloud  skills  required  to  be  successful  in  moving   to  cloud     14  
  • 15. Thank  You   15