Media arts 2013


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Media arts 2013

  1. 1. Media Arts 2013How to take portraitsHow to use GIMPHow to make a music video
  2. 2. How to Take Portraits-I believe my photo followsthe rule of thirds because ifyou drew the lines, theeyes would go along thatline. I think.-Photographers follow therule of thirds becausefollowing it makes for agood photo, obviously.
  3. 3. Portrait Tip 2When taking apicture, you wantthe person to lookas natural aspossible. Don’ttell them to domuch, let them dotheir thing.Don’t crowd theperson, to much props ina picture doesn’t make agood portrait.
  4. 4. Portrait Tip 3When taking thepicture, make sure itmakes the personlook good. Not likethis guy, the rightside of his face looksweird. lololDon’t make theperson wear thesame color as thebackground. You canbarely tell he has ashirt on.
  5. 5. How to use GIMP
  6. 6. Original GIMP Image 1• To cut out an object in GIMP all you have to dois click the free select tool. With that all yougotta do is go around the object, with care.Don’t get to messy, then copy and paste it.(Don’t forget to make it a new layer)
  7. 7. Original GIMP Image 2• You basically do what you did in the slidebefore, but you scale the head down to theright size and move it. So you left click thehead and click transform. Then press the“M” button to move it into place. Cut it outfirst using the free select tool and there yago, man.
  8. 8. Combined GIMP Image• Really.. I already answered this, Malcolm. All Idid was scale the picture down to the rightsize and placed it over Earl’s head. So yeahman.
  9. 9. How to make a Music VideoI’ll say what you want me to say, the first thing I would start to do is theplanning. This means figuring out what I want to do, from who’s in it, towhat we’re doing in the last cut. Then come along the storyboards. This isthe beginning process I think.
  10. 10. Step 2The second step I would take is figuring out the budget I would be able tospend, and then getting the props. It would make sense to do that second.
  11. 11. Step 3Step 3 for me would be filming, it would take the mosttime!
  12. 12. Step 4The final thing I would do is join the illuminati.Because all the cool people join theilluminati, dude!
  13. 13. END