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You don't need to spend a lot of time or money on an email campaign. This slide show gives you the tips you need to make your email marketing campaign a success.

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  • NOTE: This slide show will cover 11 strategies that will guide you to success with email marketing. The strategies are simple and can be incorporated into any email marketing plan. Add you logo to the top of this slide.
  • NOTE: Having a targeted list means better overall results. When you focus on quantity over quantity, it’s hard to get meaningful test results because you have such a wide variety of people on your list. You can get to know your audience better when they come with very similar interests. You’ll also reduce your spam complaints because many services that help you build a list quickly are very untargeted and subscribers will forget how they got onto your list.
  • NOTE: Understanding your subscribers and what they want is key. You can find this out by tracking all the links in your emails. Whether it’s a link to content or to a product, get to know what interests them. Ask for feedback on your content and products and ask them questions too. Read the comments they leave on your blog, their own blogs and on social media as this information is a goldmine. Survey them frequently and ask what they want to learn about and what products they need.
  • NOTE: Writing an email doesn’t have to be a big production. The simpler you make it, the better your results will be. A rule of thumb is to have one purpose (ex. to inform, to sell, etc.), one subject and one link in your emails. That way, your readers attention isn’t diverted from the result you are hoping for.
  • NOTE: Use the same from name and email address each time you send out an email. It creates familiarity and ensures your emails get through if your subscribers have whitelisted you. Use a consistence voice, so your subscribers feel like they’re getting to know you and form a closer and more trusting bond with you. Finally, stay in regular content, so they don’t forget about you.
  • NOTE: Email is a personal medium. While you may be a business, you are still writing to people, so write like you would to a friend. Imagine that you are writing to one person (write “you” and include your subscriber in what you have to say). You can also collect extra data after your readers subscribe, so you can personalize their experience. Whether it’s their geographic location, family status or interests, you can target your content well when you have extra information. Finally, share more of you. Include relevant stories that illustrate the message you are trying to convey. Not only are stories very powerful, they also connect you more strongly to your reader.
  • NOTE: Many autoresponders have sophisticated segmentation features. Even if your autoresponder doesn’t have any, you can still segment your lists, so that you can target your messages further. Start different lists that target very specific topics, so you know exactly what kind of content and products to deliver. Always put your customers on separate lists, depending on what products they buy. After all, if a customer buys X widget, they are more likely to be interested in a complimentary Y widget, so sell it to them. Some autoresponders also allow you to follow up with people who click certain links, have received specific emails and so forth. Use those features to the fullest, to continue to deliver highly targeted content and offers.
  • NOTE: Don’t be wishy-washy and don’t be afraid to sell. If you throw in a product promotion in between two articles, it’s not going to get noticed. If you want to sell a product in a specific email, dedicate that email to that product. You can still be informative and educate your subscriber about the product and why it will help them…just don’t muddy the waters with other information.
  • NOTE: A lot of people try to say you should only email your list X amount of times per week or month. Don’t listen to those people and find your own optimum. If you are writing short updates, you can certainly email your subscribers a few times per week. Just gauge their response and act accordingly. And remember, if one person complains you email too much, that doesn’t mean everyone else feels that way.
  • NOTE: One of the worst things you can do is go on a rant about a specific topic, only to find out you had misinformation. The only thing worse, is recommending a poor product that you didn’t fully research ahead of time. Just because you read or find something online, doesn’t mean it’s true or good. Do your own thorough research first.
  • NOTE: No product is perfect and you don’t have to pretend the one you are promoting is. If you’re honest and share the pros and cons of a product, you will get sales and you will increase your trustworthiness manifold. In addition, not all products are suitable for everyone, so always give your subscribers an idea about who would benefit from the product, so they don’t make unnecessary purchases. Honesty is what builds your reputation for the long term and when it comes to your email list, you want that long term asset to last.
  • NOTE: Many business owners simply email everyone on their list, including their customers, together. Take the time to differentiate how you treat your customers. Tell them about products before anyone else, give them special discounts and make them targeted offers based on previous purchases. This inspires loyalty and repeated purchases.
  • NOTES: Follow these 11 steps and you’re well on your way to realizing the power of email in your business. Add your logo and highly targeted offer to this silde.
  • Email Marketing Profit Tips

    1. 1. 11 Important Strategies for Email Marketing Success
    2. 2. #1 Stay Targeted
    3. 3. #2 Get to Know Your Subscribers
    4. 4. #3 Keep Your Emails Simple
    5. 5. #4 Consistency
    6. 6. #5 Get Personal
    7. 7. #6 Segment Your Lists
    8. 8. #7 When You’re Selling, Sell If you want to sell a product in an email, just sell it. Don’t add articles or other distracting content or you will dilute your results.
    9. 9. #8 Find Your Frequency There is no right or wrong when it comes to frequency of emails. Find what works best for you , your readers and gets you the results you are looking for.
    10. 10. #9 Do Your Homework Avoid a virtual foot in your mouth. Research topics and products thoroughly before you write about them.
    11. 11. #10 Be Honest
    12. 12. #11 Treat Customers Like Gold
    13. 13. Learn More & Get Started For more marketing help and advice, visit us Or Follow us on at