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Grasjewellery.com is a jewellery shopping website in Canada where you can shop stone jewellery, exotic jewellery. We provide a wide collection of jewellery items on our website that fulfill your requirement that you ever want to have. Shop any kind of jewellery items at affordable rates.

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G.r.a.s. presentation

  1. 1. G.R.A.S Jewellery www.grasjewellery.com
  2. 2. Layout • Designer jewellery • Hand Craft jewellery • Why You Should Purchase Hand Craft Jewellery • Exotic Jewellery • Contact us
  3. 3. Designer Jewellery • In the modern world, everyone desires to look stunning and appealing. Women especially want to look different and alluring. Modern designer jewellery can fulfill this desire of them. Whether you choose designer necklace, pendant, bangle, earrings, bracelets etc. all are mesmerizing to gaze at. • Women’s affection with jewellery can be considered to be in existence since the born of human race in this planet. It will be a daunting task to find a woman who doesn’t like jewellery. Earlier during ancient times, jewellery were made by animals’ teeth, nails, bones etc. but as the times passes and human began to evolve, jewellery were fabricated by precious stones and metals.
  4. 4. Talking about current designer jewellery, it’s outstanding and awfully stunning. A gold earring is an appealing gift to show your love with your special one and make them feel delightful. There are a number of alternatives available in designer earrings, you could effortlessly locate this type of jewellery in your local jewellery shop or you could too browse online sites which offer designer jewellery. These online jewelleries portal offer a great of choices to pick from. If you are too lazy or you do not have enough time to go and check physical shops, then these online portals can be an ideal option for you. These portals are reliable and many of them provide 1 year of warranty in fact. And good to know if you don’t like what you have purchased, many fine online shops give flexibility to return or exchange within 30 days of time.
  5. 5. Hand Craft Jewellery In many parts of the world, differing materials are used to craft different type of jewellery. But, most of this stuff goes out of fashion pretty soon. Hand crafted jewellery is a collection of one of a kind jewellery that is evergreen and is always in fashion. So, get rid of the worry of your ornaments going out of fashion, while shopping for them. With such a choice, your jewellery is going to last for many years to come. It is suitable for all age groups including college going girls, newlyweds, young women, mature women and seniors alike. It makes you look elegant on all occasions.
  6. 6. Hand crafted jewellery is always not very expensive, as precious stones are used in it and it depends on the cost of the stone and design as to how much they are priced. As a matter of fact, you can find these accessories in almost all price ranges. You can locate a store in your city to give it a try. You can also give it as a gift to someone you love.
  7. 7. Why You Should Purchase Hand Craft Jewellery •Handmade beaded jewellery created with genuine semi-precious gemstones is delicately made with love and utmost care by individual jewellery artists. They do not operate automated machines that speed up, depersonalise and cheapen the jewellery process. Instead, they choose to delicately handcraft each piece of jewellery with only the help of a few expensive and expertly used specialised tools, their hands and the imaginative ideas that are instilled in their head that's all needed to produce unique and genuine handcrafted beaded bracelets and handcrafted beaded necklaces. •Handmade jewellery is also much higher-quality and more delicately and durably constructed than most artificially mass produced so-called jewellery items items. More care and attention goes into one tiny piece of handmade beaded jewellery than an entire factory of mechanically massed reproduced items!
  8. 8. Exotic Jewellery Exotic Jewellery is getting momentum globally with frequent visits across the foreign countries. Presently hundred thousands of designs in Antique, Crystal, Artificial, imitation, & Costume jewellery to Metal jewellery along with Fine jewellery are available worldwide at numerous jewellery stores to suit the individual liking and wear- ability for each open part of body. Avant-garde artist- jewelers have explored the interaction of jewellery with the body, pushing the boundaries of scale and wear ability to the limits. Jewellery has developed into wearable art. The debate on its relationship to Fine Art continues.
  9. 9. Contact Us info@grasjewellery.com Phone: (905) 763-6250 Canada
  10. 10. Thank You