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Semantic Web introduction
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Semantic Web introduction


Brief introduction into Semantic Web & Linked Data

Brief introduction into Semantic Web & Linked Data

Published in Technology
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  • 1. IntroductionSemantic Web & Linked Data
  • 2. Resource Description Framework● W3C standard since 1999● Graph data model● Triples (graph elements) ● Subject: resource URI ● Property: resource URI ● Object: resource URI or literal value● Multiple syntaxes● Stored in triplestores● SPARQL query language
  • 3. Triples/QuadsGraph Subject Property Object People/EM/contact# 1999/02/22-rdf- 2000/10/swap/pim/c me syntax-ns#type ontact#Person "Eric Miller" People/EM/contact# 2000/10/swap/pim/c me ontact#fullName People/EM/contact# 2000/10/swap/pim/c me ontact#mailbox "Dr." People/EM/contact# 2000/10/swap/pim/c me ontact#personalTit leExample from RDF Primer
  • 4. RDF graph
  • 5. Multiple syntaxes● RDF/XML (the only W3C standard so far)● Plain text ● Turtle (soon W3C standard) ● N-Triples ● Notation3● Namespaces is a shorthand mechanism ● foo: ● ex: ● foo:bar = ● foo:bar == ex:bar
  • 6. RDF/XML syntax<rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf=""xmlns:contact=""> <contact:Person rdf:about=""> <contact:fullName>Eric Miller</contact:fullName> <contact:mailbox rdf:resource=""/> <contact:personalTitle>Dr.</contact:personalTitle> </contact:Person></rdf:RDF>
  • 7. Turtle syntax@prefix contact: <> .<> a contact:Person ; contact:fullName "Eric Miller" ; contact:mailbox <> ; contact:personalTitle "Dr." .
  • 8. OWL (Web Ontology Language)● Based on formal semantics ● Enables inference (reasoning)● Open world assumption ● Unknown is not false but undefined● Builds on RDF Schema ● Class (set of individuals) ● Property – Datatype – Object ● Instance (individual)
  • 9. Ontologies● Established, reusable vocabularies/schemas ● DublinCore: basic metadata ● FOAF: person and contact information ● SIOC: social media descriptions ● GoodRelations: e-commerce
  • 10. SPARQL: RDF query language● RDF graph pattern matching● The only standard NoSQL query language● SPARQL forms ● SPARQL Update forms ● SELECT ● INSERT DATA ● ASK ● DELETE DATA ● DESCRIBE ● INSERT/DELETE ● CONSTRUCT ● LOAD ● CLEAR
  • 11. SPARQL examplePREFIX contact: <>SELECT *{ ?person contact:mailbox ?mbox } ?person ?mbox
  • 12. RDF & SPARQL tools● Frameworks ● Apache Jena ● Sesame● Triplestores ● Dydra (cloud) ● Stardog ● Virtuoso ● BigData
  • 13. Linked Data● Linked Data = RDF + REST● Linked Data platform (soon W3C standard) ● Item resources and container resources ● Implement HTTP methods ● Accept and return RDF descriptions● Uniform generic web API● The only global data integration approach
  • 14. Linked Data usage● Open datasources ● DBPedia ● Linked Life Data ● UK Open Data● In companies ● BBC: Semantic Publishing ● IBM: Linked Data Basic Profile 1.0
  • 15. Further reading● RDF Primer● OWL 2 Web Ontology Language Primer● SPARQL by Example● Learning SPARQL● Linked Data: Evolving the Web into a Global Data S
  • 16. Graphity● Generic open-source Linked Data platform ● Independent from domain models and datasources● Architecture ● Model: pure RDF, no object model (above RDF API) – Generated SPARQL queries load RDF from triplestore ● View – XSLT transforms RDF/XML to XHTML ● Controller – JAX-RS web application matches requests, queries & transforms
  • 17. Thanks. Questions?● Martynas Jusevičius● Vilnius/Copenhagen●● @pumba_lt