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Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. Enterprise Information Architecture Prepared By: Critical Mass June, 2008
  • 2. Business Needs
    • Exposure to / surfacing of depth of KP content
    • Make the brand effective online – bringing Total Health to web
    • Clear, segmented and direct purchase path for consumers, brokers and employers
    • Better user experience – increased self service, increased retention
    • Reduced development costs / site maintenance / On-line Operations
  • 3. User View of KP
    • KP is big – its all connected, with internal KP structures not readily recognized
    • Notion of site is driven by use of browser and links
    • Insurance and Health related content are big pieces - It’s not based on my doctor directly
    • “ About KP” is part of core KP
    • Regional events, community sponsorship should be accessible
    • Information sharing across the web presence is contextual
  • 4. Associated Sites and Functionality
  • 5. Identifying Business Issues
    • Integrating “corporate” content – News, Media, Annual Reports, research activities
    • Maximizing access to “Insurance” (plans) / sales components but accounting for renewals by brokers and employers
    • Creating space for all B2B / “professional” sites including less consumer facing audiences (suppliers)
    • Policy around commercial oriented sites – Vision Essentials, Cosmetic Surgery
    • Maximizing impact of informational content that demonstrate KP commitment to the community – Community Benefits, weekly markets, events
    • Effectively integrating campaigns / mini-sites that support the brand – Thrive, Food detective, teen smoking
  • 6. Addressing the Issues
    • An Enterprise Information Architecture:
    • The strategy that describes how the various entities of an enterprise’s web presence fit together.
    • A web strategy that aligns the user view of Kaiser with the business goals of Kaiser
  • 7. EIA Models
  • 8. Why 3 Models?
    • When designing an EIA model that will meet the needs of both user and business, one model does not appear to address all needs. These 3 draft models are intended to be thought starters and a means to debate pros and cons from a user and business perspective.
  • 9. What are Entities?
    • Entities:
      • Current stand alone sites
      • Large pieces of key functionality such as physician, facility and physician home pages
    • Cluster Entities:
      • Similar sites based on audience types
  • 10. Types of Affinity Models Core Core Core 1 2 Everything is KP Model 1 2 3 Segmentation by Audience 1 2 Core 3 4 5 Segmentation by Content Affinity: likeness based on relationship or causal connection involving resemblance in structural plan and indicating a common origin Core
  • 11. Attributes of an Affinity
    • Design Elements
      • Brand elements that bind the cluster entities together
      • Different design elements within entities
    • Personality/ Voice
      • Different personalities between cluster entities
      • Different voice across entities within a cluster entity
    • Navigation Elements
      • Do users need to navigate to another cluster entity
      • What is common within a cluster entity
      • Return element to
    • Information Sharing/ Personalization
      • What are users expectations?
    • Security / Sign On
      • What are users expectations?
    User Business
  • 12. Overview of the 3 Models Super Site Audience Segmentation Exposed Navigation
    • Is like a Shopping Mall
    • Stores owned individually
    • User decides which store they want to go into
    • Guidelines for external look of store
    • Internal layout of store determined by store owners
    • Layout of mall flexible, you can browse or follow a site map
    • Is like a Gap Store
    • Segments by gender
    • Specialty store with clear boundaries
    • Store layout is structured into categories
    • Optimized for selling particular products
    • Can be a stand alone store or in a large mall
    • Is like a Target Store
    • Everything under one roof
    • Store layout is structured into categories
    • Optimized for selling products
    • Stand alone store that sells many different types of products
    1 2 3 How can we think about these complex models?
  • 13. Introduction to the 3 Models Super Site Audience Segmentation Exposed Navigation Affinities based on Content Affinities based on Audience Everything is Kaiser 1 2 3
  • 14. Super site is like a Target store
    • Sells lots of different types of merchandise of differing brands to all types of audiences
  • 15. EIA Model: (Super Site)
  • 16. Audience Segmentation is like the Gap
    • When you enter the store you segment into men's or woman's.
    • Then you drill down... or find what you are looking for.
    Woman's Jeans Woman's Tees Men’s Jeans Men’s Tees
  • 17. EIA Model: Core Audience Segmentation Core Members & General Public My Health Manager Health & Wellness Plans & Services Kaiser Business Audience Employers Brokers Media Providers Independently branded Affiliate Programs ex: Weight Watchers Sites that don’t link to KP
  • 18. Exposed Navigation is like a mall Shoes Men’s Clothes Books Jewelry Boots Jeans Fiction Rings
    • The mall has lots of stores with different types of merchandise.
    • Segmentation is done by merchandise type.
  • 19. EIA Model: Exposed Navigation – Main Site(s) Dept Store: Member Services My Health Mgr Select a MD Locate our Svcs Dept. Store: Health Conditions Prevention Dept Store: Sales Medicare Students KPIF Company plans Dept Store: B2B Brokers Customers Media Providers Specialty Shop Specialty Shop Specialty Shop Specialty Shop Specialty Shop - Students CORE
  • 20. Summary of the 3 Models Super Site Audience Segmentation Exposed Navigation Affinities based on Content Affinities based on Audience Everything is Kaiser 1 2 3
  • 21. Discussing the 3 Draft Models What are the Pros and Cons of these models for our Users?
  • 22. Discussing the 3 Draft Models What are the Pros and Cons of these models for our Business?
  • 23. Discussing the 3 Draft Models What would these models mean for implementation and governance strategies?