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Hangouts on Air: How to Successfully Create More Video Content
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Hangouts on Air: How to Successfully Create More Video Content


Published on

Presented at SMXWest 2014. …

Presented at SMXWest 2014.

Learn how to plan, produce and promote video content created through Hangouts on Air.

Published in: Marketing

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  • 1. Hangouts on Air: How to Successfully Create More Video Content San Jose, CA: March 11-13, 2014 Presented By: Grant Tilus
  • 2. Grant Tilus Associate Inbound Marketing Manager Collegis Education Director of Content Marketing MnSearch @GrantTilus Grant.Tilus@CollegisEducation Winner, Best In-House Search Team 2013 US Search Awards
  • 3. Do you struggle creating video content? Source: @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 4. Video content is essential • YouTube is the #2 search engine • More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month • 59% of executives would choose to absorb information through video rather than text - @forbes • YouTube is the top platform overall amongst 14-34 year-old users - @Cassandra_Daily @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 5. So you look for inspiration to follow @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 6. Source: But budgets are tight @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 7. Source: Have you tried Hangouts on Air? @GrantTilus #SMXWest #HOA
  • 8. Hangouts on Air are amazing • Up to 10 total participants • Unlimited viewers via the live broadcast • Automatically uploaded to YouTube • Cool apps • Simple way to create quality video content Rand Fishkin, Wizard Pirate of Moz @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 9. Great way to create video content @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 10. And budget friendly 0 @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 11. Our team has embraced using them @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 12. You only see the finished product
  • 13. It’s takes careful planning Source: #sochiproblems @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 14. Examples of Hangouts on Air @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 15. Here’s what you need to know before getting started @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 16. Embrace Google+ • Start building a brand presence • Engage the community Benefits: • Influence personalized search results • Strong audience targeting with circles • Gmail notifications • YouTube comments • Hangouts on Air Source: @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 17. Get buy in from leadership • Discuss the value of video content • Create KPIs • Be honest about the platform • The technology isn’t perfect • Become the expert • Get permission to start testing *Read: Metrics to Measure YouTube Marketing by @PhilNottingham @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 18. Review the technical requirements Bandwidth • For 1:1 connections Google suggests a 1 mbps/1 mbps (up/down) • For group video connectivity Google suggests 1 mbps/2 mbps (up/down) • The more participants the more stress on your network • Download the hangout plug-in Resources Hangouts system requirements Getting started Hangouts and more @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 19. Test your network • Create a quality viewing experience • Common issues - Screen flashing - Video lag - Delayed audio • Have off-site participants test - Source: @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 20. Test the equipment What you’ll need: - HD webcam - Microphone - Headset • Test your computer • Provide camera and microphone for participants • Use chrome @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 21. Create a content strategy • Remember your brand promise • Focus the topics of conversation • Determine what questions you should be answering - Consider your personas • Find a unique message • Create a program outline @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 22. Utilize a program outline • Is your hangout unique or recurring? • Create a template document - Input conversation points - Key questions to answer • It makes participation easier • Content tips: - Set expectations at the start - Hook ‘em early - Keep it compelling Main Topic Sub Topic Sub Topic Sub Topic Sub Topic @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 23. Determine your Hangout on Air format • Public - Anyone can join you • Invite-only live - Live talk show - Take live questions • Invite-only not live - Pre-recorded @GrantTilus #SMXWest Source:
  • 24. Build a promotion plan • Create the event page - Email notifications - Google calendar • Invite – public & circles • Cross promote online • Blog post • Create a hashtag • Video trailer • @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 25. Creating an event page • Don’t create an “Event” or “Plan a Hangout” Instead go to Hangouts and Start a Hangout on Air That Starts Later It will look like this… Source: @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 26. Which is ok Event details Video feed with countdown No banner image @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 27. But you want to showcase your brand Brand is everything! @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 28. Edit the event page to add branding • Remember to create a custom banner image (1200x300) • Go to the event details - Edit event • Change the theme and upload your branding @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 29. Branding for the win! Now promote this event page url * Use a shortener to track clicks @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 30. Other ways to promote your brand • Video trailer - Ex: Fireside Hangout • Screen background • On screen content • Create a lower third with custom overlay @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 31. vs. @GrantTilus #SMXWest Which one looks more professional?
  • 32. Don’t forget about adding seo value • Optimize your titles • If you are creating a hangout series, find a keyword family • Add links to your website and social channels • Embed the live stream - Drive traffic to your site @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 33. It starts at the event page @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 34. Stick to a schedule Source: @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 35. The producer Requirements: • Become a Hangouts on Air expert • Be available to coordinate and produce live events • Continually test new features • Is this you? @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 36. Don’t be this guy @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 37. Behind the camera • Picture of our set up ProducerHost/SME @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 38. Control the screen Use your mouse & “alt-tab” Source: @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 39. Hangout apps to use • Apps can increase the production value • The Hangout ToolBox - Lower third with custom overlay • Screenshare - Display content • Q&A - Take live questions • Google Effects - Pirate hats, scuba mask, etc • Many more available Source: @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 40. The host • Requirements: - Subject matter expert - Confident - Engaging - Cool under pressure • This could be you or … - Your boss or an in-house expert - The client • It’s the producer’s job to make the host’s job easier You Want This Guy @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 41. Not this guy @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 42. Utilize subject matter experts • Internal and external - Develop industry connections Benefits: - Borrowed authority - Third-party validation - Less sales-y - Unique content - Win/Win for experts Source: @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 43. Make it easy for the SMEs • Get them familiar with Google+ • Provide feedback and direction • Make participation simple - Utilize a program outline - Camera and microphone • Make them feel appreciated @GrantTilus #SMXWest You don’t want this to happen live.
  • 44. Don’t forget to practice • Start with technical dry runs with participants - Are they tech savvy? • Schedule full rehearsals - Technical set up - Upload lower third - Sharing visuals - The conversation flow - Etc @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 45. The day of a live event • Sign on to the hangout 30-60 minutes ahead of time • Check audio and video • Upload lower thirds and prepare any visuals • If you want to embed the video or share the link, do this before you start the broadcast • When ready, click “Start broadcast” and wait 10 seconds. • Don’t broadcast copyrighted content @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 46. How to get set up • Hardline internet connection • Select the correct equipment - Camera and microphone • Turn off phones • Test audio/video • Troubleshoot any issues - Restart the hangout? • Don’t go live until you’re ready • Be ready for anything • Keep rolling @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 47. After the broadcast ends • Click • The video will automatically upload to YouTube • Make video edits - Description - Thumbnail - Start and end points • Start promoting the content @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 48. Build your brand on YouTube @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 49. Keep testing new features Source: @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 50. Don’t sleep on using Hangouts on Air It’s a great way to create quality video content on a budget @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 51. • Start brainstorming ideas for creating video content using Hangouts on Air • Discuss them with your boss/team ASAP • Create a strategy • Get familiar with using Hangouts on Air • And start creating more video content Key takeaways @GrantTilus #SMXWest
  • 52. Thank you! @granttilus Feel free to reach out to me with any questions!