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  • 1. WHO IS THE TRIUMPHANT CONTROL FREAK? An Essay on Compatibilism in 3 Independent Media By Claire, Dennis, Grant, Lauren, & Morgan ?
  • 2. Free Will Freedom of humans to make choices that are not determined by prior causes or divine intervention Compatibilism The thesis that free will is compatible with determinism. Because free will is typically taken to be a necessary condition of moral responsibility, compatibilism is Determinism sometimes expressed in terms of a compatibility between moral responsibility and determinism. Based on the notion of foreknowledge: if God is anomniscient being, and if omniscience applies to the futre (as well as to the past and present), then the future is known by God. But in that case, the future can only be what God knows it to be. No alternatives are possible.
  • 3. OEDIPUS THE KING A Compatibilist View
  • 4. OEDIPUS THE KING Free Will Determinism• Tiresiasonly reveals Oedipus’ past--not • Omniscience--complete or maximal his future. knowledge• Oedipus has free will to shape his future • Prophecy--the determining factor
  • 5. COMPATIBILISM:While the majority of Oedipus’ fate was foretold, he used his free will to harm himself in the end--displaying the merging of free will and theological determinism.
  • 6. THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU A Compatibilist View
  • 7. THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU Free Will Determinism • Dance recital breaks Elise’s ankle• Pre-AB, mirage of free will • Talks about their careers in the future• David’s use of the door system • Ifsomeone deviates from the plan, it• Elise and David exemplify free will gets adjusted
  • 8. COMPATIBILISM:The movie leads us to believe that our paths can in fact be altered but that God is still all knowing of our decisions and our futures.
  • 9. ECCLESIASTES A Compatibilist View
  • 10. ECCLESIASTES• Humans have a sense of past and future and knowledge, but they cannot know the future or know as much as God. (Eccl 3:11)• The author says to choose what you want, but God always knows (Eccl 11:9) (free will)• “Fate” (determinism)
  • 11. COMPATIBILISM:The author of Ecclesiastes seems torn between his ability to perceive the reality of the world and his inability to perceive God.