Marketing Obj. 2.02 Customer Service


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Marketing Obj. 2.02 Customer Service

  1. 1. MARKETING1.02B Explain the role of customer service as acomponent of selling relationships.
  2. 2. DISTINGUISH BETWEEN CUSTOMER SERVICE AS APROCESS AND CUSTOMER SERVICE AS A FUNCTION. Customer service in selling  Is a process rather than a function  Is a relationship rather than a department  Enhances/Facilitates customer’s use of goods and services
  3. 3. DESCRIBE HOW BUSINESSES CAN USE CUSTOMERSERVICE TO BEAT THEIR COMPETITION Customer service and competition  Customer service is where the real competition among businesses begins  Product quality and price can be easily matched.
  4. 4. DISCUSS FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE CUSTOMEREXPECTATIONS OF CUSTOMER SERVICE Customer service means different things to different customers. Every customer has their own unique expectations based on:  Past experience  Repeat customers will expect the same or higher quality or customer service  Comparing one service with the competitors service  Word-of-mouth  Word-of-mouth is extremely powerful in business and sales  Prospects may visit your business based on recommendations from family, friends, and acquaintances  Expect to receive the same quality of customer service that other received
  5. 5. DISCUSS FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE CUSTOMEREXPECTATIONS OF CUSTOMER SERVICE Advertising  A business invests in advertising to let potential customers know that their products and services are the best Personal Selling  Determine what is of value to the customer and what they need help with.
  6. 6. EXPLAIN HOW CUSTOMER SERVICE FACILITATESSALES RELATIONSHIPS Benefitsof customer service  Builds profits through: Partnerships with current customers Loyalty Strive to provide high quality customer service Generating new customers
  7. 7. IDENTIFY THE PRE-SALES OPPORTUNITIES FOR PROVIDING CUSTOMER SERVICE THAT CAN FACILITATE SALES RELATIONSHIPS. Pre-SaleCustomer Service  Suggestion Selling  Adds value to a customer’s experience by suggesting additional products or services that will enhance his/her primary purchase  Ex: suggest a strap that goes along with a guitar  Builds solid partnerships with customers
  8. 8. IDENTIFY THE PRE-SALES OPPORTUNITIES FORPROVIDING CUSTOMER SERVICE THAT CANFACILITATE SALES RELATIONSHIPS. Product information  Providing help in customers purchase decisions for high priced items  Vacations  Houses  Expensive electronic equipment  Successful salespeople make sure that customers have all the information they need to make a sound, well-informed decision  Happy customers = repeat customers Promises that can be kept  Customers remember the promises made to them during sales  If you can’t keep those promises, you will have unhappy customers and damaged client relationships
  9. 9. IDENTIFY POST-SALES OPPORTUNITIES WHENCUSTOMER SERVICE CAN BE PROVIDED TOFACILITATE SALES RELATIONSHIPS A. Post-Sale Customer Service 1. Order processing  a. It is the salespersons responsibility to ensure customer’s orders are processed correctly  b. Establish a relationship with the people that process orders so you can easily check on the status of orders to make sure customers are getting what they requested.B. Shipping and delivery 1. Can be a major source of frustration for customers 2. With so many variables things can go wrong a. items arriving too early or too late b. items lost in transit c. items can arrive damaged or accidentally be shipped to the wrong customer 3. Even the best salesperson cannot control all the variables or ensure that nothing will ever go wrong.
  10. 10. IDENTIFY POST-SALES OPPORTUNITIES WHENCUSTOMER SERVICE CAN BE PROVIDED TOFACILITATE SALES RELATIONSHIPS Installation  Salespeople need to stay involved to reduce frustration and minimize problems  Customer is promised free installation, but the delivery person is unaware of this. Salespeople can clear up these kinds of misunderstandings quickly. Warranty Issues  Successful salespeople take responsibility to make sure customers understand exactly what their warranties cover. Maintenance and repair  Certain products need routine service and may also need specialized repairs over time  Ex: cars need regular oil changes, and over time, repair work.  May be offered as part of overall sales package  Successful salespeople make sure their customers understand  what maintenance and repair services are available  how to take advantage of them
  11. 11. IDENTIFY POST-SALES OPPORTUNITIES WHENCUSTOMER SERVICE CAN BE PROVIDED TOFACILITATE SALES RELATIONSHIPS Credit/Financing  Problems with obtaining credit and financing are a main cause of customer-service complaints for sales organizations. Technical assistance and support  Ex: computers and Internet service Customer training  Some products require customer training, even classes  a salesperson may need to visit a business to show employees how to use a new copier  hosting a week long conference to facilitate the use of a certain software package  Providing appropriate customer training is a mark of a successful sales organization
  12. 12. DISCUSS ACTIONS A SALESPERSON CAN TAKE TOMAKE THE MOST OF HER/HIS CUSTOMER SERVICEACTIVITIES. A. Solicit feedback  Ask about customer satisfaction  Provide convenient, user-friendly ways for customer to provide feedback.  Solicit feedback on a regular basis B. Keep in touch  The best salespeople recognize the necessity of keeping in contact with their customers to maintain the partnerships they have established. a. follow-up phone calls b. thank you cards c. personal visits for major clients C. Be prompt  Extraordinary salespeople can set themselves apart by treating questions and complaints as high priorities and responding quickly  Responding promptly to complaints can be the difference between one time customers and repeat customers D. Have a good attitude