Engage and Convert! Social Video Strategies for Real World ROI


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Marketing Professionals International TechCon event on February 19, 2013, at the Illinois Institute of Technology -- http://mpitechcon.com

Engage and Convert? Social Video Strategies for Real World ROI

What do businesses mean when they say they do “social video”? Is it just about creating an interesting video and distributing it on YouTube and other social networks? Or, is it more importantly about genuinely listening, engaging, and helping others in ways that turns visitors into followers, prospects into clients, critics into evangelists, and individuals into communities? This session will explain the unique opportunities and advantages to applying social video for any business or professional, and best practices with online video for getting targeted traffic and stakeholder engagement towards measurable conversions. Topics will include:

-- What social video is, and why you need to do it.
-- The myths and facts about video “engagement.”
-- How to build your “social video playbook” –with customized video strategies and tactics tailored to your business goals.
--The video KPIs you should know and measure Top video tips for every online professional (and how to avoid the big mistakes!)


Grant Crowell is a highly regarded corporate strategist, content marketer, and thought leader in the online video industry dating back to 2005; and with roots in the online marketing industry since 1996. His online video best practices helps clients reach targeted audiences that convert with real-world business goals, including specialties of R&D, SEO, social media, content marketing, e-commerce, usability, ROI, legal, relationship marketing, and reputation management. He serves as a consultant, trainer, and media director to both large enterprises and startups, with clients including Sears and Insurance Auto Auctions. He is also a regularly featured speaker at conferences including Blogworld / New Media Expo, Search Engine Strategies, Search Marketing Expo (SMX), Streaming Media, Mediabistro, ad:tech, PubCon, and the American Bar Association (ABA). His long-time coverage of the online video space includes being one of the first regular columnists and media producers for ReelSEO.com, the #1 Google-ranked publication dedicated to covering the business, culture, and technology of online video. He was also

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  • http://youtu.be/ko5eDNX5KSw
  • We have a column dedicated to “social video,” which shows up #5 in Google for that same term.
  • Who here knows what social video is?[Take an audience poll]
  • But before any enterprise – from the soloprenuer to the large enterprise, can be able to effectively move ahead with their own “social business transformation,” they need to come to their own definition that matches their mission, culture and business model. It’s not so much a single definition, as much as it is a shared sense of understanding how business has been transformed, and how you may need to transform to recognize what consumers value, and what motivates and empowers employees.
  • There are many definitions for “social business.” This is the one I personally like the most because it talks about an ecosystem.Social business is what’s going to make human beings feel more like human beings in an sustainable environment – economically and beyondIt is treating human relationships as an worthy investment, which both transforms and is transformed by advances in technology and shifts in cultureIt is based on a belief that we are all in this together.Social business is a shared sense of purpose with customer and employee relationships that build a transactional valueSocial business is like your investments in the stock marketing, where the value is both social and economical.
  • Maybe this can help better explain. We know how much the Internet transformed business and our culture. I am here to say that we are going through just as big a revolution. The 5th age of Modern Business is underway.To understand where we are, we must first look back at where we came .We must understand that at each age, businesses had to adapt to technological and market forcesWe must understand that to survive in our current age, we must fundamentally evolve the organization to a highly adaptive one. Rarely in business history has a new age opened up so many possibilities across every industry and discipline. In less than 5 years, the balance of power has shifted from seller to buyer, from big media to the influential individual, from industry trade associations to thriving digital communities . Now is the single greatest time in history to be in business. This Fifth Age of business has created a new set of rules for organizations to compete in the economy as equals. But being large no longer ensures having a competitive advantage. In fact, it may mean the opposite.  What else is business has been disrupted, shattered or destroyed?
  • If we are going to be able to realize what we are touting as benefits, we need a strategy for building process, in a form that is motivational and rewarding, and plays into human psychology.
  • Social video marketing (SVM) is a component of an integrated marketing communications plan designed to increase audience engagement through social activity around a given video. In a successful social video marketing campaign, the content, distribution strategy and consumer self expression tools combine to allow an individual to “add their voice” or co-create value to a piece of content - then further propagating it out to their social circles.Social video typically benefits from a halo effect cast by the "influencers” of a given social grouping.SVM draws on consumer culture theory, economic theory, and social theory around the psychology of sharing. Social video marketing differs from social marketing, which has the intent of influencing behavior for a social good.Theories on Social Video and Sharing[edit]Historical Context of Social Video MarketingConditions which have made the market conducive to the rise of social video marketing:Falling cost of technologyCameras' ubiquityIncrease of bandwidth and consumer accessComputer speed/RAMDesktop publishingRise of social networking sites[edit]Usage of the termReelSEO mentions “social video marketing” frequently and has been using the term since at least 2010. “Social Video Marketing” as a term has also been championed by Internet entrepreneur Shawn Hopwood.[1][edit]Current ResearchIn a 2011 study published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, Jonah Berger found that subjects the sharing of stories or information may be driven in part by arousal. When people are physiologically aroused, whether due to emotional stimuli or otherwise, the autonomic nervous is activated, which then boosts social transmission. Simply put, evoking certain emotions can help increase the chance a message is shared.“In a prior paper, we found that emotion plays a big role in which New York Times articles make the most emailed list. But interestingly, we found that while articles evoking more positive emotions were generally more viral, some negative emotions like anxiety and anger actually increased transmission while others like sadness decreased it. In trying to understand why, it seemed like arousal might be a key factor,” says Berger,[2] the Joseph G. Campbell Jr. Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of Pennsylvania.In the study, Berger suggests that feeling fearful, angry, or amused drives people to share news and information. These types of emotions are characterized by high arousal and action, as opposed to emotions like sadness or contentment, which are characterized by low arousal or inaction. “If something makes you angry as opposed to sad, for example, you’re more likely to share it with your family and friends because you’re fired up,” continues Berger.
  • Incorrect about how long ReelSEO has talked about social video. Actually did it back in 2008, along with advertising age.
  • It’s also about Emotional IQ – soft skills.
  • KeySocial Media Examiner’s 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report:Video marketing holds the top spot for future plans: A significant 76% of marketers plan on increasing their use of YouTube and video marketing, making it the top area marketers will invest in for 2012.ROI has become a top-priority. The number-one question marketers want answered is how to track the ROI of social media. (It can be presumed that ROI expectation applies just as much to video as any other media or social channel, if not more so.)
  • “Video has become one of the most effective ways to motivate people towards certain behaviors. Video is a highly effective persuasion technology. But we still need to understand the psychology of human behavior.” – Dr. BJFogg, Director of Persuasive Technology at Stanford University
  • Frank Eliason, Citi’s VP of Social and former executive support manager at Comcast
  • it’s helpful for any business that is doing social video, to understand the distinction between the optimization of video for search engine performance versus social media channels; also, between computers and real people.Video SEO, or “vSEO,” is about optimizing your video content for attracting unique visitors from web-based search engines’ organic results and video search results to your website.Source: Social Video Optimization Vs. Video Search Optimization: Which is Better? http://www.reelseo.com/social-video-optimization/#ixzz1N9ZFoBgJ ©2008-2011 ReelSEO Video Marketing
  • Many businesses and professionals stricken with VVM exhibit the following symptoms:
  • ROI has become a top-priority. The number-one question marketers want answered is how to track the ROI of social media. (It can be presumed that ROI expectation applies just as much to video as any other media or social channel, if not more so.) Courtesy of http://www.leadformix.com
  • Adapt or Die! It is not about who is the biggest or strongest – it is about being the most adaptable to change.
  • This is speaking specifically to the PDP experience, and with the presumption that the PDP is the entry point for the shopper
  • http://video-commerce.org/2012/06/engage-and-convert-a-sneak-peak-into-orabrushs-social-video-playbook/
  • Orabrush was recently featured on the official Google Blog about their online video marketing success and being a rather interesting YouTube case study: "The Orabrush story: How a Utah man used YouTube to build a multi-million dollar business." I recommend checking out that article first for some good insight on the company's backstory, along with and their video marketing strategy, which is well summarized in the infographic below.Source: http://www.reelseo.com/screw-viral-videos-orabrush-youtube-marketing/#ixzz2LNHzem00 ©ReelSEO.com, All Rights Reserved Follow us: @ReelSEO on Twitter | ReelSEO on Facebook
  • “I guess you could also call it an edutainment video, or infotainment-mercial, but they are meant to convert,” says Harmon. “They educate people, teach them about our story, and show our personality. They also have a clear call-to-action for a purchase to be made. They’re really focused around ROI, meaning if they don’t get a positive ROI, they’re a fail, and the whole project was a fail or at least, we break even.”Read from OnlineVideo.net's - Forget Viral! Orabrush Offers the Cure for Viral Video Mentality http://www.onlinevideo.net/2012/07/forget-viral-orabrush-offers-the-cure-for-viral-video-mentality/#ixzz2LNFxFrJh
  • Engagement videos are meant to build social connections with the viewer. Orabrush’s engagement videos start new conversations, bring people back, get them to subscribe, or endear them to their brand.“Our engagement videos are more for existing customers. They exist to buy “mind share” with our viewers. The goal is to get our viewers to interact with our brand more, and to understand our culture and our story,” says Harmon.Read from OnlineVideo.net's - Forget Viral! Orabrush Offers the Cure for Viral Video Mentality http://www.onlinevideo.net/2012/07/forget-viral-orabrush-offers-the-cure-for-viral-video-mentality/#ixzz2LNIz1t5g
  • Longer format intro videos that require hand-holding for shoppers with new, innovative, and/or complex products; and/or for introducing a new or unfamiliar company
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-r8Th9DBGbQ
  • Don’t be afraid to get emotional
  • In the Invodo InPlayer, viewers access the ratings and comments panel by clicking an icon in the bottom right corner.This panel also pops up automatically after completion of the video to encourage participation.With the prompt of “How helpful was this video,” viewers simply choose their rating and hit submit, which requires little effort once the panel appears.Overall, video ratings were reported to be quite positive, with the average for all videos coming in at 4.17 out of a possible 5 stars, with over 60% of all ratings were given 5 stars.
  • Liveclicker
  • Use Orabrush “Engage and Convert!’
  • A request to see a video counts as a “view.”
  • RECOMMENDATION: We should also discuss Social KPIs.
  • Gap: Customer satisfaction should include activity from sharing and discussion on social media sites.Recommendation: Include customer participation around video assets (comments, uploading, etc.)
  • Product videos are hosted by content coordinators who create their own scripts, matching their personality and the item they’re talking about.These one-minute-or-less videos begin with the coordinator on a stark white background introducing themselves and then, in their own style, describing the product.The effect is liking talking to a good friend — a friend explaining what he or she likes about a favorite shoe, bag, or hat.In the video for the Nike5 Elastico indoor soccer show, the host describes the shoe and accidentally drops it. It’s silly but that’s part of the brand. Zappos’ videos feel real because they are real – and shoppers love them.
  • Supporting info: http://video-commerce.org/2012/04/5-reasons-why-consumer-video-testimonials-are-great-for-e-commerce/
  • Mention placement.Include reviews in recommendations as well as in the player. (Talk about placement).
  • It goes back to motivation and ability.
  • Have a point of view
  • http://www.youtube.com/yt/playbook/index.html
  • http://www.youtube.com/yt/playbook/index.html
  • http://bit.ly/Wy65iW
  • Engage and Convert! Social Video Strategies for Real World ROI

    1. 1. Engage and Convert! Social Video Strategies for Real- World ROIFeaturing your host: the multi-passionate, Superfessional Videologist Grant Crowell
    2. 2. Engage and Convert!Featuring your host: the multi-passionate, Superfessional Videologist Grant Crowell
    3. 3. Engage and Convert!Featuring your host: the multi-passionate, Superfessional Videologist Grant Crowell
    5. 5. reelseo.com/video/social
    6. 6. Key Questions• What videos should we create?• What should we create them for?• Which visitors should we create them for?• What should be our priority?• What content should be our priority?• How to provide the best context to the visitor?• What video experiences on the will persuade visitors to convert?
    8. 8. “Social Video” What’s that?
    9. 9. AnotherAUDIENCE POLL!
    10. 10. Is THIS a “social video?”
    11. 11. What is“social business?” I thought this wassupposed to be about video???
    12. 12. From the book Socialized!™ by Mark Fidelman
    13. 13. Increased speed of access to knowledge Reduced communication costsReduced operational costs Reduced time to market for Decreased travel costs products/services Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty Increasing number of successful innovations for new products/services Increased influence Increased employee satisfaction Increased revenue
    14. 14. What is it, really?
    15. 15. “socialvideo”accordingtoWikipedia (sort of…)
    16. 16. The Wiki “Social video marketing (SVM) is a component of an integrated marketing communications plan designed to increase audience engagement through social activity around a given video.”
    17. 17. Social VideoWhy do it?
    18. 18. Video marketingholds the topspot for futureplans:A significant 76% of marketersplan on increasing their use ofYouTube and video marketing,making it the top areamarketers will invest in for thecoming years.-- Social Media Examiner,2012 Social Media MarketingIndustry Report
    19. 19. Video augments our human nature
    20. 20. “Video hasbecome one of themost effectiveways to motivatepeople towardscertain behaviors.Video is a highlyeffectivepersuasiontechnology.”
    21. 21. “Video is one of thegreatest ways to help personalize the brand and create a trustedexperience. We tendto trust humans, notsome corporate logoand video is the best way to do that on a scaled basis.”
    22. 22. Video is more “social” than text and graphics combined• More entertaining• More emotional• More interactive• More engaging• More empowering• More persuasive• More egalitarian• More personal• More impactful with sharing• Low entry barrier for participation (Fast, cheap, easy!)
    23. 23. Big Mistakes in Social Video• Not being genuine• Not being transparent• Not listening• Not engaging personally• Not looking for feedback• Not having a response plan• Doing what everyone else is doing• “Viral Video Mentality”
    24. 24. How to tell if your company suffers from “Viral Video Mentality”• A chronic compulsion to ask speakers at marketing conferences, “How do I make a viral video?”• A failure to demonstrate an understanding of, or point to a direct relationship with, actual business objectives.• Always “swinging for the fences” instead of looking for many singles and doubles.
    25. 25. ROI has become the top priority Courtesy of http://www.leadformix.com
    26. 26. Social Video in the Audience Funnel Attract Excite Engage Inform Nurture Feature/benefit rich Build visitor loyalty Generate and build Direct participation content that through genuine helpPurpose Get attention interest and dialogue persuades shoppers and interest in making towards purchase their lives betterVideoContentStrategy Point visitor to more In-video Provide touch points Provide highly visible, Show unique video helpful and acknowledgements of with both audio and quality presentation content in an interesting videos, visitor, and an visual highlights in the of video innovative way and video-enabled invitation to connect video conversations
    27. 27. Orabrush: Social Video Success
    28. 28. Engagement vs. Conversion Videos
    29. 29. Conversion videos have a DIRECT marketing approach• For Orabrush, they are similar to entertaining, short-form infomercials.• They educate people, teach them about our story, and show our personality. They also have a clear call-to-action for a purchase to be made.• Success is measured in actual sales. They’re really focused around ROI, meaning if they don’t get a positive ROI, or at least break even, then they’re considered a “fail.”
    30. 30. Engagement videos have a SOCIAL marketing approach• Engagement videos are meant to build human connections with the viewer, nurture relationships, and build up “social capital” that will eventually convert to sales and lots of word-of-mouth.• Orabrush’s engagement videos start new conversations, bring people back, get them to subscribe, or endear them to their brand.• They also exist to buy “mind share” with viewers.• The goal is to get viewers to interact with the brand more, and understand their culture and story.
    31. 31. Engagement Video Types
    32. 32. “Excite” video: WillitBlend
    33. 33. “Explainer” videos
    34. 34. “Explainer” Videos Benefits• Needed hand-holding for shoppers being introduced to Golfsmith new, innovative, and/or complex products, services, or offerings.• Good at keeping shoppers’ attention. The average explainer video is watched on average for about 2.7 minutes.• A memorable way to make an Keratase impact on visitors and help them with important information they need to make a decision.• Greater shareability from enriched information and creative opportunities.
    35. 35. Explainer Video Example: Dropbox
    36. 36. The “Apology” video
    37. 37. Why Apologize with video?
    38. 38. Benefits of apologizing with video• A sense of ownership• A sense of responsibility• Directly saying what it is youre taking responsibility for.• A degree of emotional sympathy• An actual remedy you intend to implement (or have already implemented.)
    39. 39. Don’t be afraid to get emotional
    40. 40. In-Player Video Feedback: Video Ratings & CommentsCollect viewer feedback & gauge video effectiveness write your comments Click the “tell us why” button to write your opinions on why the video was or was not helpful
    41. 41. In-Player Video Feedback
    42. 42. In-Player Feedback Example: OnlineShoes.com
    43. 43. What to measure in social video… Dan Greenberg, President of ShareThrough, Content, says it’s about measuring these 3 things… not Ads Shares, not clicksViews, notimpressions http://www.reelseo.com/social-video-advertising/
    44. 44. KPIs that Matter• Have clearly defined goals before you start• Define the KPIs early and measure on an ongoing basis• Clearly define and distinguish between social and financial KPIs• Segment different content and engagement types• Do both internally and externally
    45. 45. Primary Video KPIs• Click-to-play• Total videos• Completed videos• “Conversions”
    46. 46. KPI DefinitionsAlways have a clear understanding, bothinternally and with each vendor of how wechoose to define these terms: – “Lift” – “Engagement” – “Conversions” – “Views”
    47. 47. Social Video KPI examplesContent Types• User generated videos vs professionally produced videos• Both professional and user-generated videosPerformance• Financial (Conversions to purchases/sales)• Engagement (Views, completion of video, visits, time spent watching videos, time spent on site where a video was watched, Facebook “likes” other CTAs)Web Analytics Integration and Tracking• A/B Testing: compare performance of pages with video against pages without video
    48. 48. KPI categoriesHard KPIs (Financial Value) Soft KPIs (Engagement)• Total Revenue • Views (Video, Pages)• Average Revenue per Visitor • New visitors• Average Order Value (AOV) • Time spent• Decrease in returns • Video shares (total, types) • Reviews, ratings, likes, follows, comments • User video submissions Hybird KPIs Customer Engagement, Customer satisfaction, search engine visibility
    49. 49. Social Video KPI Example Conversion Rate Step 1: Define and measure success 64.6% metrics based on business objective Direct Sales Uplift Order Value Step 2: Conduct A/B testing 55.9% – Decide Control and New Customers Experiment size (50-50, 38.6% other) Add to Cart – Decide time period; Business 21.2%Unit’s Goals Customer recommended to measure Engagement results every week for at Time Spent least 3 months, bi-weekly at 27.3% very minimum. Step 3: Conduct survey research to get Page Views 12.58% qualitative feedback Customer Satisfaction Step 4: Derive insights from results and Returns leverage the learnings to launch more (was not measured) effective content in future
    50. 50. Social Video ROI Recommendations• Set two different ROI standards for video: 1 for conversion videos (direct marketing), and one for engagement videos (social). Social videos should be built around loyalty metrics• Understand the buying cycle and the customer lifecycle for related and distinctive KPI sets around the video experience.• Integrate video KPIs with channel-specific and campaign-specific KPIs• Measure the impact of video on sales (conversions): – Buy Lift: Are viewers more likely to convert?• Measure the impact of video on engagement: – Time of engagement – Sharing – Track how consumers are sharing the video (social channels, – Feedback – how they are commenting on
    51. 51. SocialVideoPlaybook• NOT a static document• A dynamic collaboration on an social platform• Everyone designs the plays!• Always adaptable for handing disruption.
    52. 52. Social Video Business Tips• Research, listen, engage, and give feedback• Select a video marketer• Create a media center• Have a content calendar• Have a shoot plan• Encourage and incentivize participation• Utilize social media and business networks.
    53. 53. 2013 Social Video Playbook “Plays”• Use internal stakeholders• Practice customer care. (Listening, feedback, service-driven instead of sales-driven• Create your own video learning center.• Participating on social media channels with “seeding,” sharing, and cultivating relationships around community-driven video.
    54. 54. Staff as presenters
    55. 55. • Product videos are hosted by content coordinators who create their own scripts, matching their personality and the item they’re talking about.• The effect is liking talking to a good friend explaining what he or she likes, with unexpected mistakes sometimes left in.
    56. 56. Do “business-quality” video“Business-quality” videos refers tovideo that meets all of theserequirements:– Technical and content standards that match up with professional standards of video by your industry, and your audience’s expectations with your brand and channel.– A accurate representation of your Many businesses have seen strong brand ROI by using in-house talent and handling some pre-production andProfessional videos do NOT require… production work.– Ceding all production work to outside agencies– Using only professional talent
    57. 57. User-GeneratedUser-generated video content (UGC) is also referred to as user-generated videos (UGV), or “consumer videos.”User-generated videos comes from each of the following: • Actual members • Non-members, but • Fans of your brand and social networks • Enthusiasts around the topics, themes, and points-of-view you create.User-generated Video Content Types • Testimonials / Member stories • Questions and comments • Announcements
    58. 58. User Generated Videos, Benefits– Trust – many visitors are more likely to trust reviews their peers over brands.– Lowered expectations – visitors have less demanding expectations by consumers with the technical quality and presentation.– Social sharing –visitors can can record and share videos with her social graph (on Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc.). This can help build a social media fan base.– SEO – user generated videos can be optimized for search traffic, with many showing up under Google search results with the word “review,” “demo,” or “how to.”– Popular with younger shoppers – GenYs, or millennials, are the fast- growing customer segment. (More info)– Free – no production cost your company
    59. 59. User-generated video vendors• VideoGenie – user generated platform for creating and distributing product video and testimonials across websites and social networks – Case study: Levi’s – Case study: ShoeDazzle – Case study: Bud Light• Bravo – creates microsites for clients where shoppers record their own videos and submit for our consideration to feature in reviews. – Client example: 2nd Wind Exercise
    60. 60. Recommendations for User Generated VideosVideo Upload Program– Offer incentive program with the user-submitted video.– Provide explainer videos and helpful guide for how to record and submit videos.– Collect videos over time through email marketing ("Tell us what you love about your _____?”)
    61. 61. Business Context: “Prosumer” Videos“Prosumer is a combination of producer and consumer that perfectly describethe millions of participants in the Web 2.0 revolution” – TechCrunch“Prosumer” is a contraction of the words “professional” and “consumer.While the term is often used to describe electronic products meant for serioushobbyists,“prosumer” is also used by video marketers to refer to all of the following– A cross between professional-grade and consumer-grade video production– Pairing real consumers, employees, non-actors with professionally-grade video direction and production.– Experts and influencers by profession, instead of solely video production and video “talent.”Zappos and Crutchfield, two leaders in video commerce, have nearly allprosumer videos on their own shopping websites.
    62. 62. Business Context: “Prosumer” VideosThere are many benefits for why every business should be doing prosumervideos:– More trustworthy to consumers: • More genuine and knowledgeable than actors • Real stakeholders who engage directly with visitors • Accessible people for consumers to personally engage with.– Quicker turnaround time • Can shoot at your workplace or local studio– More participation = more videos • More videos online for the business solutions and products that matter to most to your visitors and your bottom line. • Internal stakeholders more inclined to participate when they feel like they have more control– Content you OWN!
    63. 63. Recommendation: “Pro-Sumer” VideosUse real people with real connections to your brand– People who deal with your audience, clients, and customers on a daily basis– Employees who are savvy, passionate, love to help, and have stories to share around the solutions you provide (and the people who use them)– Influencers and personalities on your social and community sites.Encourage these people to do video– Start them with some with professional-grade video production resources. (Camera, some studio time, practice with professional producers, etc.)– Give them some basic training and a resource guide for collaborating with others.Set up quality control standards– Technical quality– Custom standards by video content type, page type, and business type.– Script templates– Give them some freedom to make mistakes and improve. (Sometimes better to leave in minor non- technical mistakes, since it feels more genuine.)Create online bios of the customer care specialists– Show a link series to their videos (product demos, product FAQs, etc.)– Share on our YouTube channel, which will point people back to your landing pages on your website.
    64. 64. Overall Style Recommendations: Be “Pro-Sumer”Tone• Have an educational and personal tone at first, mixed with customer service. This is how you earn and build on people’s trust.• Don’t be talking about that you’re the “best.” Be focused on your visitors’ needs, desires, pain points, and overall enjoyment.Be personality-driven• Using real internal stakeholders memorable personality will make visitors remember the brand and the video better, and be interested to engage more with the video content. (This includes watching more videos of someone they’re interested in and trust.)Include a POV• Have the “talent” express what they like about the solution (product, service, etc.) as their own personal experience with it. Allow them to talk in the first person and use “I…”Include real names and titles• This shows the authenticity of the message and builds trust with visitors.
    65. 65. Presentation Recommendations• Keep a consistent experience between products in the same product line or category.• The introduction of branding ,slogans, catch phrases, jingles is often viewed as a negative.• Keep in mind the different motivations visitors have per product type, just like their preference for video content types will vary based on their own personas. This is why you need to design and present variable video context types.• Infuse personality and some unique content
    66. 66. Focus on Contextual Video ExperiencesProvide as much context as possible around our PDP video that still makes it easy for shoppers to findand use to their ability.• Multiple related and relevant video content• Dynamic and responsive video players, with categorized and prioritized video content• Related/targeted content and shopping offers appearing along the video in a synchronized fashion (time stamped)• Social engagement buttons and sharing links• Clickable links in or around the video (related to the content of the video)• In-video feedback (ratings and reviews)• Closed-captioning• Global/multiple languages (audio and text)• Automated and interactive transcriptions – either within the video player in a separate window, or in a separate location on the same page• In-video keyword search (for indexing video content in search results)
    67. 67. Distributing social video Search engines Direct Websites URL Social E- video Blogs mail Social Offline Media / WOM
    68. 68. 10 Social Video Optimization Tips1. Simplify Captioning2. Go Mobile 8. YouTube promoted videos3. In-house studio and promotional tools4. Collaborate 9. Live and Recorded Video5. Curate Chat (Including Hangouts)6. Feature customers and key 10. Facebook “Like” of Videos influencers for Fans7. Transcripts / Closed
    69. 69. 12 MORE Social Video Optimization Tips1. Be listening 7. Be helpful2. Be responsive 8. Be concise3. Be personal 9. Be transparent4. Be relevant 10. Have a purpose!5. Be interesting 11. Have a clear call-to-action6. Context 12. Have a point of view
    70. 70. My 12 Big C’s of Social Video1. Communicate 7. Community2. Content 8. Customization3. Conversations 9. Concise4. Connections 10. Clarity5. Care 11. Considerate6. Collaborate 12. Can I get an amen? ;-)
    71. 71. YouTube Creator Playbook http://www.youtube.com/yt/playbook/index.html
    72. 72. Social video business resources• 10 Reasons Facebook Video Marketing Is Valuable for Business• Facebook Video Marketing Tips for a “Socialized Business Strategy”• Facebook Video Marketing Tips with Social Media Expert Mari Smith• Best Facebook Apps for Video More tips available at http://www.onlinevideo.net/2013/01/facebook-and-twitter-video- marketing-tips-for-social-businesses/
    73. 73. Social video business resources• 5 Top Twitter Video Marketing Strategies for Every Business• What’s the Business Value of Twitter Video Marketing?• Twitter Micro-Video Marketing Strategies for Business• Twit Happens: Tips to Overcome Legal Dangers with Video on Twitter More tips available at http://www.onlinevideo.net/2013/01/facebook-and-twitter-video- marketing-tips-for-social-businesses/
    74. 74. 2013 Video Marketing Playbook http://bit.ly/2013VideoMarketingPlaybook
    75. 75. Conclusion• Communication before Content!• Have both a social ROI plan and a financial ROI plan for your video.• Build rational and emotional video experiences that generate a positive overall customer experience.• Don’t just tell, show!• Provide an optimized video experience into your websites, and across all distribution channels, targeted at stakeholders with real purchase intent; and with the primary goal of nurturing visitors and cultivating conversions.
    76. 76. Final Thought…
    77. 77. OPTIMIZE YOURSELF!Take some the time to engage with your audience one-on-one with video.
    78. 78. grantast grantcrowellMe@GrantCrowell.com grantcrowell grantcrowell grantcrowell