Veterans health care benefits


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The veterans health care benefits provides an overview of the VA and the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care programs.

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Veterans health care benefits

  1. 1. Veterans Health Care Benefits Federal Illinois• Federal veterans’ health care • Illinois Department of Veterans benefits are administered Affairs administers veterans’ through the Department of health care benefits. Veterans Affairs’ Veterans Health • There are a few veterans health Administration . care programs (e.g., long term• VA focuses on providing health care) care services to eligible veterans. • Health insurance for certain low• VA hospitals, clinics, and vet income veterans. centers are located across the country.• Equivalent care as private providers.
  2. 2. Federal VA Health Care Programs Eligibility Types of Care Special Health Care Programs When the VA reviews a VA healthcare The VA provides a wide range of The VA also provides special health application, they consider: health care: care programs: 1. The Military Service Requirement: 1. Primary Care 1. OIF/OEF Health Care Did the applicant serve in the 2. Specialty Care 2. CHAMPVA provides health care military for the required amount 3. Ambulatory Care to certain eligible families of time? 4. Nutritional Counseling (e.g., veteran parent died in 2. Any Enhanced Eligibility Factors 5. Mental Health service) (e.g., service-connected 6. Women’s Health Care 3. Children of Women Vietnam disability, POW, purple heart Veterans Health Care Program recipient). 4. Spina Bifida Health Care Program 3. Military Discharge/Release: The 5. Caregiver Program VA will make sure the applicant For more information please see the 6. Health Care for Homeless did not receive a dishonorable VA’s Health Care page or call 1-877- Veterans Program discharge. 222-8387. You can also discuss health care treatment options and For a complete description of concerns with your local VA Veterans eligibility requirements, consult the Patient Advocate. Check the links for more information VA’s Veterans Eligibility page. on each program.
  3. 3. Illinois IL Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care Related Programs Veterans Care Long Term Health Care The State of Illinois’ Veterans Care The IL VA administers several homes program provides low cost insurance that provide long term health care to to certain eligible veterans. eligible veterans, spouses, and Gold Star Parents. Homes are located at: 1. Provides insurance in cases where a veteran is not eligible for VA 1. Anna Health Care. 2. LaSalle 2. Helps provide veterans with 3. Manteno medical and limited dental care. 4. Quincy For a complete description of For more information please see the eligibility requirements, consult the IL Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans Care Brochure page. Veterans Homes General Information Page.