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  • Overall Note: this screen capture was taken from the Reorder box window, accessible through a libguide page by selecting add/edit pages tabselect Reorder Box lin.This screen shot helps illustrate the overall template structure for each page and subpage. Each page should include a (1) a Left Column dedicated to masterpage boxes, (2) Center Column dedicated to the author’s boxes. The right Column should be suppressed. Setting Columns will be discussed in the Formatting Columns Slide.Left ColumnEach new libguide page and subpage should be streamlined and contain master page boxes in the left Column. The Adding Master Elements Slide will provide instructions for adding master page elements.2) Center ColumnThis column is reserved for libguide subject matter boxes. The Author has freedom to utilize this space for text, image, and media (e.g., presentations, video embeds). Please consult the Adding Substantive Material slide for more in depth coverage.
  • You created a new guide from your dashboard- You will see the Home page for you new page. To Format your columns you will need to:Remove Profile Boxes From pageFormat Columns- -Select Add/Edit PageResize Columns You should see the Adjust Column Widths Manually Set the columns by using the slidesSet Right to Hidden by Sliding the slide to the far right, Set the the Left to 30%, and Set the Center to 70%
  • To Add the Master Page Elements you will need to select Add a New Box that is in the left column of your page.You should then Select Reuse Existing Box. For the Box to Reuse: select the Master Page by Matthew GranSelect the Louis L. Biro Law Library. This should then update the box title. This box should be at the Top of the ColumnClick On Reuse Box3) Repeat Steps 1 & 2 for the additional two Master Page Boxes. For the step selecting the box to reuse, make sure you do the following Second Add New Box: Select Master Page by Matthew GranSelect the Contact a Librarian BoxSelect Reuse BoxThird Add New Box: Select Master Page by Matthew Gran Select the Request a Research Appointment box.You should now have three reused boxes in your left column in the following order: Louis L. Biro Law LibraryContact a Librarian Request a Research Appointment
  • Adding Substantive Material—the template does not limit the content or presentation of the material. Authors can add any type of box they want in the center column. For information on tips for creating and using libguides please consult:Boston College’s LibGuides for Guide Authors: Getting Started University of Central Florida’s LibGuides Tips & Tricks for LibrariansLibguides collection of Best PracticesSuggested Home Page Template.The following Template is a suggested organization for the home page:First Box- Overview BoxBox Name- [Enter Subject] OverviewAdd edit/text: Provide a Welcome and description of the guide.Box 2- Navigation Box/Table of ContentsAdd edit/textNavigating the [Subject] LibguideNavigating this Libguide:  there are [X] main pages accessible through tabs on this page. Home: provides a brief description of [subject], general research tips and instructions for navigate this Libguide.Secondary Sources: identifies manuals, practice materials, and books that provide commentary and analysis on [subject].  Primary Sources: identifies the main federal and state codes, case reporters, and regulations that make up [subject].For additional Tabs: provide the tab name and description of the contentsThis suggested home page template creates a table of contents for the guide and helps increase access points to the substantive material.
  • Libguide template

    1. 1. LibguideTemplate
    2. 2. Table of Contents1) Overall Template2) Formatting Columns3) Adding Master page elements4) Adding Substantive Material5) Adding Slideshow Presentations6) Embedding Video7) Normalizing the Number of Tabs/Subtabs8) Peer Review
    3. 3. Overall Template Left Center Right Column Column Column
    4. 4. Formatting Columns 2) Format Columns 1)Remove Profile Boxes From Page
    5. 5. Adding Master Page Elements1) AddNew Box2) ReuseExistingBox3) Add ThreeMaster PageBoxes
    6. 6. Adding Substantive Material Center Column is Reserved for substantive material