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A brief description of our water today.

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  1. 1. Water A brief overview of our water today 2010 Bob Rogers
  2. 2. Where Does Water Come From? San Diego imports 80% to 90% of its water  San Diego’s imported water supply comes from Northern California and the Colorado River Basin.  A small percentage of the supply is from local sources:  Groundwater & Reservoirs- 10%  Recycling - 3%  San Diego’s Average Rainfall is less than 10” per year.  California’s Average Rainfall is greater than 17”
  3. 3. Imported Water: State Water Project  Water from Northern California is brought to us by the California Aqueduct.  The California Aqueduct is 444 miles-long and carries the water through the San Joaquin Valley to Southern California.  In addition to the California Aqueduct, the SWP consists of:  Approximately 22 dams and reservoirs California Aqueduct  1 Delta pumping plant
  4. 4. State Water Project: Customers  The SWP provides irrigation water to farms in the San Joaquin Valley, and is a major supplier for  Los Angeles County  Riverside County  San Bernardino County  San Diego County  Other parts of Southern California  Cities in Napa and Solano counties through the North Bay Aqueduct  Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties through the Coastal Aqueduct  Alameda and Santa Clara counties through the South Bay Aqueduct.
  5. 5. Imported Water: Colorado River
  6. 6. Colorado River  In addition to California, the Colorado River is a water source for Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico, Nevada, and Arizona  Water allotments are also given to Indian Reservations and Mexico
  7. 7. Colorado River Aqueduct  Consists of:  2 reservoirs  5 pumping plants  63 miles of canals  92 miles of tunnels  84 miles of buried conduit and siphons  Has a capacity of 1.3 million acre-feet per year
  8. 8. Water Distribution  Metropolitan Water District (MWD) imports water from Northern California and the Colorado River and serves 19 million people in 6 counties.  Metropolitan Water District Sells to SDCWA SDCWA Sells to SDC Member Agencies - Padre, Carlsbad, Rincon, etc. (25 total members) – 3 million residents SDCMA Distributes to general population The water that we purchase is a blend of Colorado & SWA
  9. 9. Water Distribution  Water is transferred to the San Diego treatment plants at Miramar, Alvarado and Otay reservoirs, via pipelines operated by San Diego County Water Authority.
  10. 10. Colorado River-Decreasing Water Supply  California takes approximately 5.2 million acre feet/year from the Colorado River, though we are only allotted 4.4 maf/year.  We’ve been able to take more than our allotment for a number of years, because other states were not using their entire allocation.  Growing demand in other areas has resulted in other states using more of their allocation.
  11. 11. Environmental Limitation: State Water Project  Large pumps near the Sacramento River Delta, which send water down the State of California, have been identified as causing harm to a tiny fish, the Delta Smelt.  Levees very fragile  Decline in native species  Water quality issues  2/3 of this water goes to SoCA.
  12. 12. Where does it go  The average household uses between 45% to 50% of their water for outdoor use.  Examples:  Hosing off hardscapes  Children playing with the hose or water toys  Washing your car without a bucket or trigger nozzle  Landscape Irrigation
  13. 13. Going, Going…….
  14. 14. The Future
  15. 15. The End ?
  16. 16. Resources www.calwater.ca.gov www.sdcwa.org www.20gallonchallenge.com www.californiadelta.org