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In an economy where markets are drying up left and right, there’s one market that we can guarantee will only grow:  The Aging & Technology Industry.  This year alone, 7000 boomers will turn 65 every day while demanding a NEW and sustainable “AGING IN PLACE” model of care. Delivered by a true integration expert, the solution combines standard home automation and smart home technologies – complete with wireless tele-medicine, brain fitness and socialization features.  Learn about the future of aging and technology, why you should get involved and how to start.
Presentation by Laura Mitchell, GrandCare\'s VP Marketing, at CEDIA 2011
Panelists: Jim Gleason, Peter Radsliff

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Home Health Tech Is Here To Stay Are You 2011 Final Rough Draft

  2. 2. Home HealthTech is Here toStay…Are You?In an economy where markets aredrying up left and right, there’s onemarket that we can guarantee will onlygrow: The Aging & TechnologyIndustry. This year alone, 7000boomers will turn 65 every day whiledemanding a NEW and sustainable―AGING IN PLACE‖ model of care.Delivered by a true integration expert,the solution combines standard homeautomation and smart hometechnologies – complete with wirelesstele-medicine, brain fitness andsocialization features. Learn about thefuture of aging and technology, why youshould get involved and how to start.
  3. 3. Agenda The Opportunity The Technology Arena  Why This is a Good Time to be involved  Basic Overview of Technologies Available Marketing  How to get started?  Successful Marketing Campaigns Implementation  Getting your foot in the door  The Pitch  The Installation/Follow-up Question/Answer Session
  4. 4. About Your Moderator Laura Mitchell VP Marketing GrandCare Systems laura@grandcare.com 262-338-6147 Join our Online Communities! GC Website: www.grandcare.com GC Forums: http://dealerweb.grandcare.com GC Blog: http://grandcare.wordpress.com/ LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/groups?about=&gid=2043956&trk=anet_ug_grppro Twitter: @grandcare Boomer Authority: GrandCare : Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/GrandCare-Systems-Corporate-HQ/163121913734858 Squidoo: http://www.squidoo.com/grandcare-systems YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/gcsys Blog: http://grandcare.wordpress.com Convore: https://convore.com/grandcare-home-health-tech/ Digg: http://digg.com/grandcareIndustry Aging/Tech Webinar:GrandCare hosts an industry-wide Aging/Technology Webinar (the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month) at2pm Eastern Time (http://grandcaresystems.webex.com) for aging/technology industry participants,GrandCare Distributors, GC-Partners and other interested individuals. It’s a free webinar and GrandCarestaff is always available to field questions, take suggestions, offer answers, etc. This webinar has beenavailable since 2008 and is thought of as a key aging/technology resource.
  5. 5. Your Esteemed PanelTom MorganPeter RadsliffJim Gleason
  6. 6. The Opportunity What is the opportunity? The OpportunityWho is affected?Why this industry NEEDS YOU! Why this industryis GOOD for YOU!
  7. 7. Disruptive DemographicsFor almost every DisruptiveDemographic, there is almostalways an enabling solution
  8. 8. The Opportunity"I believe the seniors are our Future"
  9. 9. What is the Opportunity2/3 of all people that have ever lived to age 65 areALIVE TODAYBy 2050 there will be one million people over 100years of age90% of Americans believe caregiving is a familyresponsibilityA Recent Study showed the majority of Seniorspolled feared Nursing Homes worse than deathMore than 44 million Americans are familycaregivers for a spouse, parent, relative or friend
  10. 10. About Your Panel Tom Morgan CTO and VP Worthington University Worthington Distribution tom@worthdist.com 800-282-8864 Worthington Distribution Can Provide Product  Competitive Pricing  200 Page Catalog Great Stocking Levels  Tafton, PA  Las Vegas, NV Knowledgeable, Helpful Staff Training  Worthington University  On-Line  Knowledge Base  Technical Support System Design Support
  11. 11. Technology Arena: Overview RF Personal EmergencyActivities of Daily Living Response (PERS) Sensors Fall DetectionWellness Monitoring Technology Objectives • Safety • Wellness • Communication Communication
  12. 12. Technology Arena: PERS PERS: Personal Emergency Response System A communication system which links an individual to emergency response even if that person is unable to use the telephone A transmitter causes a receiver to automatically dial a monitoring station. Personal Emergency A highly-trained emergency rescue Response (PERS) dispatcher is responsible for evaluating the situation and requesting the appropriate help. Fall Detection
  13. 13. Technology Arena: ADL Monitoring ADL: Activities of Daily Living Monitoring Small, wireless electronic sensors are placed in strategic areas of the residence. These sensors monitor typical daily living activities of the occupant  Both proprietary, and open standard RF technologies are used depending on the system An intelligent device monitors the Activities of Daily Living transmission and reports activity or the Sensors lack of activity to family members or a monitoring station  Things to watch for  Wandering  Movement during day hours  Everything is Ok  Movement at night  Sleep Walking  Incontinence  House Temperature  Phone Calls to the home
  14. 14. Technology Arena: Wellness Monitoring Medication  The failure to take drugs on time in the dosages prescribed, is as dangerous and costly as many illnesses  3 Processes for medication management  Manual Administration  Personnel = Expensive Medication Reminders  Self Administered  Complete faith in the user  ADL Monitored Self Administered  Provides reminders to the users and notification to Caregivers for non-compliance  Less expensive than manual administration with effective checks and balances Medication Dispensers
  15. 15. Technology Arena: Wellness Monitoring Wellness Data  If your company is going to be involved with personal medical data your company must be HIPAA compliant  Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act  Chronic Disease: Early Detection is Important Blood Pressure  Regular readings allows a patient to be viewed on a wider timeline showing trends  Wellness data can be shared with physicians during regular vists  Caregivers can view wellness data to look for trends Blood Oxygen  The collecting wellness data shows the Loved one is adhering to the routine and is working to stay well Blood Glucose Weight
  16. 16. Technology Arena: Communication Socialization  Often the forgotten element of aging  As sense of purpose is an important element in the will to live, constant communication is as effective as any medication  E-mail Messages  Not all Loved ones can run a computer: Presto  PC Services  You Tube, Skype, FaceBook, The Web, Photographs Communication  Some Systems combined these into simple to use interfaces: GrandCare  Keep the Loved one part of the family by including them in family life
  17. 17. Technology Arena: Brain Fitness Brian fitness  Every seventy-one seconds, another senior is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease*  Researchers found that stimulating leisure activities were associated with a 50% reduction in risk of dementia**  Among a subset of participants that developed dementia, researchers found that participant(s) who reported frequent participation in cognitive activities had accelerated decline delayed by 1.29 years*** The Solution: Stay mentally challenged  Games  Checkers, Chess, Solitaire, Sudoku, Etc.  Activities  Word Skills, Image Recognition, Memory Skills, Etc. * www.dakim.com ** Leisure activities and the risk of dementia in the elderly: The Three-City study (2009) *** Cognitive activities delay onset of memory decline in persons who develop dementia (2009)
  18. 18. The Approach: Peter Radsliff Marketing  What do you need to know?  How to get started?  Successful Marketing Campaigns  Examples of Real Life Marketing Success
  19. 19. About Your Panel Peter Radsliff CEO, Presto Services Inc. Chairman, Aging Technology Alliance peter.radsliff@presto.com 415.850.1971 Computerless Email ( Presto.com )  Your Aging Industry Trade Group - Proven product & service Promoting the awareness, benefits and value of member products & - Great door opener services for our aging society - Recurring revenue opportunity  Member Benefits ( AgeTek.org ) - Access to like-minded business leaders - Strength through collective action and initiatives - Action to shape the future of an industry, and society!
  20. 20. The Approach: Peter RadsliffFundamental Marketing Questions  What is your business ―story‖?  Do you need a new brand or division?  Who are you going to sell to?  Are you going to need to hire someone?  What spells success or failure?
  21. 21. The Approach: Peter Radsliff What Product Categories Will You Provide?Communication Home Safety & Engagement & Security Email Security Ask yourself: Videophone PERS Mobile phone What categories Home monitoring Computer will you provide? Which are closest to what you do? Health & Will you generalize Learning & Wellness or specialize? Contribution Telehealth NetworkingMedication dispensing Legacy & reminders Education & learningDisease management Fitness
  22. 22. The Approach: Peter Radsliff Understand the Continuum of CareWhere are Systems Integrator? Ask yourself:you? Where are the business opportunities here? Where are the clients? Source: The MetLife Report on Aging in Place 2.0 in conjunction with Louis Tennenbaum, CAPS, CAASH
  23. 23. The Approach: Peter RadsliffFill in the blanks for your business: For (describe your customer) in need of (describe their need), (your business name here) is the (describe your type of product or business) that (describe your business’ value proposition). The reason is—or how you do it—is: (describe your value-add).
  24. 24. The Approach: Peter RadsliffFill in the blanks for your business: For (describe your customer) in need of (describe their need), (your business name here) is the (describe your type of product or business) that (describe your business’ value proposition). The reason is—or how you do it—is: (describe your value-add).Here’s an Example: For (family members who make decisions about the support and care of their aging parents) in need of (a simple, convenient, and cost-effective way to communicate with them), (Presto) is the (communications tool) that (seamlessly bridges the technology gap and redefines the way families can share their lives, conversations and information). The reason is that Presto uses a specially-designer printer & online service that allows the whole family to use the method of communication they each prefer.Until you do this for your business, you can’t build a marketing plan.
  25. 25. The Approach: Peter RadsliffHere’s an Example for an Integrator: For (family members who make decisions about the support and care of their aging parents) in need of (simple, convenient, and cost-effective ways to help them age safely in their own home), (AIP, Inc.) is (your local aging-in-place expert) who (analyzes your parents’ needs and then recommends and installs the right systems to help them live comfortably). The reason is that (AIP has learned how to integrate systems that are easy to live with and that provide the peace of mind that you, and your parents deserve). What is Your Business Value?
  26. 26. Technology Arena: CommunicationElder Socialization A means for socialization is an often forgotten element of aging. A sense of purpose is an important element in the will to live. Consistent communication is as effective as any medication. – Email & photos for elders who use computers – Also YouTube, Skype, and Facebook Installable solutions are now available. – Integrated communication or monitoring systems: GrandCare, Telekin, Sonamba, Halo – Computerless communication systems: socialization solutions abound Tablet, Presto Mail, Celery Installing systems for family socialization is important plus an excellent business opportunity
  27. 27. The Approach: Peter Radsliff Starting a relationship, determining needs… Example – socialization solutions: Which is right for your client?GrandCare Apple Standard PC with MyGait PrestoHomeBase iPad PC Famililink Go Computer Computerless Email It depends on your client’s… • abilities • desire • history • support • open-mindedness • life stage • budget This is your value-add!
  28. 28. The Installation: Jim Gleason FromConsultation to Installation  Getting your foot in the door  The Consultation  The Pitch  The Installation  Pre-install work  Assessment  Follow-up
  29. 29. From Consultation to Installation Family Consultation  Discuss Needs  Discuss Potential Solutions to Assist  Client Interview (likes, hobbies, interests – to help with Communications)  Go through full explanation – ensure Primary Caregiver/Responder & communicators Determine Model & Sensors  Price & Payment Schedule (renting/buying?)  Have client sign end user licensing agreement/hipaa agreement  Appt to Survey the Home  Verify Internet Connection  Ensure there will be no signal /sensor placement troubles  Verify exact sensors/placement  Assess if router will be needed  Set Installation Date Prep work for installation  Family Orientation  How to add more caregivers/users  add communications before installation  initial rules- train family on rules  Preset Sensors/Network (if possible)  Set up family Online with user names/passwords Perform Installation  Better to not SECURE anything to walls until you KNOW it’s a good place for the sensor  Rodeo Clown Theory (hit the explanation sweet spot – not over, not under)  Set 2 week check-up with Family 2 Week Check-up  Assess information  Are they getting what they want?  Set Appropriate Rules  Adjust sensors if needed
  30. 30. Getting Your Foot In The Door Customers won’t line up at your door! Existing Customer Base Local Networking  Chamber of Commerce  Local Independent/Assisted Living  Groups/Companies that provide service to Disabled/Elderly  Lions, VFW, Legion…….  Partner with Non-technology providers
  31. 31. I’m in!! Now What?? Consult!  Know the products that are out there and how they are applied!  What are the needs and Wants?  What technology will fit best?  Do you need more than one technology?  Make Recommendations….you are the experts!  Don’t Have a Solution? Ask your distributors.  What is the budget?  Can more than one person pay?  Lease options  Rentals
  32. 32. The Pitch Continue to educate/consult Show savings compared to other options Include a service contract  $10 ~ $20 / month Plan multiple trips to close the deal!  2 ~ 3 Trips to close  Customers will want to see you! Ifyou cant help with an item, refer them to someone else
  33. 33. Pre-install Test your equipment Make Sure all needed items are in place  Internet  Phone Lines (Remember DSL Filters!)  Enough electrical outlets  Extra Parts  Accounts setup and users entered Documents ~ This is a fast changing market! Always have the latest…….  User manuals  Sales Flyers
  34. 34. The install Plan extra time!  Older users take more time to absorb technology  They may want to help  They WILL want to talk  Family training  Web training for remote family Just remember, they can get you your next sale! Don’t rush it!
  35. 35. Two week Follow-up Ensure all needs are covered, do they need anything else Is the system doing what they wanted it to do? If need be, set or adjust rules for the system Ask for referrals
  36. 36. Questions??Questions? Thank You!
  37. 37. Home HealthTech is Here toStay…Are You?Thank You! - Laura Mitchell - Tom Morgan - Peter Radsliff - Jim Gleason