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Speaker Name: Mike Dempsey
Position: Founder and CEO
Company: Independence Labs
Personal Bio: Independence Labs is a company whose mission is to help elders live in their own homes independent and safely for as long as possible.
Topic: Overview of a new Passive Fall Detection System We will review a system which can detect if people have fallen down but does not require them to wear anything, push any buttons or take any action.

Please join us! These web calls are open to anyone and everyone in the aging and/or technology industry! The purpose is to educate each other, learn and grow as an industry. Remember, the aging tsunami will float all boats!

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Fall Prevention AgeTech Call 1 28 10

  1. 1. MyRoomMate Fall Detection System Overview for GrandCare Systems Webinar January 28, 2010 Mike Dempsey (978) 337-0864 miked@IndependenceLabs.com
  2. 2. The Problem • In the community, one-in-three people over 65 will fall this year • This results in 1.8M emergency room visits, 433,000 hospitalizations and almost 15,000 deaths • These falls cost almost $40B annually • In addition, 50 to 75% of nursing home residents fall each year resulting in 1800 deaths • One injurious fall increases nursing home costs by $5325/yr • Over half of the elders who fall are unable to get up without assistance and after a fall “longer times spent helpless…were associated with the person’s being found dead or being transported to the hospital, being admitted, and being discharged to other care rather than to independent living.” Confidential © 2009 Independence Labs & 2 www.IndependenceLabs.com Caduceus Wireless, Inc.
  3. 3. Solution Objectives • Detect falls without the elder having to do anything, wear anything, push any buttons • Should be as reliable as a smoke detector • Assumed elders are living alone with no technical help and little money • Low cost – in residential settings, probably offered using a leasing model with PERS • Very simple - installed by elder • Integrates into existing PERS infrastructure • False negatives are worse than false positives Confidential © 2009 Independence Labs & 3 www.IndependenceLabs.com Caduceus Wireless, Inc.
  4. 4. System Overview Phone Line PERS Console Response Center Residential Settings Nurses Station Fall Sensors Institutional Settings (one per room) Confidential © 2009 Independence Labs & 4 www.IndependenceLabs.com Caduceus Wireless, Inc.
  5. 5. Sensor Overview •4” x 6” surface- or flush-mount sensor •Battery Powered (3xAA) •Battery life of > 1 year •Panic Button •Nurse call interface (including power) •Pears with any PERS system •Patent pending optical sensing system creates zones and a proprietary algorithm looks for unique fall signatures •Mounted ~12” above floor Confidential © 2009 Independence Labs & 5 www.IndependenceLabs.com Caduceus Wireless, Inc.
  6. 6. Reception Patterns ~9 ft ~3 ft ~1 ft Side View of Room ~ 25 ft Confidential © 2009 Independence Labs & 6 www.IndependenceLabs.com Caduceus Wireless, Inc.
  7. 7. Simple Algorithmic Concept A “true” fall is fast and uncontrolled motion toward the floor. A large amount of energy moves from the top field into the bottom field relatively quickly. The signals should be well correlated in time. The activity in the top and bottom fields sensed before and after the fall should be consistent with the circumstances expected during a fall. Confidential © 2009 Independence Labs & 7 www.IndependenceLabs.com Caduceus Wireless, Inc.
  8. 8. The “Perfect” Fall 300 200 Blue Long Dash is Bottom, Black Short Dash is Top, Solid Red is Fall 100 0 -100 -200 -300 Confidential 0 5 10 15 20 © 2009 Independence Labs & 8 www.IndependenceLabs.com Time in Seconds Caduceus Wireless, Inc.
  9. 9. Walk, Fall and Crawl 300 200 Blue Long Dash is Bottom, Black Short Dash is Top, Solid Red is Fall 100 0 -100 walk crawl -200 fall -300 Confidential © 2009 Independence Labs & 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 9 www.IndependenceLabs.com Caduceus Wireless, Inc. Time in Seconds
  10. 10. Some Newer Developments • Over the last 9 months, this smaller, lower cost, more accurate sensor was developed • It turns out this system also reliably detects a person getting out of bed (GOOB)… • …it also detects “restless sleep” • These new features make the system very appealing for institutional settings (skilled nursing and assisted living) Confidential © 2009 Independence Labs & 10 www.IndependenceLabs.com Caduceus Wireless, Inc.
  11. 11. Development Status Basic Proof of Lab Field Lab Field Production Research Concept Proto 1 Testing Proto 2 Testing Prototype • Now initially focusing on institutional settings – large benefit, professional installations, more controlled data, “cleaner” channel • “Close” to signing an exclusive agreement with a partner for these markets • Unclear what to do about residential markets – what is your advice? Confidential © 2009 Independence Labs & 11 www.IndependenceLabs.com Caduceus Wireless, Inc.