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Rph preposition

  1. 1. Subject : English LanguageYear : 5 ArifDate : 2 May 2012Time : 8.15 a.m.-9.15 a.m. ( I Hour )Topic : World of Knowledge ….Preposition of Location & DirectionSkills : 2.3 Give relevant information politely in response to enquiries made 4.3 Complete simple instruction with guidance given in the forms of w words 5.5 Prepositions ( Location and Direction )Intended Learning Outcomes : By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to :- I. React with the questions asked by the teacher II. Use prepositions by filling in the blanks with the correct prepositionsSentence Pattern : The book is on the table.Skill integrated : Speaking ,writing and grammar.Teaching aids : Realia ( book ,pen ,pencil box, chair ,ball and box ),LC D ,computer , m mahjungpaper and worksheet..Thinking skills : Identifying and analyzing
  2. 2. Stages Content Activity ResourcesSet induction Questions :- 1.Pupils are recalled their comprehension on the topic( 5 minutes ) 1- Where is the book? of prepositions they had learnt in year 4. Realia The book is on the chair 2.Teacher uses things in the classroom such as - PEN 2-Is the ruler in the pencil box ? book ,chair ,pencil box ,pen and ruler. - BOOK No ,it isn`t .It is beside the pencil 3.Pupils are shown a few location of these things. - CHAIR box. 4.Pupils answer the questions asked by the teacher - PENCIL BOX orally. 5.Teacher then relates the activity with today `s lesson.:Presentation Slide show with animation and sound. 1. Pupils are shown a few slides of prepositions( 20 minutes ) using power point LCD 2. Teacher then explains while showing examples of prepositions.Practice 1.To test pupil `s comprehension on the lesson( 15 minutes ) ,teacher asks pupils to demonstrate 2.Teacher uses a ball and a box .Pupils will be asked - a ball to demonstrate the location of the ball based on - a box teacher `s instructionProduction Worksheet 1 1.Pupils are shown a picture from the slide .There are - mahjung paper( 15 minutes ) Choose the correct prepositions and fill in asked to understand the picture. - - worksheet 1 the blanks. 2. Teacher then pastes 10 questions regarding to the picture on a mahjung paper. 3.teacher asks pupils to come in front and put the answer onto mahjung paper. 4.teacher then distributes a worksheet. 5.Teacher facilitates the pupils in carrying out the task.
  3. 3. Question ( mahjung paper )1.The handbag is ___________the sofa .2. The table lamp is located ________ the pipe and the spectacles .3. There are two boys sitting __________to one another.4.The sock is __________ the chair.5.The umbrella is leaning _____________the sofa.6.The book is ____________ the sofa.7.The newspaper is located _____________ the pail.8.The ball is located ____________of the bookshelf.9.The bookshelf is ______________ the ball.
  4. 4. Worksh eet 2
  5. 5. Prepositionsof Place Exercises With Pictures