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Limerick Uni presentation

  1. 1. + Blues skies thinking for design and OER Gráinne Conole, The Open University, UK University of Limerick, 11th May 09
  2. 2. + Redefining “openness” Open source, open tools & services, Open Educational Resources Free, shared, collabor ative, cumulatively better.. “Open Design”
  3. 3. + CCK08 ++++Education for free
  4. 4. + Hidden conundrum New technologies offer new pedagogical opportunities Array of Not fully technologies exploited Potential for reuse with Open Educational Resources Little evidence Open Educational of reuse Resources
  5. 5. + A mediating layer Mediating artifacts Lesson plans Step by step guides Mediating Online tools artifacts Pedagogical patterns “Expert other” Learning Activity Creates Design Teacher Has an or an OER inherent Vygotsky
  6. 6. + Converging schools of thought Open Educational Resources Learning Design
  7. 7. + Pedagogical patterns  Means of describing learning activities  Builds on notion of design patterns from Architecture (Alexander, 1977) format – problem plus solution  Specific  Presented in terms of a problem to be solved:  Context  Problem  Analysis  Solution  Example
  8. 8. + Collaborative patterns Examples of different ways of structuring collaborations Jigsaw Think-pair-share YannisDimitriadis et al., University of Valladolid
  9. 9. + Open Educational Resources (OER) The open provision of educational resources, enabled by information and communication technologies, for consultation, use and adaptation by a community of users for non- commercial purposes (Unesco, 2002) Learning resources, courseware, learner support & tools, tools & resources for teachers, resources for quality assurance… (Unesco, 2004)
  10. 10. + Types of OERs Size and granularity  Format and media  Pedagogy – neutral  vs. embedded
  11. 11. Learning Design + Tools, methods and approaches to facilitate with the design of better learning activities
  12. 12. + OU Learning Design Initiative Representing pedagogy Empirical evidence base Guiding design Sharing ideas
  13. 13. Representation: CompendiumLD + Core icon set Design icon set
  14. 14. Building a design + Activity Assignment Outcome Resource Role Stop Task Tool
  15. 15. + Key features Time allocation for tasks  In-situ help  Guiding templates  Conditional branching 
  16. 16. + Cloudworks Clouds: Learning & teaching ideas Design or case studies Tools or resources Questions or problems Cloudscapes: Conferences Workshops Course team Student cohort Research theme Project
  17. 17. Putting them together
  18. 18. + Illustrative example
  19. 19. + Illustrative example Deposits OER Creates Teacher A Deposits Design Quiz + beginners route Uses Student A OER Quiz + advanced route Student B Uses Chooses Design Repurposes Teacher B & deposits
  20. 20. Prior designs Process design New designs & resources Clouds in Cloudworks OER repositories New OER & designs Pedagogical Patterns
  21. 21. + Conclusion  Mismatch between potential of technologies and actual use is one of the key challenges of e-learning research  Need to combine collective wisdom  Vision is to develop an evolving suite of tools, resources, methods, and approaches to facilitate teachers and learners coupled with a vibrant community discussing learning and teaching ideas and designs
  22. 22. + Acknowledgements Many people involved but want to thank in particular:  Olnet/Openlearn: Patrick McAndrew, YannisDemitriadis, Tina  Wilson, Niall Sclater OULDI: Andrew Brasher, Juliette Culver, Simon Cross, Paul  Clark, Martin Weller Funders  The William and Flora Hewlett foundation, the JISC, the Open  University for strategic funding
  23. 23. + Images   22_files/image006.gif   4-organizational-development.gif