Cims Equipping People For Ministry 2012


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Presentation from the October 2012 facilitated session of Equipping People for Ministry.

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Cims Equipping People For Ministry 2012

  1. 1. Equipping People For Ministry CIMS 2140/2/MIP/KL Graham Owen 27 October 2012
  2. 2. John 1:6There came a man/woman sent fromGod, whose name was <Your NameHere>. (NASB)
  3. 3. Matthew 28:19-20Go therefore and make disciples ofall the nations, baptizing them in thename of the Father and the Son andthe Holy Spirit, teaching them toobserve all that I commanded you;and lo, I am with you always, even tothe end of the age.” (NASB)
  4. 4. Ephesians 4:11-12…He gave some as apostles, andsome as prophets, and some asevangelists, and some as pastors andteachers, for the equipping of thesaints for the work of service, to thebuilding up of the body of Christ;(NASB)
  5. 5. Word By WordEquipping (verb)People (noun/plural)For (preposition)Ministry (noun)
  6. 6. Equippingequip vb (equips, equipping, equipped)1 to furnish with (necessary supplies, etc.)2 usually passive to provide with abilities,understanding, etc her son was neverequipped to be a scholar3 to dress out; attire [c16: from Old Frencheschiper to embark, fit out (a ship), ofGermanic origin; compare Old Norse skipato put in order, skip ship] > eˈquippern
  7. 7. People - 1people n usually functioning as plural1 persons collectively or in general2 a group of persons considered togetherblind people3 pl peoples the persons living in a countryand sharing the same nationality theFrench people4 one’s family he took her home to meet hispeople
  8. 8. People - 25 persons loyal to someone powerful theking’s people accompanied him in exile6 the people a the mass of personswithout special distinction, privileges, etcb the body of persons in a country, espthose entitled to vote ▷ vb7 tr to provide with or as if with people orinhabitants [c13: from Old French pople,from Latin populus; see populace]
  9. 9. Forfor prep1 intended to reach; directed orbelonging to there’s a phone call for you2 to the advantage of I only did it for you3 in the direction of heading for theborder4 over a span of (time or distance)working for six days; the river ran for sixmiles
  10. 10. Ministryministry n, pl -tries1 a the profession or duties of a minister ofreligion b the performance of these duties2 ministers of religion or government ministersconsidered collectively3 the tenure of a minister4 a a government department headed by aminister b the buildings of such a department[c14: from Latin ministerium service, fromminister servant; see minister]
  11. 11. Learning From Jesus The Crowd – Mark 6:34 The Seventy – Luke 10:1 The Twelve – Matthew 10:1-4 The Inner Circle – Matthew 17:1
  12. 12. Making Disciples What is a Disciple A Disciple of Who? Rabbinic Training Instruct Supervise Monitor Release
  13. 13. Discipleship Outcomes Knowledge versus Understanding Theory versus Practice
  14. 14. Mentoring Is Relationship Commitment Investment Care Development Correction Connection
  15. 15. Mentoring Is Not Discipleship Teaching Passive Control For Everyone
  16. 16. Biblical Examples Moses and Joshua Eli and Samuel Elijah and Elisha Paul and TimothyThe things which you have heard from me in thepresence of many witnesses, entrust these to faithfulmen who will be able to teach others also. (2 Timothy 2:2 - NASB)
  17. 17. And FinallyThe Lord God has given Me the tongueof disciples, that I may know how tosustain the weary one with a word.He awakens Me morning by morning,He awakens My ear to listen as adisciple. (Isaiah 50:4)
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