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BG Bio & Resume

  1. 1. Brian Graham Profile 1 of 4 Profile “Everything is designed,” notes Brian Graham who, conversely, designs almost everything. Perhaps best known for elegant casegoods and office furniture systems, Graham is involved in a wide range of genres, consulting across disciplines and crafting integrated design programs for his clients. Graham received a BFA in Interior Architectural Design at California State University, Long Beach, where he also served as an Adjunct Professor. In 1999, he established the Graham Design studio in San Francisco, to offer a strategic approach to the design, development and marketing of furniture, lighting and related products for the contract market. Today, Graham is widely respected for his work with industry leaders, including Knoll, Halcon and Decca. Recently, Knoll, Inc. commissioned Graham to create a collection that celebrates the beauty of wood and the spirit of the modernist tradition. Designed for the private office, the Graham Collection provides an architectural presence that is both warm and sophisticated. The collection also incorporates sustainable design principles and can contribute to LEED® certification. With deep roots in architecture and interior design, Graham has developed successful sales environments for companies as diverse as Apple Computers, Collins & Aikman, Mottura and Martin Brattrud. Beyond products and exhibits, Graham’s broad design literacy allows him to orchestrate programs as he did for Decca, advising on the company’s overall creative path, as well as contributing product and showroom design. Graham’s design solutions have been recognized by the most prestigious organizations in the U.S., including the American Institute of Architects (AIA), The Institute of Business Designers, The International Interior Design Association (IIDA), Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture & Design, The International Facilities Management Association and The Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA). All Rights Reserved Graham Design LLC
  2. 2. Brian Graham Profile 2 of 4 Philosophy A native of Southern California, Brian Graham cites the Los Angeles modernist tradition and 20th century masters Richard Neutra and Charles Eames as key influences. Like those icons of American architecture and design, Graham is an advocate of the idea that design is about making people’s lives better. Smart interpretations of modern principles – simplicity, practicality, function – give his work a classic, timeless quality. “Modernism is stylish again,” says Graham, “but design is more than a look or a lifestyle. It’s about certain ideas and values that take shape in objects and environments.” Graham takes an analytical approach to his work. “When I begin a project, I consider the problem and the goal, the materials and manufacturing process, where the product will be used and by whom. Design doesn’t end with aesthetics. It’s a very effective business tool.” Defining his role as creative consultant and strategist, as well as designer, at any given moment, Graham may be at work to re-tool an identity, develop a retail concept or re-invent a table. “You need to have a bit of peripheral vision in order to integrate the elements that impinge upon design –markets, technology, culture, the human factor.” Graham believes that this approach best serves the client, the user and society. All Rights Reserved Graham Design LLC
  3. 3. Brian Graham Profile 3 of 4 Experience: Product Design Furniture: Casegoods, Tables & Systems Atherton™ Casegoods 2 Baker Farallon™ Casegoods 2 Baker Basis™ Casegoods Collection Decca Contract Basis™ Open Office Decca Contract Basis™ Conference Decca Contract Index™ Casegoods Decca Contract Fillmore™ Casegoods 2 DFm Furniture Montgomery™ Casegoods 2 DFm Furniture Townsend™ Casegoods 2 DFm Furniture Tuff! Table Collection 4 Falcon Companies Broadcast™ Casegoods ™ 2 Geiger International Lumen™ Table Collection Geiger International Agenda™ Casegoods 1 Halcon Cadence™ Casegoods 2 Halcon Courier™ Casegoods 2 Halcon Landscape™ Open Office4 Halcon Utility© Training Room Collection 3 Howe Furniture Utility© Open Office Enhancements 4 Howe Furniture Taper™ Table Collection 1 Intrex The Graham Collection™ Knoll Teamwork™ Collaborative Furniture 1 Metropolitan Braemar™ Table Collection Martin Brattrud Mottura Tables Mottura Knightswood™ Table Collection Martin Brattrud Live+Work+Play Collection Bolier & Company Furniture: Seating Paseda™ Lounge Seating2 Bernhardt Bolivar™ Side Seating2 Bernhardt Mulholland Seating Collection Cumberland Tuff! Chair Collection4 Falcon Companies Presidio Side Seating2 Halcon Bandon™ Seating Collection Martin Brattrud Braemar™ Seating Collection Martin Brattrud Fountainhead Lounge Seating Collection Martin Brattrud Greystone™ Seating Collection Martin Brattrud Cotswald™ Seating Collection Martin Brattrud Thiele and Graham Lounge Seating Collection 2 Martin Brattrud ToDo Work Lounge Seating Collection5 SMED International All Rights Reserved Graham Design LLC
  4. 4. Brian Graham Profile 4 of 4 Lighting & Accessories Parabola™ Wall Sconce Baldinger CAP Accessory Program Geiger International PDT: Electrical/Telecommunications Module Geiger International Landscape™ Accessory & Lighting Elements4 Halcon Product Consultation Casegoods Product Coordination and Development Decca Contract Casegoods Product Coordination & Development HBF Petri/Eco™ Casegoods Enhancements 2 Geiger International Concept 1999 Initiative2 Geiger International Conceptual Seating Initiative4 Geiger International ToDo™ Seating Line Extensions SMED International Advance Product Development Evaluation SMED International Casegoods Evaluation & Product Planning2 Steelcase Wood Strategic Consultation Strategic Evaluation & Long-Range Product Planning ARK International Product Development & Long-Range Product Planning Decca Contract Sustainable Manufacturing Program Coordination Decca Contract Product Development & Marketing Consultation Decca Hospitality Long-Range Product Planning & Marketing Consultation DFm Furniture Strategic Design & Long Range Product Planning2 Geiger International Strategic Evaluation & Casegoods Program Development HBF Evaluation & Long-Range Product Planning Martin Brattrud Product Development & Marketing Consultation SMED International Marketing Materials Evaluation & Development SMED International Experience: Showroom Design Dallas Marketing Center1 Apple San Francisco Marketing Center2 Collins & Aikman Chicago Showroom Decca Contract Chicago Showroom2 Halcon Chicago Showroom4 Howe San Francisco Showroom1 Masco Chicago Display Martin Brattrud Los Angeles Showroom1 Mottura 1 Employed with Gensler 2 In Partnership w/Thiele and Graham 3 With Brian Kane and Mark Kapka 4 With Brian Kane 5 With Pierre Archambault All Rights Reserved Graham Design LLC