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Edited version of a whole day Sales and Marketing workshop delivered to an audience of contract managers (i.e.content appropriate)

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  • Good afternoon everyone and hope had a great lunch. So hears out agenda for this afternoonRead
  • Here’s a text book answer or as one of my three Dragons would have put it>
  • So all we need is great marketing then to create lots more business for JOC - who thinks that’s right?Pause and feedback then >
  • No you’re all right - Marketing doesn’t exist in its own little bubble. What we really want is to create fantastic relationships with our clients so they tell everyone how great we are to any prospective client who asks them! And without good customer service and dependable quality as well as effective marketing GREAT Customer Relationship Marketing can’t happen!
  • HERE BY 1.45 PMOk those were the main types of Marketing, but for this afternoon we’re going to focus on the first one direct marketing. READ definitionMany people associate this with Direct Mail but there are many other types of Direct marketing such as : Pay Per Click (PPC) , Door drops (B2C) or Direct response press ads.Before I move on want to emphasise that were about to cover involves real actions that you will all be involved with in during the coming months. So first to the bigger picture >
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  • I sum up the planning of a good direct mail campaign with this acronym. Read and explain will explain each element as more along >
  • Obvious stuff – the clever bit is to understand what the value of a new contract will be and hence the allowable costs to achieve a sale. So for example, having done our Market analysis we may decide for a Schools campaign to only target larger secondary schools where the value of contract can be £5000 . There I’ve given you a big clue to next exercise >
  • So if decided wanted to target schools what factors relating to the type/profile of schools do you think we’d be looking for?Get them to shout out and flipchart.And not forgetting the competitors that are active where are target schools reside >
  • So here’s a real exercise in understanding the effect of competition and how to use those USP’s you created with Martin this morningRead slide >
  • To help capture this information we’ve created this templateSo if can get back into your groups and spend next 5-10 minutes writing onto flipchart paper your thoughts and ideas. Will then get couple of groups to present back there findings and share knowledge
  • So we’ve researched the competition we now need to decide who to target out efforts on first.Put these four in order2 minute pause > OK are we ready ?
  • HERE BY 2.15PM ?OK what group do you think we should target first?Just shout out - any different answersReveal and so on 3mins
  • Next comes what “M for Media” to use for our campaign.Read slide >
  • Use the Sector specific Marketing leaflets created last year.Direct potential customers to specifically created web pages for: Education, Sports, Corporate for business parks etc Use the sales folders for any proposals / quotes you submit
  • The C stand for communication strategySo for example for a secondary school campaign we could afford to have an two incentivesOne incentive to encourage an initial meeting A second larger incentive for the completion of a contract. Not talking envelopes of cash here – incentives that are relevant to the audience. Schools in this case.The primary purpose is to create a meeting so can put those new sales skills to use.
  • Read slide Have included a top ten tips for copywriting in your takeaway for today but for now a bit about structuring a letter for success! >
  • handouts
  • handouts
  • Any good sales or marketing letter should have these three elements.>
  • Must say includes READ >
  • Should say includes items like READ >These are just examples for to give you the idea – not to say would use all of them
  • And finally “Surprise me” could include one or any of these four attention grabbers READIn fact the Headline for the whole mailing is likely to be taken from one of these.So assume your drafting a letter for a mailing to a secondary school >
  • Use this format to work in your teams for next 10 minutes or 5 minutes if late to see what you feel should be the Must sayShould saySurprise methat feel most relevant and would work best for our school mailing
  • Group feedback – one group – others to build on.The hardest one to get I guess is this oneHere’s a few examples of what could be saying – some poetic licence here so don’t quote me!Reveal on build
  • HERE BY 2.45PM And finally the sale or more likely the response or enquiry to your activity.Just a few cardinal rules here - READ >
  • Pulling it all together into a diagram would look like this Read around.Very concious that Martin and I have bombared you with a lot of information so let’s see how well you’ve all done at taking this in with a quick quiz >
  • Marketing workshop version for Facilities management client

    1. 1. MARKETING WORKSHOP Direct Marketing training
    2. 2. Marketing agenda • • • • • • • • • •
    3. 3. What is Marketing?
    4. 4. Marketing is.. “Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity” Theo Paphitis ( Dragon #3)
    5. 5. Marketing + CS + Quality = Relationship marketing Customer service Marketing Quality
    6. 6. Direct Marketing
    7. 7. Planning a Direct Mail campaign – e.g. – Schools campaign 2011 • • • • • • • •
    8. 8. Planning a Direct Mail campaign • • • •
    9. 9. Planning a Direct Mail campaign • • • • • •
    10. 10. Planning a Direct Mail campaign • •
    11. 11. Contract Competitor Strength Weakness JOC Counter Example “Landscape and go” Local and cheap Staff not CRB checked /high staff turnover. All staff CRB checked and Staff ID and branded vehicles / uniform
    12. 12. Planning a Direct Mail campaign • • • •
    13. 13. Planning a Direct Mail campaign • • • •
    14. 14. Planning a Direct Mail campaign • • • •
    15. 15. Planning a Direct Mail campaign • •
    16. 16. Planning a Direct Mail campaign  
    17. 17. Building your copy platform   
    18. 18. Building your copy platform        
    19. 19. Building your copy platform       
    20. 20. Building your copy platform     
    21. 21. Building your copy platform - Exercise Must say Should say Surprise me
    22. 22. Building your copy platform     
    23. 23. Planning a Direct Mail campaign • • • •
    24. 24. Objectives Maintain contact Audience (List/database) Convert / Prospect? Mail Call
    25. 25. Need some help or want to know more?  Email :  Call me on: 0845 4 673 683  Tweet me: @Graham_3Dragons