Yahoo! Search BOSS Hack Days in Paris and London
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Yahoo! Search BOSS Hack Days in Paris and London



Presentation given by Graham Mudd and Vik Singh at Hack Days in Paris and London

Presentation given by Graham Mudd and Vik Singh at Hack Days in Paris and London



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    Yahoo! Search BOSS Hack Days in Paris and London Yahoo! Search BOSS Hack Days in Paris and London Presentation Transcript

    • Vik Singh (Architect) Graham Mudd (Senior PMM)
      • What
      • Why
      • Tracks
      • API
      • Mashup Framework
      • Examples
      • New Feature
    • BOSS = B uild your O wn S earch S ervice Open Yahoo’s core search features via web services to let 3rd parties revolutionize Search Unrestricted What
      • Unrestricted:
      • Unlimited queries
      • Blend, re-order, discard
      • Full Presentation control
      • Non-search apps OK
      • Monetization: Free or CPM or Ads
      • Barriers to entry are massive
      • $300M, top talent, a prayer to get to basic parity
      • No monopoly over great ideas
      • Search anywhere
      • Improve Vertical Quality w/ Web comprehensiveness
      • Fragment the market, foster more players, choice, competition
      • Yahoo extends advertising reach, 3rd parties revenue share
    • Why Traditional Search Distribution + BOSS Distribution
    • Tracks API A self-service, web services model for developers and start-ups to quickly build and deploy new search experiences.
        • UIUC
        • CMU
        • Stanford
        • Purdue
        • IIT Bombay
        • MIT
        • UMass
      CUSTOM Working with 3rd parties to build a more relevant, brand/site specific web search experience. This option is jointly built by Yahoo! and select partners.
        • ACADEMIC
        • Working with the following universities to allow for wide-scale research in the search field:
      Interested in Custom? Email us [email_address]
    •{vert}/v1/{q} {vert} := {web, news, images, spelling} @ required appid @ optional (Y!OS compliant) start, count, lang, region, format, callback, sites BOSS API v1
    • Python (v2.5+) library BOSS Search SDK plus … SQL for remixing arbitrary XML/JSON sources Loosely Functional programming paradigm BOSS Mashup Framework
    • select, group, sort, union, inner/outer/cross joins, udfs, where Text normalization and duplicate removal Auto-transformation of resource-oriented API results into tables w/o parsing All-in-memory storage and retrieval operations Ability to join lists of tables via an arbitrary predicate function (map-like) Search UI template framework Single search function provides total access to BOSS REST API BMF Features
    • Ported enhanced version of BMF to GAE platform Easiest way to deploy a BOSS application online BMF + Google App Engine
      • (Techcrunch 50)
      • (Mashable)
      • (Mashable)
      • (Mashable)
      • 123people
      • dnmashup
      • Buildasearch
      • Playersearch
      • V3ggie
      • Dipidity Newsline
      • Tianamo
      • Discovery (BOSS Search App Store)
      • Desktop (Cooliris, Inquisitor)
      • Mobile (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry)
      • Development php, java, c#, ruby, javascript versions of BMF, SDKs
      • Social (Facebook, OpenSocial, Friend Connect, OneConnect)
      • Web Concepts (Semantic, Refine, No-Search Personal RSS like Memes)
      • No-Search: Use frequent concepts to auto-build a pulse homepage
      Hack Ideas, Challenges
    • So, what do you think? Q&A Docs, App ID, dev group, more info: Feedback