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Unit 5 Vocab
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  • 1. Unit 5- World War IBy: Grant HallWar Lasted From 1914-1918
  • 2. The "PowderKeg of Europe"✤ World War 1 Began in Sarajevo, Bosnia✤ The spark that led to World War 1 was the assassination of the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand✤ Serbia and Bosnia
  • 3. The Allies vs. the Central PowersGreat Britain, France, Russia, *Italy, Serbia, Romania vs. Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire*Italy
  • 4. The Schlieffen PlanCreated By the the German Count Alfred von Schlieffen.It was a strategic Plan if Germany were to be At war with Russia and France.
  • 5. Total War✤ Total war is where a country engages all resources and the population on war.✤ The Stalemate in WWI was the that the trench warfare prevented any one side from overpowering each other, just them shooting at any life and taking casualties.✤ Trench Warfare was where the enemies made trenches, shot at each other and had barbwire in the “no mans land.”
  • 6. Key battles of WW1✤ 1st and 2nd Marne: France, U.K., VS. Germany; Fought in the Marne River near Paris; Allies Won✤ Gallipoli: France, U.K., VS. Germany, Ottoman Empire; Fought in the Ottoman Empire; The Central Power Won✤ Somme: France, U.K. VS. Germany; Fought on the Somme River; Allies Won✤ Verdun: France VS. Germany; Verdun, France; France Won
  • 7. Bolshevik Revolution✤ Was the seizure of the state of power led by the Communist Red Army in Russia✤ It was in 1917✤ It caused Russia to leave WWI
  • 8. U.S. Entry Into The War✤ They joined due to the sinking of the Lusitania and the Zimmerman Telegram✤ Joined in 1917✤ They Were on the Allies✤ Woodrow Wilson was the President