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                                    Six County Regional Development Alliance - Inter...
1. Jasper Industrial Park – 406 Acres
                                            2. Tom Bevill Industrial Park – 64 Acres...
                                      5%                              I-22 Alliance Employment Distribution
Where decisions are made  mobility is incarnate
By: Jonanna Widner

Northwest Alabama significantly increases our marketability for the ex-
pansion of industrial and distribution related pro...
• 278,000 SQ. FT. / 8,000 SQ. FT. Office Space               Bachelor Building
MARiOn COunty
                                                                                                   • Advanta...
inteRStAte 22 ALLiAnCe GAteWAy tO
                                         NORTHWEST ALABAMA

Interstate 22 Alliance
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A Special Report on Corridor X / Interstate 22


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A Special Report From The World Economic Development Alliance - The Interstate 22 Alliance - Six County Regional Development Alliance - Interstate 22 Access - Birmingham to Memphis, 26 Available Industrial Buildings, 25 Available Industrial Sites,
15 Available Industrial Parks, Competitive Site Location Incentives

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A Special Report on Corridor X / Interstate 22

  1. 1. Interstate 22 Alliance Gateway to Six County Regional Development Alliance - Interstate 22 Access - Birmingham to Memphis, 26 Available Industrial Buildings, 25 Available Industrial Sites, 15 Available Industrial Parks, Competitive Site Location Incentives A Special Report From The World Economic Development Alliance
  2. 2. 1. Jasper Industrial Park – 406 Acres 2. Tom Bevill Industrial Park – 64 Acres 3. Winston County Industrial Park – 818 Acres* 4. Black Creek Mega Site – 1,800 Acres 5. Brilliant Industrial Park – 122 Acres 6. North Winfield Industrial Park – 240 Acres 7. Winfield Industrial Site – 40 Acres 8. Winfield Interstate Site – 100 Acres* 9. Guin I-22 Commercial Property – 212 Acres 10. Guin Interstate Site – 369 Acres 11. Fulton Bridge Industrial Park – 300 Acres 12. Bedford Industrial Park – 72 Acres 13. Marion County Airport Site 2 – 400 Acres 14. Weston-Hamilton Site – 400 Acres 15. MG Industrial Park – 190 Acres* 16. City of Fayette Industrial Park – 100 Acres 17. Lamar County Industrial Park – 318 Acres Northwest Alabama 18. Russellville Industrial Park 2 – 165 Acres 19. Phil Campbell Industrial Park – 83 Acres 20. Vina Industrial Park – 400 Acres 21. Haleyville Industrial Site – 51 Acres 22. Hyche Addison Industrial Site – 25 Acres *AdvantageSite Certified
  3. 3. Demographics 5% I-22 Alliance Employment Distribution 33% Public Administration Service Providing Goods Producing 62% I-22 AllIAnce employment DIstrIbutIon Labor Force Estimates Labor Force Employed Unemployed Rate Under- Rate Available Labor employed Effective Workforce 657,515 585,220 72,259 11.0% n/a n/a n/a Recruiting Area I-22 Alliance 75,355 65,347 10,008 13.3% 13,820 18.2% 15,982 Fayette County 6,826 5,897 929 13.6% 1,695 24.1% 2,113 Franklin County 13,017 11,395 1,622 12.5% 2,120 16.1% 2,793 Lamar County 5,602 4,723 879 15.7% 993 17.9% 1,366 Marion County 12,285 10,394 1,891 15.4% 2,951 24.2% 3,680 Walker County 28,428 25,222 3,206 11.3% 4,933 17.2% 6,254 Winston County 9,197 7,716 1,481 16.1% 1,128 12.0% 1,676 Alabama 2,128,251 1,903,257 224,994 10.6% n/a n/a n/a United States 156,255,000 141,055,000 15,201,000 9.7% n/a n/a n/a Source: Center for Business and Economic Research, The University of Alabama and Alabama Department of Industrial Relations in Cooperation with the US Department of Labor and the Mississippi Department of Employment Security. Note: Rounding errors may be present. Employment rates based on July 2009 data. Underemployment data based on May 2008 labor force data and 2008 underemployment rates. Population 1990 2000 2007 2010 Census Census Estimate Projection Fayette County 17,962 18,495 17,648 18,795 Franklin County 27,814 31,223 30,439 32,028 Lamar County 15,715 15,904 14,447 14,795 Marion County 29,830 31,214 29,580 32,283 Winston County 22,053 24,843 24,240 25,459 Walker County 67,670 70,713 68,616 72,891 I-22 Alliance 181,044 192,392 184,970 196,251 Alabama 4,040,587 4,447,100 4,627,851 4,838,812 United States 248,709,873 281,421,966 301,621,157 310,232,863 Source: Alabama Department of Industrial Relations and U.S. Census Bureau The Interstate 22 Alliance is a collaborative effort between the Community Development Foundation of Marion County, The Franklin County Development Authority, The Walker County Economic Industrial Development Authority, The West Alabama Economic Development Authority and The Winston County Development Authority.
  4. 4. CROSSROADS Where decisions are made mobility is incarnate By: Jonanna Widner “The I-22 Corridor will open the Northwest Alabama Counties to the nation’s transportation system. These counties for too long, have been isolated from the transportation system and the Northwest Alabama area is a jewel waiting to be discovered! I went to the crossroad, mama, and I looked East and West We have a workforce available in the region that can support Oh yeah I went to the crossroad, and I looked East West any type or size industry, with a work ethic that will surpass any. Buildings are available and the Industrial Parks have space ready - “Crossroad Blues,” Robert Johnson to custom build if preferred. The cost of living and operating in Northwest Alabama is considerably lower than other regions in the United States. The I-22 region, and the citizens in our alli- The crossroads have always been an iconic image of the South. ance area, pledge to support new industry as we continue to They comprise that fork in the road where you choose East or support existing industry. The existing industry would certainly West, where decisions are made, and where mobility is incar- testify to our support. We look forward to locating and sup- nate. porting any new industry to our region,” says Lamar County’s, Probate Judge Johnny Rogers. The crossroads may be an old metaphor, but these days, in Ala- bama, they are very real: The I-22 Corridor, a massive, brand- Merchants, industrial manufacturers, and producers concerned new interstate highway, is almost complete, and with it comes a with transporting their products as efficiently as possible won’t new business lifeline for the Northwest section of one of the great have to worry about such issues with I-22. While Highway 78 Southern states, Alabama. With its new highway, a huge swath often drops down to a two-lane road, for instance, much of of businesses now have an easier way to transport goods—East, the Corridor is six lanes wide, dropping at its narrowest to four West, and beyond. lanes. “I see the I-22 Corridor opening up a section of northwest Ala- But it’s not just the road itself that is so attractive to the area’s bama that’s never had major highway infrastructure before,” says economic development; it’s also the other roads the Corridor Grady Batchelor, President of the Industrial Development Author- leads to. By connecting Memphis and Birmingham, I-22 pro- ity of Winston County, Alabama, Inc. vides a speedy connection to several major highways, making transport and logistics efficient, accessible, and easy. I-22’s Batchelor is definitely on to something. By the time the final two Eastern terminus, Memphis, is where many North-bound routes miles of the highway are completed in 2010, the Corridor will link like Interstate 55 lead to St. Louis, Indianapolis and, eventually, Memphis, TN, with Birmingham, AL, a distance of 213 miles, run- Chicago. Interstate 40, with its connections to Texas and Okla- ning through Walker, Franklin, Winston, Lamar, Marion and Fay- homa to the West and Nashville to the East, also connects to ette Counties. The Corridor parallels the current road, US High- the Corridor in Memphis. The Western terminus of Birmingham, way 78. meantime, leads to Interstate 20 (to Atlanta) and to Interstate 65 (also to Nashville). The Corridor is no typical East-West highway. It is geared specifi- cally to suit the logistics and transportation needs of many differ- These connections aren’t just lines on a map—they are trade ent types of industries. routes that provide the basis of a smooth and effectual industrial operation. They are arteries that open up a better way for North- west Alabama industries to streamline logistics and distribution. “With economic industrial development, one of the key factors is always transportation and access to highway systems,” says David Knight, the Executive Director of the Walker County De- velopment Authority. “The development of Interstate 22 through “The development of Interstate 22 through Northwest Alabama signifi- cantly increases our marketability for the expansion of industrial and distri- bution related projects. This interstate highway opens a new corridor for development and greatly improves travel from Birmingham through Mis- sissippi and on to Memphis.”
  5. 5. Northwest Alabama significantly increases our marketability for the ex- pansion of industrial and distribution related projects. This interstate high- way opens a new corridor for development and greatly improves travel from Birmingham through Mississippi and on to Memphis.” “As a member of the Berkshire Hathaway family and Just what might those industries be? Many of the counties favorably im- worlds largest platform trailer manufacturer, Fontaine pacted by the I-22 Corridor are home to metal manufacturing sites, food Trailer Company is no stranger to the site selection pro- processing, manufactured home sites, mining, automotive companies cess. Since our original location in Alabama, the deci- and many other diverse industries. sion to locate not just one but three new facilities along the I-22 Corridor was made easy due to the support and Batchelor cites the story of Exxel Outdoors, Inc. as a case study for what commitment our projects received from the local com- the I-22 Corridor can do, not just for the region, but for the country. The munities. We are excited about the success we have company, which makes sleeping bags, was recently touted by MSNBC as experienced and look forward to many years of contin- a success story for actually bringing back jobs from China to its manufac- ued growth in the region.” turing site in Haleyville, AL, where production costs are actually cheaper than overseas. By 2010, 90 percent of Exxel’s sleeping bags will be made John W. Craig, there, and—thanks in part to the Corridor—they can be shipped anywhere President in the United States within three days. By contrast, shipping them from Fontaine Trailer Company China can take up to two months. “They were able to bring back jobs be- cause our workforce has been able to be more effective,” Batchelor says. “They actually account for 30 percent of sleeping bag market in the US.” The Exxel story sums up the appeal of what Northwestern Alabama has “Several years ago Montgomery Distributing, Inc. chose to offer industry and business. The area has long boasted a low cost of to locate in northwest Alabama near the I-22 Corridor. living, ready-for-shovel facilities and industrial sites, low overhead, and a It’s a perfect location for us. We can distribute our ship- willing, able workforce. With I-22 as its new artery, the region is prepared ments to more locations within two days than any other to blossom, bolstering the established companies there with new ones shipping point in the nation, both small package and ready to take advantage of the existing infrastructure in combination with truck. The support we have received from the local com- the new logistics improvements the Corridor provides. munity has been outstanding and being near Interstate 22 has allowed us to have a larger footprint for our dis- “We’re pretty diversified,” says Executive Director for Franklin County tribution operations. We have already doubled the size Economic Development Authority, Mitch Mays, “and we’re looking to at- of our facility and operations and have plans in the very tract new industry and build on what we already have. We’ve seen growth near future to grow even larger. Northwest Alabama is with all of our existing industries and that’s very important to us, but we the right place for Montgomery Distributing, Inc.” would like some new companies in the area.” Scott Montgomery New companies will find plenty to work with here. According to Scott President Hunt, an attorney with Marion County, Northwestern Alabama is chock- Montgomery Distributing, Inc. full of incentives. “I believe Alabama is very competitive,” he says, “and offers unique packages to entice someone wanting to locate their busi- ness or industry here.” “We have quality workers with a solid educational base,” he continues, “and we’re able to train our workers to compete with anyone. We have good labor relationships.” “As a 3rd party logistics provider for companies and government entities across the country, having our Hunt also notes the “exceptional industrial parks ready to be developed. headquarters facility located in the I-22 region has prov- We’re ready to provide a company with a site location that’s beneficial to en beneficial and we’re sure that benefit will continue them, without a tremendous amount of site preparation.” more so in the future. We have always been able to identify and recruit individuals from the area who pos- Of course, it’s I-22 that really puts the region over the edge. “It gives us an sess the qualifications, work ethic and integrity to grow opportunity to work with companies that we’ve never had an opportunity our company at a rapid pace. We are proud to be a part to work with before,” Mays explains. “It’s bringing Atlanta to Birmingham of the region and look forward to thriving with the com- to Memphis, and we see that as being a very important logistical advan- munity in the years to come.” tage—they can reach 31 states in only one or two days, and there’s not many places in the country that can offer that.” Jacob Norman General Manager C2 Freight Resources, Inc.
  6. 6. FAyette • 278,000 SQ. FT. / 8,000 SQ. FT. Office Space Bachelor Building • 24 Acres • Ceiling Height 22 FT. / 24 FT. Center COunty • 6 Inch Floor • Bay Spacing Length 40 FT. Width 50 FT. • 2 20 Ton Cranes • 14 Dock Doors • Zoning Heavy Industrial • Price: $10,000,000.00 • 20 Miles To I-22 • 100 Acres • Water: 6 Inch • Sewer: 8 Inch • Gas: 6 Inch • Power: Alabama Power • $10,000.00 Per Acre • 20 Miles To I-22 • Shovel Ready Site Fayette Industrial Park • 318.4 Acres • Water: 6 Inch LAMAR COunty • Sewer: 8 Inch • Gas: 10 Inch High Pressure • Power: Tombigbee Electric Co-op • $5,000.00 Per Acre • 30 Miles To I-22 • Sites Are Being Graded For Buildings Now In Lamar County Industrial Park Industrial Park • 190,000 SQ. FT. / 17,748 SQ. FT. Office • Dimensions 275’ X 700’ • 24 FT. Eave Height 30 FT. Center • Bay Spacing Length 100 FT. Width 25 FT. • 18 Acres • Expandable To 300,000 SQ. FT. • 8 Inch Floors • 4 Dock Doors, 2 Drive In Doors • Zoning: Heavy Industrial Chromalox Building • Price: $1,200,000.00 • 28 Miles To I-22 WinStOn COunty • Advantagesite Certified • Covenants Apply • Medium Industrial • 818 Acres • Water: 8 Inch Dodd Building • Power: Alabama Power Company • 161 KVA Transmission Line • Onsite Sewer System • 105,600 SQ. FT. Office Space: 5,600 SQ. FT. • $10,000 Per Acre • Main Operations Floor: 400 FT. X 250 FT. • 6 Miles To I-22 • 17 Foot Eave Height; 21 Foot Center • 23 Acres • Expandable: Yes • Floor: 4 Inches • 1 Dock Door; 6 Drive In Doors Winston County • Zoning: Light Industrial Industrial Park • Price: $990,000 • 15 Miles To I-22
  7. 7. MARiOn COunty • Advantage Site Certified • Covenants Apply • 100 Acres • Industrial • Water: 8 Inch • 300 Acres • Water: 8 Inch • Sewer: 8 Inch • Sewer: 8 Inch • Gas: 6 Inch High Pressure • Natural Gas: Served By 10” Inch Main By Public • 44 Kv Power Transmission Line Gas Corporation • $10,000 Per Acre • Power: Alabama Power Company 47kv Power • $5,000 Per Acre • On Interstate 22 • On I-22 • 52,000 SQ. FT. Spec Building Onsite Winfield Interstate Site FRAnkLin Fulton Bridge Industrial Park COunty • 52,000 SQ. FT. Industrial Space • 3,700 SQ. FT. Office Space MG Industrial Park • Located In Russellville • 172 Acres Industrial Park #1 • Advantagesite Certified • 3 Phase Electric Service • 3 Phase Electric Service • Gas – 6” Main, 300 PSI • Gas – 6” Main, 300 PSI • Water – 12” Main • Water – 12” Main • Sewer – 8” Main • Sewer – 8” Main • Price $1,488,000 • 38 Miles To Interstate 22 • Expandable to 105,000 SQ. FT. Russellville Spec Building #1 • $10,000 Per Acre • 38 Miles To Interstate 22 • Located Adjacent To Russellville Municipal Airport • 20 Miles To Northwest Regional Airport • 20 Miles To Northwest Regional Airport • 500 Acre Industrial Park WALkeR • 64 Acres Remaining • Shovel Ready Site • Water: 12 Inch Main COunty • Sewer: 12 Inch Main • Gas: 8 Inch Main • Zoning: Industrial • $15,000 Per Acre • One Mile To I-22 Bevill Industrial Park • 53,000 SQ. FT. 3,000 SQ. FT. Office • Dimensions: 160x313 • 28 Foot Eave Height; 41 Foot Center • 14 Acres • Expandable To 100,000 SQ. FT. • 2 Dock Doors; 1 Drive In Door • Clear Span Construction • One Mile To I-22 • Price: $1,300,000 Speculative Building #4
  8. 8. inteRStAte 22 ALLiAnCe GAteWAy tO NORTHWEST ALABAMA Interstate 22 Alliance P.O. Box 368, Haleyville, AL 35565 Phone 1-888-489-1101