Campus Technology 2011 -Social Media  in the Classroom
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Campus Technology 2011 -Social Media in the Classroom






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Campus Technology 2011 -Social Media  in the Classroom Campus Technology 2011 -Social Media in the Classroom Presentation Transcript

  • Social Media in the Classroom
  • A few notes on Social Media Make a plan • Be sure it fits “The Need” Students Goals Platform Your StrategyResources
  • A few notes on Social Media Not everyone will use it the same way 21% of people create content 37% review and comment 35% join and participate in social networking 69% are spectatorsResources
  • A few notes on Social Media It may not work the first time • Keep at it and think strategically 50% of social media campaigns launched by Fortune 500 companies will failResources
  • Ideas for Social Media in the Classroom
  • Raise your hand with Twitter • Pull more students into the discussion • Pose questions to professors and classmates in or out of class • Follow relevant thought leaders, retweet themResources
  • Connect and share with the students in your life • Private study groups • Have students create Fan Pages • Profile of an historical figure • Imaginary business or product • Students create a separate profile to protect privacy, set guidelines • 200+ Facebook Apps for Education • Poll your class as a Clickers alternative • Event invites, class announcements • Private collaborative groups with other instructorsResources
  • Text, talk and group video • Set up Skype “Office Hours” • Lecture capture • Connect classmates outside of class time • Find a tutor • Virtual field trips • Connect with foreign language students in other countries • Guest lecturersResources
  • Be visual • YouTube EDU • Tutorials • Your lectures • “Guest Lecturer” - MIT Open Courseware - Harvard Business Cases • Students to create and promote a viral video • Post relevant video links on your LMS • Explore Vimeo for more professional contentResources
  • Group chat with classmates like Skype Filter Feed better than Twitter or Bottom Line: Google Plus integrates the best FacebookResources one place social media features in
  • GradeGuru: A class support network complete with study success tools Participate in the class community The bottom line: Share study notes to collaborate Learn from classmates to build confidence, improve your grades and be recognized and rewarded Provide feedback on each others’ work • Access multiple interpretations on a difficult concept/ idea • See how successful students study Build an academic profile and reputation • Be acknowledged for excellent work Set goals, track progress, keep motivated
  • Students can earn Member Status Be recognized for being a top student
  • I agree with what you have included in your lecture summary,but I think there are some things missing. I think the main pointof the class was how the 3 theories fit togetherBut overall it helped me study for the exam. Thank you!I’m glad it helped. And thanks for your feedback! I would also checkout John’s notes on how the 3rd theory actually disproves the 1st
  • What students are saying… “It’s nice to see the styles other students use when taking notes. It shows me what is effective and how I can incorporate better note-taking techniques into my own studying.” – University of Wisconsin Student “GradeGuru has helped me maintain my grades because of the notes and tools I can use to study for an exam.” – Penn State Student “Sharing my notes has improved my student habits and the incentive is a great motivator for keeping up with class.” – Bowling Green State University StudentStudents from 1,400 universities have already signed up for GradeGuru.
  • Thank you
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