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Music as a form of expression by bcb
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Music as a form of expression by bcb


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  • 1. Music as a Form of Expression Writing Songs About Trains by Brendan Corey Benson
  • 2. 1. the action of making known one's thoughts or feelings Oxford English Dictionary, 2014
  • 3. To communicate effectively, it is important to first Explore Your understanding. Let’s consider Hong Kong CENTRAL MTR
  • 4. Sense Feeling Perspective & Perception
  • 5. 1. a particular attitude towards a way of regarding something; a point-of-view i.e. your point-of-view is your expression
  • 6. What is Your Perspective [your point-of-view] of Hong Kong’s CENTRAL MTR?
  • 7. How does Central’s MTR make you feel? describe the station describe the train describe the people riding the train What is your Perspective of Central’s MTR?
  • 8. Musically Expressing HONG KONG’s CENTRAL MTR feat. Mr. Jason Kennedy and his perspective
  • 9. How does my Expression [my point-of-view] of Mexico City’s MTR - Using Music make you feel?
  • 10. “Metro Lines”
  • 11. How does “Metro Lines” make you feel? Predict my description of the station Predict my description of the train Predict my description of the people on the train
  • 12. my description of the station Sights dull and dark worn marble stairs garbage on the floor broken escalators violent newspapers crowded halls Sounds announcements in Spanish through broken speakers hawkers selling goods loud crowds of people couples talking couples fighting Smells mold and must car exhaust dust corn and perfume Touch smooth marble sticky railings stucco walls dirty benches
  • 13. my description of the train Sights dimly light blackness & emergency blue crowd man on glass / beggars children selling candy couples kissing Sounds hawkers selling goods Spanish spoken loudly train creaking and squeaking alarms when the power goes out complaint and annoyance Smells steel-like metallic body odors mold and must Touch sweat on my head people all around me, touching me warm steel posts because it’s hot
  • 14. my description of the people Sights children; youth; adult elderly clean and dirty gold and silver tattoos / dangerous people big, tall, small sad, happy, dull Sounds couples kissing Spanish spoken loudly whispers about us beggars begging hawkers hawking Mariachi music playing on portable speakers for sale private whistles Smells body odor cologne perfume dirty hair Touch heat coming from their bodies breath on my face pushing into others others pushing me
  • 15. “Metro Lines” is my Expression of my Perspective: My attitude. Did you feel it?
  • 16. What will you express?