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  • 1. January 21 - March 8 How We Organize Ourselves An inquiry into the inter-connectedness of human-made systems and communities; the structure and function of organizations; societal decision making; economic activities and their impact on humankind and the environment. Central Idea Public spaces provide people with opportunities to make connections and establish a sense of community. An Inquiry Into: Purposes of public spaces Characteristics of different public spaces How people use public spaces Key Concepts Transdisciplinary Skills Form Self-ManagementWhat are the characteristics of public spaces? Organization: Planning and carrying out learning engagements effectively Time management: Using time effectively Connection How are people connected through public spaces? What are the opportunities for Thinking Analysis: Finding unique characteristics about public people to connect in public spaces? places, identifying the opportunities available for people to connect and determining whether people Responsibility use the opportunities available Synthesis: Developing ideas about how public spacesWhat is our responsibility when using public can be improved to build a better sense of space and interacting with others? community Research Formulating Questions, Observing, Planning, Collecting Data, Recording Data, Organizing Data, Interpreting Data, Presenting Research Findings
  • 2. What can you do with your child at home? Talk About the Learner Profile Attitudes AttributesInquirers: Demonstrating curiosity in how Independence: Conducting individualpublic spaces are used and how they provide inquiries that will require visiting publicopportunities to develop connections within spaces in Hong Kong.communities. Enthusiasm: Possessing a love of learningThinkers: Thinking critically and creatively and being engaged in the use of the inquiryby evaluating how public spaces are used cycle to investigate public space in bothand how they can be improved to facilitate Hong Kong and the broader world.connections within communities. Vocabulary Resources public Hong Kong Government: Recreation and Sports private Hong Kong Government: Country Parks Characteristics of great public spaces community Great public spaces physical What makes a successful public place? virtual Eleven principles for creating great community spaces inter-connectedness Resources for Writing to Describe (Reports) society economic activities organizations accessiblePlease take note that throughout this unit students will need to research public spaces inHong Kong. To ensure the validity of the data they collect, they may need to attend publicspaces at various times throughout the week. Please refer to the email sent to parentsregarding individualized field trips that can happen throughout the school day. Pleasenote as well that the Chinese New Year holiday is a good opportunity for students toobserve and collect data about public spaces.