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Crossing the river activity
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Crossing the river activity






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Crossing the river activity Crossing the river activity Presentation Transcript

  • Crossing the River By: Alpha-Adventurer 20
  • About Crossing the RiverCrossing the river is an activity based on algebra andpatterns.This activity can really help you understand how tofigure out patterns in algebra and to use logic to figureit out.
  • Introduction First, we got split up into small groups of 3 (one group of 4). I was in a group with Alpha-Adventurer 6 and 18. In those groups, we had to figure out problems that our teacher gave us. Next, our teacher read the instructions to us, here are the instructions: On the weekend, friends of mine went camping. They were camping on a small island in the middle of the lake. There were eight adults and two children in all. When they went to cross the lake and return home their boat was missing. They searched and searched but all they could find was an old canoe. It wasn’t as big as the boat and they were worried it wouldn’t carry them all. So, they tested it and found the boat could carry either:• One adult• One or two childrenAt first they thought some of them would be stranded forever, but finally,they figured out how to get them all safely across the lake.
  • The ProcessThen, my group and I did some planning and thinkingon how can the 8 adults and 2 children go to theirhome island, and finally, we came up with a solution.Our solution was the 2 children go across the riverback to the home island, then a child goes back to thecamping island, the child gets off the boat and an adultgoes back to the home island. After the adult goesback to the home island, the child who was left theregoes on and gets the child from the camping island.For this process (8 adults and 2 children), they go backand forth 33 times.
  • The next stepAfter that, we had another set of instructions:What if one of the adults was sick and didn’t end upgoing camping? How would that change the number ofcrossing? (that will be 7 adults and 2 children).Next, my group figured it out again and we got thenumber 29.
  • The last stepAfter all of that, we had to make your own number ofadults and had to find the function of the problem.My group did a few and found out the function is x4+1, that is multiply by four, and add one.Here are examples:5 adults = 21 times3 adults = 13 times100 adults = 401 times
  • ConclusionOverall, this was a great activity for algebra and tofigure out patterns using your brain (logic).I would really want to try this type of activity again!Hope you enjoyed this presentation!