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  1. 1. There Is Always Time To Change!
  2. 2. As I was walking in the hallway arguing with another boy about borrowingmoney from him. I felt really impatient and gave him a big knuckle in the head. Thatwas when the teacher gave me a pink slip telling me to go to the principle. Anotherbusy day at school, I was in the detention room waiting for the teacher to let me go.As I thought about what I had done, I knew that I would get expelled. I didnt knowpunching someone was bad. If hitting that kid could help me to feel less angry, whywould it be bad? I didnt think it would get me in that much trouble. As I heard thebell rang, I left the room. Mrs Sally called me to stay in because she wanted to talkto me about what I did today. “You shouldn’t have done that Joe... You are breakingthe school policy. You should say sorry to him tomorrow morning.As I left the room I thought to myself “What should I say tomorrow when Ihave to apologize to the boy? Maybe I can say sorry to him face to face tomorrow?Nah, it wasn’t even my fault.” On the next morning,  I met the boy at the classroom’sdoor, I did not say sorry to him; instead,  I just walked into the classroom and actedlike I was innocent. At the same time, Mrs Sally asked me if I have apologized to him.I said, “No I didn’t”, and instead told the teacher my action was right. That was whenwe started to get into an argument. In the talk, I was very angry because Mrs Sallykept saying that I was wrong and that hitting someone was wrong. This made me soangry that I punched  her right on the face. POW! Other  students screamed and theteacher was sent to the hospital not long after. I felt myself as another person whendealing with a situation like this.Early next morning, my parents and I received an email telling us to go to theprincipal’s office. They were surprised because I didn’t tell them anything had
  3. 3. happened yesterday. When we were on the way to school, they didn’t say a word tome. Soon we were in the principal’s office, where the principal asked me to standfacing the wall and think about what I have done. They talked and talked, but Icouldn’t hear it clearly. I heard my mum was crying and something about beingexpelled. Suddenly, my face was slapped, that was my dad. He yelled “Why did you dothis to your classmate and even your teacher? Silly boy?”. I looked at him and replied“That’s what I learnt from you, you hit me everytime when you’re angry!”. At thatmoment, he became speechless.We walked out from the principal’s office and the last thing I could dobefore leaving this school was saying goodbye to my buddies. Even though I missedthem very much it was actually all my fault for getting into trouble. I was starting toregret it...The next few weeks after I was expelled, we spent everyday looking for aschool to take me. No school was willing to take me because of my record and what Ihad done in the past. At long last, we heard that there was a small school outsidetown. We went to the small school in an old small village. The school was so small, andthere was only one teacher - Rob, and he was the principal there as well. He was 29years old. He had long black hair. He had very dark skin and liked playing sports. Healso enjoyed playing with the other kids. He looked at me, and told me that hebelieved I was a very talented student and also a very energetic student, but all Ineeded to learn is to control my emotion. He promised he would help me to changethat and I could enjoy a happy school life soon. He said he would slowly guide me tocontrolling my emotions. That was when I was convinced to change. So, soon enough I
  4. 4. was enrolled in the new school. As I walked in the school I saw something very verystrange. There were actually more people than I expected. Then I thought, “Why isthis school so popular even though there is only one teacher?” As I walked into theclassroom, I saw all of the kids smile. I wondered how and why they were smilingwhen the school they had was soooo small?! Compared to my old school the new schoolwas super duper small!. You had to bring lunch from home or you wouldn’t haveanything to eat. In the school there were only two tables to sit in and both of thetables were about to break. I slowly started to find out the reason they were sohappy. The reason was because each and all of them had a chance to change! As theyears gone by I slowly started to enjoy the new school. The people there were reallynice. My emotions slowly started to change, from myself always getting into troubleand being a troublemaker to a very talented boy!Suddenly, one day teacher Rob told me to stay in class right after thestudents left. At first I thought to myself, “What did I do that made me get intotrouble?” So I slowly found out that I did nothing wrong at all. That was when I grewmy confidence. Rob came and asked me one question: “Do you think you have improvedyour emotions?”Then I said yes. That was when teacher Rob was very happy for me. At last,I also got good grades along with my emotion fixing as it was the start to having athree way learning review! Straight away my dad asked me how I was doing at school.In a flash Rob told them I did an AWESOME job! My dad was really happy for me andalso gave me a surprise for my big improvement on what I did. After the three waylearning review happend my dad and my mom told me very good news.
  5. 5. They asked me if they wanted to hear the good news or the bad news. I saidto them I wanted to hear the bad news first. This is what they said “The old schoolthat you were kicked out of has been demolished. At first I was really disappointed.BUT, After I heard that the good news was that the people moved to a new schooland that all of my friends moved to the same school, I was filled with enjoyment.That was when they asked me the real question. They asked me if I wanted to go tothe new school to learn or to stay in the village. I saw Rob trying to signal me to go tothe new school. But I really wanted to stay.At last, I decided that I wanted to move to the new school. Even thoughI thought I belonged to the village, Rob really wanted me to have a new adventure.AsI was going back home I thought to myself... What a wonderful adventure I had... AsI went back to school everyone remembered who I was. They told me that theymissed me a lot and that they didnt have a good time when I wasn’t here. They alsotold me about their new teacher and that she was really nice to us. BUT, they told methat I might have a chance of not being in their class. That’s why they were kind ofworried. The next day, The school announced that I was with ALL MY FRIENDS!!! Iwas OVERJOYED that I was with them. They were also very happy for me! The firstday at school was a GREAT success! The teacher thought that I was a great studentand that I was one of her favorite students. That was a wonderful first day of schooland I told them that I enjoyed it a lot! Best of all they told me if I enjoyed the firstday of school I would love the whole school year! At the end of the school, my momasked me about the new school. That was when I told her that the school wasawesome and I wanted to stay there for the whole year!
  6. 6. One day after school I decided to go back to Robs school to say hi. But thatwas when I noticed something... The school was missing! Then I pulled out my map andchecked if the place I was is the correct area! At the same time I also noticed that ashadow was coming towards my direction. It was Rob! Right after that I asked himwhy the school was missing? He told me it was because he ran out of money andsomeone wanted that piece of land! As I was relived but sad that the school was goneI said goodbye to him and told my mom about the bad news. As I was going back homefrom the alley, I thought to myself what a wonderful adventure I had!!!The End