Natural forces reflection


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Natural forces reflection

  1. 1. Natural Forces ReflectionWildWeather Experiments:My favorite weather experiment was the tornado experimentbecause it actually made a replica of a real water tornado.An important thing I learned about weather was that sometimesweather can cause natural disasters and can affect some people’ssupply systems.If I did more experiments, I would like to knowabout how you can be prepared for a tsunami.Scientific Report Writing:I wrote scientific reports about air pressure, the water cycle,static electricity and length. The easiest section to write is themethod because when I did the experiments it was easy toremember the method and it was easy to write the method down.The hardest section to write is the discussion because it has onepart that was called the science behind it and it was really hardfor thinking how it was linked to the real world.I am proud of myreport on avalanches because it had plenty of details of avalanchesand landslides. Also it had plenty of formal words and scientificwords about avalanches and landslides. While writing thesereports, I became better at understanding at words I don’t knowand correcting my grammar.Research:The natural disaster I researched was avalanches and alittle bit about landslides.During the research, I found it easyto take notes from videos because it has words under the videoand it had plenty of information.I found it difficult to take notesfor impact because mostly all the information was on cause.Iworked especially hard at not trying to write in complete sentenceswhen I am taking notes.The best source of information was fromthe brain pop video.If I wrote my speech again, I would try toadd some funny but short jokes. Also I would try to add agimmick.Delivering My Speech:I am proud of my documentary because it interesting and it wasfunny for the audience so the audience would not get bored.I worked especially hard at remembering the words and makinggestures.
  2. 2. Next time I deliver a speech I will try to make my voice a littlelouder and make some more eye connect.What else?During this natural forces unit I especially enjoyed writing thespeech because I wrote plenty of information.After this unit, Imight continue to follow some of the avalanches rules that were inthe speech so I will be safe from avalanches.