My amazing bill nye speech


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My amazing bill nye speech

  1. 1. My Amazing Bill Nye Speech
  2. 2. Dennis: Hi everyone my name is Dennis.Hena: I’m Hena.S-C: and I’m Seok Chae.Dennis: We are scientists.Hena: We know ALL about wild fires.
  3. 3. S-C: A wild fire is a fire that happens in nature.Hena: A wild fire is any uncontrolled fire.Dennis: It can happen in the countryside or a wildarea or a forested land.
  4. 4. S-C: Lot’s of things can start wildfires. Hena: Did you knowthat wild fire can made by nature? Dennis: For example, drygrass and dry grass rub together sometimes, causing heat andit makes a forest fire. Sometimes lightning strikes start fires.This is the natural cycle of the forest. S-C: Did you know thatwildfires can also be made by humans? Some campers lightfires too close to dry leaf litter. Sometimes farm fires get outof control. Hena: A few fires are also started by people whothrows matches or cigarette butts.
  5. 5. S-C : Forest fires are very dangerous. Dennis: If your house isburning, Hena: you need to evacuate. Dennis: Fires canspread VERY quickly. Hena: And wildfires can destroy everyliving thing in its path. S-C: Forest fires in the wild can quicklyburn up large areas of land. S-C: In the wild car moves soquickly Hena: but they may still be in danger from a movingfire. Dennis: Fires can change direction and destroycommunities without warning. The fire might circle thecommunity and they have no way to escape.
  6. 6. Hena: We must evacuate when there is a wild fire coming – if possible.S-C: Did you know fire fighters use special methods to control and put outfires? Dennis: That’s right. May towns employ fire chiefs to be prepared for anemergency. Sometimes they even start small new fires. Hena: So that the nextwild fire won’t have as much fuel to burn.S-C: Firefighters might drop sand or water from helicopters. This stops the firefrom having oxygen. They might also hit the with a wet blanket.Dennis: Firefighters sometimes use a retardant- which is a foam that stopsthings from burning.Hena: Firefighters might use giant hoses to wet houses before the fire arrives.Dennis: This slow down the evaporation and the burning.S-C: As you can see, there are many ways that firefighters respond to fires.
  7. 7. Dennis: The best thing, of course, is if we can detect orpredict a wild fire before it happens.Hena: People who live in the countryside can be keep watchfor fires so they can tell the firefighters quickly.S-C: In some areas, automatic weather stations are set up.Hena: The stations send information abouttemperature, humidity and wind speed.Dennis: The information arrives by radio. It is marked on amap so people can find the exact place of a fire.S-C: Also, some towns build large danger meters to warnpeople are the risk of fire.Dennis: People try to have plenty of time to evacuate!Hena: Let’s go!
  8. 8. S-C: So, to wrap it up, be careful where you light fires in aforest.Hena: Always listen to firefighters to protect your house andyour life.Dennis: Everybody needs to detect fires to protect our planetEarth.All: Good bye!