Ancient rome


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Ancient rome

  1. 1. Ancient Rome By professor Yen Yen
  2. 2. • The civilization of ancient Rome existed between 700 BC and 400 AD. It took up a huge amount of land across Europe. It is important to study because it was so powerful. It is interesting to learn about the structure of society, religion, healthcare and clothing thousands of years ago.
  3. 3. Religion• In ancient times, the Romans prayed to the gods for help. They had lots of important gods so they sculpted each one so they could talk to them when they prayed. People prayed in temples or churches filled with beautiful treasures and altars. The Romans also believe in spirits but they were not as important as the main gods. Also, the Romans believed the gods wore togas like humans and some of them could turn into animals. Each god had one power of their own like Zeus: god of lightning and thunder, Hera: god of child birth, Hermes: god of messengers, and Athena: god of war. When people passed away they believed that they went to the River Styx then the gods decided if a person went to an underworld like hell or to heaven. Therefore, religion was an important part of people’s lives.
  4. 4. Illness & Healthcare• In Roman time lots of people had illnesses that were unhealthy. They had medicine like herbs and wine to make the pain go away. In the Roman wartimes, lots of people died, got hurt or fainted. Sometimes the Romans cut people’s legs off and they still survived but often people died because of illnesses or medicines that poisoned people. The Roman army gave doctors training and sometimes people watched to learn how to be a doctor and get money from poor people. Therefore it was important that people in Roman times learned ways of saving lives from sicknesses.
  5. 5. Clothing• In Romans times, people wore lots of different types of clothing. Mostly, men wore togas and women wore tunics. People said that if you wore the same type of clothes every day they would go to heaven and that was important for them. Gladiators in Rome wore armor helmets and metal shoes. Apart from that they just wore loin clothes. So you can see that there was a variety of clothes worn in Ancient Rome.
  6. 6. Structure of Society• In ancient Rome, there were many rules and laws in society. Men did all the shopping and women stayed home looking after their families. Men could only could sit in front of the arena, although women also liked to see the gladiators fight and die. However, if women broke the laws they could be torched or sent to prison. Also, people had different lives depending on how rich they were. Wealthy people had nice and cozy houses to live in, while poor people led harder lives in the country.
  7. 7. This report has described ancient Roman history.You have read about the religion, clothing,sicknesses and structure of society. Now you knowall about ancient Rome!
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