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Roaring 20's






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    Roaring 20's Roaring 20's Presentation Transcript

    • “The Roaring Twenties” The 1920’s Group Presentations --Google Docs--
    • An Era of Prosperity Republican Power and Conflict
    • The Roaring Twenties
    • Age of Prosperity  Economic expansion  Mass Production  Assembly Line  Age of the Automobile  More Leisure Time  Ailing Agriculture
    • Republican Power  President Harding  Elected 1920  Legacy of Scandals  “Teapot Dome”  Died in office
    • President Coolidge “The business of America is business.”  “Silent Cal”  Smoot-Hawley Tariff - Raised Tariffs  No help for farmers  Foreign Policy
    • Herbert Hoover  Iowa Farm Boy  Hooverizing  Elected in 1928  3rd Republican Pro-Big Business Pres. In a row
    • Consumer Economy Automobiles Henry Ford Assembly Line Electric Appliances Washing machines Refrigerators Vacuum cleaners buy “on credit” - installments Energy Consumption Coal Oil Natural Gas
    • Culture of the Roaring 20’s Radio NBC Silent Movies Charlie Chaplin “The Little Tramp” “Talkies” The Jazz Singer Starring Al Jolson Disney’s Steamboat Willie
    • Celebrities of the 20’s Who were they? Charles Lindbergh “Lucky Lindy” The Spirit of St. Louis Jack Dempsey
    • The 20’s is The Jazz Age The Flappers - make up - cigarettes - short skirts Writers Musicians F. Scott Fitzgerald Ernest Hemingway Louis Armstrong Duke Ellington
    • A Society in Conflict  Anti-immigrant – National Origins Act – Discrimination Sacco-Vanzetti Trial – Italian immigrants – Unfair trial  Garvey Movement – Marcus Garvey – Back to Africa
    • The Ku Klux Klan Great increase In power Anti-black Anti-immigrant Anti-semitic Anti-catholic Anti-women’s suffrage Anti-bootleggers
    • Scopes “Monkey”Trial Evolution vs. Creationism Science vs. Religion Famous Lawyers John Scopes High School Biology teacher
    • 18th Amendment Prohibition Volstead Act Gangsters Al Capone
    • Topics to Pick From/ 2-4 people per Group 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Ch 16.4 – The War’s Impact / Postwar Turmoil “The Red Scare” Ch 17.1 – Politics of the 1920’s / Republican Influence Ch 17.2 – A Growing Economy / The Rise of New “The Model T” Industries Ch 17.3 – A Clash of Values / Nativism & Racism Prohibition and the “Klan” Ch 17.4 - Cultural Innovations / Art & Literature and “Popular Culture” and Sports Ch 17.5 – African American Culture / “The Harlem Renaissance” & Black Nationalism