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Development diary media

  1. 1. Development diaryFront coverI began creating my front cover by firstlystaring with the image. I decided to use aclose up image for my front cover aswhen looking at my research I discoveredthat most dance magazines used closeups. Firstly I began by editing my photofor the front cover by using thepaintbrush tool to make the skin looksmoother, I done this by coloring in herskin and then changing the opacity tomake it look more realistic. I then used thepaint brush tool again to change the colour ofher lips as I wanted them to stand out more, Idone this by creating a new layer thencolouring in her lips and turning down theopacity of this layer. I then used the tool levelsand curves to make my image look moreattractive so it would appeal to my targetaudience.I felt that this image represented thegenre of my magazine well as my model looksdressed up like she’s out and having fun. I canalso relate my image Laura Mulvey’s Male gazetheory as my target audience is aimed at more men than women therefore Ithought this would attract male attention as it would be seen as visual pleasure.Next I put my image on the front of mymagazine and started adding in the coverlines. I first started with the main coverline (Dance duffy style) which I createdusing the outer glow tool so I could achieveand effect which would make the coverline stand out on the page. I then added inthe rest of my cover lines by using boxesand the outer glow and drop shadow tool.Ialso used the shape tool to create squaresfor my cover lines to go in and then I filledthem with colour’s, I tried to stick to acolour scheme of red and yellow as I thought these colour’s represented mygenre well as I thought they contrasted well with the main image. I mainly keptmy fonts on the front cover the same throughout as Iwanted them to lookeffective and professional, whereas if theywell all different I thought this would makethe magazine look more scruffy. I used coverlines that I thought would attract my reader’sattention by using well known artists thatrelated to my genre and would excite the
  2. 2. reader. I also added in my barcode and the price to my magazine which I endedpricing at £2.99 after looking at my research. By using the tool free transform Iwas able to manipulate my image to how I wanted it and also cropping it to adifferent size. I decided not to change the colour of my background but keep itthe same as when I took my photo as I think it still fits in well with the genre andbecause it is light it makes the coverlines and the main image stand out more.The next things I done was to add in my title of my magazine, I decided to call it“Alive” as this link to the genre of m magazine well, I got the font of a website inwhich I then manipulated it using Photoshop to make it stand out more by usingthe drop shadow and outer glow tool.Contents pageFirstly for my contents page I started with the title andthe pictures, using the tool levels and curves I edited myphotos to how I wanted them then I inserted them intothe contents page, using the tool free transform I thenwas able to resize them to how I wanted them.Next I added in the box’s using the shape tool, I thoughtit looked better having the text inside boxesbecause it highlights what the text is sayingand the yellow makes the boxes stand outwhich will attract my audience’s attention. Ialso chose to put the text in boxes because Ithink it looks more neat and professional andwill be easier for my target audience to read. Ichose to put the pictures on the right sidebecause people read from left to right sotherefore it will be easier for my audience. Iused to drop shadow tool for the boxes withthe numbers in because I wanted to highlightthe page numbers in front of the pictures to it would catch my audience’sattention. I think the text inside of the contents page Is a good size because it isreadable from a distance and the white makes it stand out, I also think I have laidit out well in contrast with the pictures.
  3. 3. Next I added in my other pictures but Idecided to swap some of them aroundbecause I thought they would fit in betterthis way and attract my audience this way. Ialso then wrote my editors letter in which Ithen signed off with my name using thepencil tool to make it look more realistic.Overall I think my contents page works wellsue to the colour scheme and I also thinkthat all the pictures are relevant to mygenre and represent my dance magazinewell.Double Page SpreadFor my double page spread I first startedoff with splitting the page in half by usingthe line tool. Next I added in the box forthe title using the shape tools and thenfilled it with black as I was going to havemy title in yellow so the black would makeit stand out and it would also match mycontents page. Next I added in my sub-headingwhich I placed conventionallyunderneath the title.Next I added in the title which I chose to doyellow because it stood out from the black, Ichose for the title to have a red outlinebecause I thought this made it stand out evenmore and this sticks to my colour scheme. Ialso then added in the date and page numberat the bottom of the page which I alsoconventionally placed there after looking atother magazines. I also added in a fact box forextra information to attract my audience.Next I started working on my main image forthe double page spread. The first thing I donewas use the clone tool to colour in some of herskin to make it look more smooth and I alsoused the clone tool to colour over some thingswhich I didn’t want in the photo, lastly I usedcurves and level to edit the photo to how Iwanted it.
  4. 4. This was my overall finisheddouble page spread; I completedthis by adding in a drop cap andthe rest of the images. I also usedsome fact boxes to add extra detailto my magazine which I thoughtwould be more attractive for myaudience. Overall I am happy withthe finished look because I thinkthis the colours go well togetherwhich make my magazine appealmore my genre.