Adam Danton Unit One Work


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Adam Danton Unit One Work

  1. 1. Production Pre-production Actors were hired and theyThe target audience was males began recording characteraged 18 and over. Research was voices and images are added made into the story, the genre to the game. They also added and style of the game. the sound affects such as the weapons and car sounds to the game. Post production Development Footage would be edited andMore in depth research was made added into the game then a into the game and planning was prototype would be created to started by writing scripts and be tested and checked for creating characters and checks glitches in the game. If therewould be made to see what else where glitches they would try could be added. to fix them but not all of them can be fixed.
  2. 2. Genre Genre means type or the category that a film or a TV show fits in to. For example Friday the 13 would go in to the category of horror where as Inbetweeners movie would fall into the comedy category.The game that I have chosen is Grand Theft Auto this would fit in to free roam, action and adventure / shooter category.This image shows the that the game This image shows that the game fitsfits in to the shooter category it is as into the free roam category as the car the character is shooting a gun. is driving around on the game.
  3. 3. The purposeThe purpose of the game is to entertain the targetaudience and to keep the target audience entertained foras long as possible. They do this by providing hours ofinteresting offline gameplay and by creating a large scalefor the unique game world for players to explore..
  4. 4. DemographicsDemographics is the current characteristic of apopulation such as age, gender, race, disabilities,mobility, home ownership, employment andlocation.
  5. 5. PsychographicsPsychographics is the study of the personality,values, attitudes, interests and lifestyles.
  6. 6. Annotation of my products advertYou will find this at The trailer is 6 minutesthe bottom right long and this image ishand corner of the shown at the begging The text is unique so whenadvert because we of the trailer and at you see it you associate itread from the left the end of the trailer. with grand theft autoto the right so you This will help you findare more likely to the game as the title isnotice the name. unique Grand theft auto can be shortened to GTA which is well known by Rockstar fansThe white righting is onthe black background asit stands out and itseasy to see.
  7. 7. Annotation of my products advertThis shot shows howthe gun play hasevolved since the This image showslast GTA as you can how the graphicshide behind walls have developedand shoot where as through out the GTAthe last GTA you history the gamescouldnt’t. before this one you couldnt’t really see things in as much detail. This image shows that the character in the picture is the main From the Background you can tell that the character in the game is set in an urban environment as you game. can see from the big buildings
  8. 8. SummaryI think that this screen shot is the most effective out of the two as the other one is onlythe name of the game so there if more going on this screen shot shows that the gameis set in an urban environment, it also shows a bit of gun play from the game. The otheradvert screen shot is the name and this shows how from the style of the text you cantell which game is being advertised.
  9. 9. Rockstar games• Rockstar is owned by a company take two interactive.• It is based in new york USA.• The president of Rockstar games is Sam Houser.• Rockstar games was founded in 1998.• Rockstar web site is• These are rockstars most popular games however there are lots more. Grand Theft Auto series1997-present Midnight Club series 2000-presents Max Payne series 2001-present Read dead series 2004-presents • Rockstar games have different logos for different areas In the world Japan London new England • Rockstar games also do films as well as games a common rock star films is: the football factory.
  10. 10. StrengthsThere are No major competitors for them to compete against.They have a Good reputation.The game is owned by a Well known brand name.
  11. 11. WeaknessesWont sell as many copies due to the age rating.Lots of violence and use of weapons so concerned parents wont let their children buythe game.Losses costumers because of there competitors bringing out newer games.Age restrictions affect the level of advertising as they can not show the full extent of thegame.
  12. 12. OpportunitiesThe can bring out new versions of the game for example GTA 5 which will make them lotsof money.They have the power to expand others games by bringing out sequels such as LA noire 2They could bring out a film of GTA which would be a good opportunity to make moneyand advertise for their games that they have made.
  13. 13. ThreatsTheir will be other game companies trying to make games similar to GTAIf parents complain about how violent it is they could not let them sell the game anymore.Running out of ideas for games because they have made lots of GTA games,
  14. 14. Analysis of our advert1. My advert is aimed at people over the age of 9 and can be for both men and women its is also aimed at people who eat mints mints2. We choose that color as it made the advert look appealingand the colures fitted in with the packaging on the smint packet.3. We used the words as it was a catchy fraise that people wouldremember and it describes the product in a positive way.4. The product was was positioned like this as it shows theproduct at its full potential.
  15. 15. Advert analysisThe main fuscous of We spoke about howthe advert is the the lips and the teethproduct that makes were perfect so theythe lips look as shiny have been altered onas they are. This the computer they dohelps to attract this so that the advertattention to the is appealing to theadvert. audience. We also said that the The lips and the teeth packaging and logo were show a sexual attraction. at the bottom of the page
  16. 16. Distribution channels• Consoles: • Amazon• ps3 • Ebay• Xbox • Game station• Xbox 360 • Supermarkets• PlayStation • Blockbusters• ps2 • YouTube• pc • Google• iPod• Ipads
  17. 17. Digital Downloads• ITunes• Additional content• Mobile phone game downloads
  18. 18. Advertising• YouTube• Television
  19. 19. Questionnaire 1.The majority said yes and they played1.Do you play a games console? If yes which one? on Xbox only 2 said no. 2.The majority said yes and only one2.Do you watch a lot of television? said they didnt’t watch a lot.3.How often do you use the Internet? 3.The majority of said that they used the internet regally.4.How many hours a week do you play on a games 4.The majority only played for betweenconsole? 0 and 3 hours one played for 20 hours. 5.The majority said yes and they used5.Do you use social networking sites? If yes which face book one said no.ones? 6.The majority spent at least 3 hours or6.How long do you spend a week on the Internet? more. one didn’t go on the internet. 7.The majority said 10 one said 20 and7.How many hours a week do you use watching one spent 5-6 hours watching TVtelevision? 8.The majority said no and one said yes.8.Do you play online on games consoles? 9.Two said free Rome an action 1 said9.What genre of games attract you the most? none 2 said any 10.3 said news or newspapers one said10.What is your favorite form of media? internet one said gaming.
  20. 20. Re presentation Re presentation Its how the media remake and re mode the real. Wanted postersThese posters are made featuring the charactersto represent the from the game werecriminal aspect of the placed aroundmain character and Belgium, to advertisegives a clue to what the the game in its owngame is about. unique genre.The poster looks likea realistic mug shot This is the main character of the game andof a criminal he is the criminal in the game, how one side of the face is light the other is dark this shows that the character has two sides a good side and a bad side.
  21. 21. ConstraintsGTA has constraints because of the game content. GTA containssex scenes drugs strong language and violence, because of thisthe game age rating is 18 so people under the age of 18 can notbuy it, however they still play on the game as they get parents orolder siblings to go in the shop and buy it for them or they canalso buy the game online which has no age restrictions. GTA alsohave to get a license to play certain music from in gameESRB are in charge of rating games
  22. 22. How legal and ethical constraints affect your media company and their productsToday in Media we looked at how Legal andEthical constraints affect the Media:Eddie and James looked at Libel and the ASA.Reece, Dean and Andy looked the BBC Trustand The BBFC.Jake and Nicole looked at The Leveson enquiryand The Press Complaints Commission .Adam and Harry looked at Ofcom and MCPS.
  23. 23. Time Line Of Major Events And Laws Which Affect The Media.1927 1950 1960 1961 ASA 1964 1971 2011TV on TV in most Mary was watershed clockwor Levesonmarket homes Whitehouse introduced introduced k orange enquiry clean up TV banned 1994 ESRB introduced