Lesson Builder 2.0 (Spring 2010)
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Lesson Builder 2.0 (Spring 2010)



Integrated Marketing Communications at UCLA.

Integrated Marketing Communications at UCLA.



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Lesson Builder 2.0 (Spring 2010) Lesson Builder 2.0 (Spring 2010) Presentation Transcript

  • Teach.
  • Learn.
  • Your Way.
  • Introduction• Company: Home Educational Networks, LLC• Founded by four UCLA Extension students• Service: Lesson Builder 2.0• Customer: Parents of Home-based Students• Goals: 1% market share by end of 1st year and $1 million in revenue.
  • Who is home schooling?• 1.1 million children are home-schooled each year• Reasons: Religion, Distance, Special Needs, Anti-Establishment, and Better Education• Commonality: Parents want to be in control• We provide control, options, and simplicity
  • What is Lesson Builder 2.0?• Revolutionary online home-school resource for parents and students• Aggregates free educational content from the internet and organizes it into lesson plans• Allows parent teachers to build and customize their own curriculums in our easy to use website• Think Wikipedia, but with better organization, trustworthy content, and social networking features
  • Stakeholder’s Analysis
  • Company: Core Values Mission Statement: To help parents be the best teachers they can be.Company Vision Statement:Customer To provide the most comprehensive, flexible and rewarding lesson planningCompetitor resource for parents, using the latest Internet technology.Community
  • Company: Brand • Brand & Position: Progressive, small start-up, tech-driven, community-oriented. The best resource for building high-quality lessons. • Marketing: company blog, online advertising,Company print, affiliate partnerships, marketplace/forums • Strengths: sense of community, allows flexibility,Customer accessible resource, fun • Weaknesses: Relatively new, we don’t createCompetitor our own educational contentCommunity
  • Company: Product Brand Customizable Shareable Flexible Community- oriented Internet &Company User-friendly Web 2.0 functionalityCustomer Lesson RewardCompetitor Simple Builder Parents &Student 2.0 AchievementCommunity
  • Customer: MarketTotal Market: 1.1 Million Students Educational Home- Religious Home- Schoolers (48%) Schoolers (30%)CompanyCustomer Behavioral/Special Other Reasons Needs (14%) (9%)CompetitorCommunity
  • Customer: Market Population Demographics Market Value Most non- Hispanic WhitesCompany Married Couples 1.1 Million students in the $300 Million United States 1 Stay at HomeCustomer Parent Moderate-HighCompetitor Education Levels Middle IncomeCommunity
  • Customer: Market What they want: – Better education than what’s available – Access to more advanced curriculumCompany – More control & involvement in children’s educationCustomer – More flexibilityCompetitor – More resourcesCommunity
  • Company: Positioning Perceptual MapCompanyCustomerCompetitorCommunity
  • Competitor: K12.comCompanyCustomer • K12.com develops their own curriculumCompetitor • “Developed by curriculum experts and course designers individualized for eachCommunity student”
  • Competitor: K12.com • Brand & Position: Top notch curriculum, geared towards academic excellence • Marketing: Online marketing, affiliate marketing, sales repsCompany • Strengths: Highest quality curriculum,Customer comprehensive • Weaknesses: Price could prevent manyCompetitor potential customers from enrolling, notCommunity a community
  • Competitors: Other Other Direct Indirect Competitors Competitors Homeschool.com Public SchoolsCompany Time 4 Learning Private SchoolsCustomer ReadWriteThink.org Charter SchoolsCompetitor EducationWorld.com Online SchoolsCommunity
  • Community • Government currently trying to regulate home-schooling • General public perception that home-Company schoolers are weird & anti-social • Our community is progressive andCustomer socialCompetitorCommunity
  • Marketing Mix
  • ProductLesson Builder 2.0 helps parents build lesson plans, quicker and more easily than ever before
  • Product: Unique Selling Proposition Build Lesson Plans Share on LessonMake $ Plans 2.0 Marketplace
  • Product: Key FeaturesUser-friendly interface to build lesson plans• Drag & drop functionality• Assessment Tools Calendar & other organizational tools, with up-to-the-minute alerts “Suggested Templates” feature • Initial Survey • Results returned based on special algorithm Option to Share Lesson Plans Option to Sell Lesson Plans on Lesson Builder 2.0 Market Place
  • Product: Benefits Better FlexibleOrganization Total Control Easier Choose the Financial Planning Right Incentives Curriculum Adapt to Each Building Save Time! Child’s Lesson Plans = Learning Style Fun!
  • Price• Free for registered users• Pay-per-lesson Pricing Model – Purchase lessons in marketplace – Prices set by amount of content & length – Per quarter: $20 / lesson – 50% of each sale goes to Home Educational Networks, LLC ($10 earned)• Revenue Objective: $1,000,000
  • Price: vs. Competition• K12.com Pricing Options: – $22/course (offers bulk discount) – Subscription: $29.95/month – Teacher Supported: • $225-$375/Semester • $450-$750/Year
  • Place• Distribution Channels: – Content Distributed Online – Book publishers – Partner with other homeschool & educational resources• Headquarters: Los Angeles, Ca
  • Promotion: Content• Communications change as service expands Growth Phase $ Phase “Build & “Choose from Share Thousands of Lessons” Proven Lessons”
  • Promotion: MediaTactic ImpressionsEducators 2.0 Conference (uncounted)Print Campaign 100,000Online Marketing 400,000 • 500,000 Impressions
  • Promotion: Location• Timing: Launch Spring 2011 – Summer Promotion• Location: Rural & Suburban, West & East Coast
  • Promotion: Objectives• Revenue: – Our goal = 10,000 customers ($2,000,000) – Average 12 courses at $20 each ($200/year) – Assuming 2% response rate, we need 500,000 Impressions to real goal – Company Revenue $1,000,000
  • Promotion• Seminar Micro-Site (Educators 2.0 Conference) – All print and web advertising lead to single URL – Links to Lessonbuilder.com – Tracking codes assigned to all ads – Lessonbuilder.com has dedicated Seminar page• Lesson Master Blog: – Tutorials and tips for Lesson Builder 2.0 – Updates parents with news & trends• Mission is reflected in all communications
  • Integration Strategy• Integrated campaign that understands the needs of its target consumer, the parent• One strong message: “Teach. Learn. Your Way.”• Involve teachers with the creation of lesson plans and educational content• Allows teachers to earn extra revenue
  • Future Market Expansion• Remaining 99% of homeschool market• Expatriate community• Teachers: Resource for developing lesson plans• Eventually adapted by students and educators for use in traditional schooling environments
  • Future Product Expansion• University level lesson builder• Accredited curriculum for high school• Test prep (SAT, GRE, TOEFL, etc.)• Worldwide use in multiple languages• Subscription pricing model for school districts
  • Teach. Learn. Your Way.