Thriller Opening Sequence Evaluation


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Thriller Opening Sequence Evaluation

  1. 1. Thriller Opening Sequence Evaluation By Yasmin Purdue
  2. 2. How does our Production use, develop and challenge conventions of real Media Productions <ul><li>The Thriller opening sequence Grace and I have created, we used a few thriller convections, such as the use of slow motion, flashback scenes, gray scale representing the flashback and also the effect opening sequence of the storyline where no one finds out in the beginning what our character’s dog finds in the countryside, also the use of a eerie/dramatic type of music which is a common convection for thrillers, also another thriller convection we used in the production was the extreme close up (ECU) of the characters eyes creating a shocking atmosphere. The shots which contain thriller convections is scenes 13-17 which contain the gray scale effect to identify it’s a past memory, we have also edited the film into slow motion for these scenes which is another useful thriller convection which creates an uneasy feeling of the characters flashback. The thriller conventions we didn’t use were the quick shots that merge all together like in “Se7en”, or shots of the surrounding area of cities or the set of the film. </li></ul>
  3. 3. How does our Media Product Represent Particular social groups? <ul><li>In our media production the social group mainly represented in the film would be the work class, as the opening sequence shows him going to work, but then I also think it represents people everyday normal life. The character’s gender, male, is not really been stereotyped, although he could be if you classed him a boring workaholic, but I do not think he has had a bad stereotype at all, or even been stereotyped. This links to the audience as it might mainly people in the working class, but I don’t think that it would I think all social groups of the audience would be attract to the film and its storyline. </li></ul>
  4. 4. The type of media Institution which might distribute our media production <ul><li>I think the media Institution which would distribute our media product would be a company like “Universal” as they have produced many thriller films of all different sub-genres, so they would take our thriller into account of distribution. Not only that they have created productions which are fairly similar to our productions such as Bone Collector, House on the left, as these films include autopsies, and storyline where normal everyday people get dragged into unexpected situation which may ruin their lives. Our film isn’t very similar to other films really, as we made our production more unique which quite an unusual storyline. If the film was to be released I think it would be a film which would be released in cinema’s and then eventually on DVD, as I think a lot of people would be interested in going to watch the film making it very popular, earning the company a lot of money. I think this because the mise-en-scene of the setting of our opening production is effective and I also believe that the storyline is very effective and quite exciting, as the rest of the film would have filmed elsewhere, not sure where due to the fact we were only asked to plan the opening sequence, also the fact its using natural lighting would make the audience get a feel of the film being more realistic. </li></ul>
  5. 5. Who is the audience for our Media Production <ul><li>Our target audience was aimed for young adults mainly, but also more mature adults as well, as our film has a young adult acting the role of our character which helps to attract our target audience as they would be able to relate themselves to the character and be able to understand the character. The genre of the film is both females and males but I think mostly males would be more drawn to the film as the main character is a male and the film is based on the males life changing situation. The similar films to our production such as </li></ul>
  6. 6. How we attracted/address our audience <ul><li>To attract the right audience we viewed the opening sequence to 3 media groups and a couple of adults outside of school, from ages 16- 30 which was very successful as we received very good feedback, also the audience we showed the sequence to were of both genders females and males. I think if the film was showed to a young audience of ages from 7-12 I think the children wouldn’t understand the storyline, and also be a little bit disturbed by the autopsy which would have been filmed if we filmed the hole production instead of just an opening. The very first opening shots would have our target audience already relating themselves to the characters situation and not only that, but also will understand how he is. The audience would be able to witness the fear and curiosity of the character which would draw them into characters point of view in the film experiencing the bad luck the character is involved in. This would make the audience feel the suspense of the thriller more. I think that the flashback scenes created the suspense of the film, and had the audience trying to figure out where the character was going, and what the dog found, which was a very successful thriller conventions, as the audience got a feel of uncertainty making them feel more on edge about the opening sequence. </li></ul>
  7. 7. What we have learned throughout the technologies of Constructing our film. <ul><li>During the filming of our production, we struggled getting the panning moment of following our characters feet walking, as we did not have the right equipment to be able to smoothly film the shot, but we adjusted ourselves by having to crouch on the floor and keep a steady hand for the shot, which was quite a experience. Also the quality was poor on the camera due to the fact we did not have a professional filming camera to use to make our production look more realistic. We didn’t get the chance to hire proper professional equipment to enhance our thriller film, as it came to great expenses, so we just adapted to the use of the camera’s we used, which became very successful. We enjoyed the experience of using the Apple Mac editing software on imovie, we learned how to edit our uploaded footage and how to combine our shots together and how to use the dissolve transitions which were very successful. We learned how to download our music for our background and how to put it onto our film production, to enhance the thriller effect. For our sound track we search on to search for eerie type of music, we faced a challenge of searching through the site for the perfect type of music we were looking for. It was a very successful piece called “Harpy Weeps” which we got off the site which gave the extra thriller effect to our film. </li></ul>
  8. 8. What I feel I have learned in from the Preliminary Task <ul><li>The planning stage of the preliminary task was quite easy to do , as we planned out our storyboard for the task which was very simple as it wasn’t a complex piece to film and was also very short. When filming the task was to use match-on-action, 180degree rule, and to look at the different shots like close up (CU) and medium shots ect (MS). When we came to putting our filmed footage together into a short film, it gave us an experience of editing the short task and how to make it run smoothly, this also taught us that cut transitions for match on action can work but using dissolve transitions make the shot more effective as it makes the character look as if they walk through the shots smoothly which we used in our production making it more thriving. The task also gave us a quick/short experience of some filming before our actual production. After filming the preliminary I felt more capable and confident when using the equipment which was a bonus for when it came to filming our production, as I could film some of the shots more professionally. I feel our production was very successful and the way we planned out our production came together very well, although there was some alterations the film came together very well and when adapting to the problems of the scrap yard scene we adjusted well to changing to the countryside, which turned out to be a better storyline. </li></ul>