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  • 1. A.N.E.P CONSEJO DE EDUCACIÓN SECUNDARIA INSPECCIÓN DE INGLES ACREDITACIÓN DE INGLÉS NIVEL A2 PLACEMENT TEST Name: …………………………………………... Highschool: …………… Group: .................... Shift: morning / evening ID number : ................................... Contact telephone: Final mark : / 50 1
  • 2. I. Listening Section At the Language School Tom is a new student at school. Mrs. Diaz is asking him some questions. Choose the most appropriate response from the options given. 1. a) I´m Uruguayan. b) My name is Tom. c) Montevideo, Uruguay. d) Brown. 2. a) No, I don´t. b) In the centre of the city. c) Sometimes. d) Because I like it. 3. a) Yes, I have got one brother. b) Yes, I am. c) Yes, I have got two cousins. d) No, I don´t. 4. a) Yes, I do. b) Yes, I must. c) Yes, I will. d) Yes , I can. 5. a) I went to Rio de Janeiro. b) I go to Rio de Janeiro. c) I´m going to Rio de Janeiro. d) I´ve been to Rio de Janeiro. /5 2
  • 3. II. READING SECTION A) Natasha is another student at the Language School who likes computers a lot. She wants to have e-friends. She e-mails Darren and he answers. Read their e-mails and complete the sentences with Natasha or Darren. 1. _Darren__ is 30. ( example) 2. _________ lives in North London. 3. _________ works for a magazine. 4. _________ works with computers. 5. _________ likes burgers. 6. _________ likes the cinema. 7. _________ doesn´t like fast food. 8. _________ likes Japanese food. /7 3
  • 4. B) Annabel is Natasha´s flatmate in London. Read about her life and match the questions ( A – E) with her answers in the following interview. There´s a question you don´t need to use. A DOUBLE LIFE 1. What do you do? I´m an artist. I draw and paint pictures for magazines, books, CD covers – all kinds of things. 2. _______________________________ I work at home. I have a room just for working in. 3. _______________________________ I usually work about eight hours a day, from 9.30 to 5.30. Sometimes I work again in the evenings or at weekends, when I´m in a hurry to finish a picture. 4. ________________________________ Yes, I love it, because every day is different, and I like using my imagination. 5. ________________________________ It´s stressful when I need to work fast and the ideas don´t come. Sometimes it´s lonely when you don´t work with other people. 6. How do you relax after work? I play the bass in a band called International Airport. We play at weekends in pubs and clubs. A. Do you like your job? Why? B. How many hours do you work? C. What don´t you like about your job? D. Where do you work? E. Do you work alone? /8 4
  • 5. III. USE OF ENGLISH Now, students at the Language School are having a test. Help them choose the right option for each sentence. Circle the correct letter on the right-hand side of the page. Example: . . . are you from? A what B where C who D when A B C D 1. Good morning. How . . . you? A is B are C am D come A B C D 2. I . . . like bananas. A did B doesn´t C don´t D does A B C D 3. What is the next number? twelve thirteen fourteen ... A seventeen B sixteen C fifteen D eleven A B C D 4. Does your friend . . . animals? A B C D A like B is like C likes D liking 5. Have you got . . . sisters? A B C D A some B no C any D a 6. . . . hours a day do you watch TV? A B C D A when B how many C what D how much 7. There are three boys in my family. I am the . . . A B C D A two B three C third D one 8. . . . hours a day do you study? A how much B when C how many D what A B C D 5
  • 6. 9. The student … papers A B C D A writing B writes C write D is writes 10. . . . bag is it ? A B C D A what B who´s C whose D which 11. He . . . to see his mother yesterday. A go B went C goes D is going A B C D 12. He . . . very hard now. A works B has been working C is working D work A B C D 13. Do you smoke? No, I . . . . . A doesn´t B don´t smoke C don´t D am not working A B C D 14. The teacher is . . . the classroom. A B C D A on B in C at D into 15. . . . you busy ? A B C D A Is B do C are D be 16. . . . do you do? A B C D A why B where C what D who 17. Can I have . . . chocolate? A some B any C all D few A B C D 18. Excuse me, . . . the time? A when´s B where´s C what´s D who´s A B C D 19. The coats belong to . . . A B C D A their B theirs C they D them 20. We usually go to school . . . bike. A on B in C by D at A B C D 6
  • 7. 21. In Montevideo the banks . . . at 5.00 p.m. A are closing B closes C close D closed A B C D 22. It . . . very hot yesterday. A B C D A is B were C are D was 23. I . . . to the shops with the shops with my friend last Saturday. A go B am going C went D goes A B C D 24. She is . . . than him. A B C D A most intelligent B much intelligent C more intelligent D intelligent 25. Look, they . . . a new house. A B C D A have got B got C have get D gets 26. I´m meeting her . . . 4 o´clock . . . Monday. A B C D A on, at B with, on C at, on D at, in 27. James is playing tennis today but he . . . plays football. A B C D A last night B usually C yesterday D once a week 28. She lives in a small house and we live in a big one. Our house is . . . than hers. A big B more big C more bigger D bigger A B C D 29. . . . you finish the project yesterday? A B C D A do B have C did D are 30. For our next holiday, we . . . Disneyland. A B C D A are going to visit B is going to visit C are going visit D going visit 7