Pastoral counseling role playing


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Pastoral counseling role playing

  1. 1. 1. Surface Issue: Wanting to separate from husband due to 2 episodes of infidelities (short lived, happened 5 years ago, but she just found out now). Profile: • 40 years old and an executive in Ortigas • Married for 18 years • College graduate • With 3 children ages • A nagger and very domineering • Married to a husband who happy go lucky with no regular job 2. Surface Issue: Glen an elder of Hallelujah Praise the Lord I Rebuke Satan In Jesus Name International Third Assembly was shocked to discover that his 22 year son Bruno was a practicing homosexual and cannot believe it and more so, cannot accept it. Profile: • 56 years old and the chief elder of the church • A retired police Colonel and very autocratic in his parenting style • Has 4 children and Bruno is his only son • Has said to his son that if he will not mend his ways he will be disowned • Bruno works in a call center and it seems that he is living a double life 3. Surface Issue: Myla and Ronald have been steady for more than 6 years and they agree in almost everything except in their expression of faith and are wanting to get married. Profile: • Myla is 27 years old an active praise and worship leader of his church • Committed to her Pentecostal faith • Truly loves the Lord but really in-love with Ronald and cannot imagine life without him • Father is an AG pastor • Ronald is 28 years old has stable job and have just converted to Dating Daan and is very passionate about it • Used to attend one of fellowships in Ortigas but got disappointed with a pastor who was exposed to have been financially corrupt • Very much in-love with Myla as well but his commitment to his new church is its emotional high.
  2. 2. 4. Surface Issue: Pastor Noel is very disappointed with the ministry and is planning to quit being a pastor and just live a simple life away from ministry heartaches. Profile: • 65 years old • During the last pastoral election he only won by slim margin (1 vote) • Many people in the church complain about his ineffective leadership and boring sermons • Has been pastoring the same church for more 40 years and he has given everything to take care of the flock • Married to a wife who complains that her husband’s first wife is the church and the family comes second. 5. Surface Issue: Len is devastated to discover that her only daughter Therese was 3 Months pregnant caused by her boyfriend and wants advice if they will allowed to get married. Profile: • Len is 36 years old, not married and her daughter was born out of wedlock • Works as an MMDA enforcer during daytime and works part-time as a book keeper at night just to make both ends meet. • She feels that she has done everything to take of her daughter and now very depressed because her daughter is her life • Her relationship with her daughter is distant and it has been that way for the past 4 years • Therese is 18 years old and was unable to finish 4th high school • Very stubborn and had 5 other boyfriends in the past and nothing lasted more than 5 Months • Very embarrassed of her condition and threatened that if the wedding does not push through she will have the baby aborted • The boyfriend is 23 years and a college dropout • No regular job and always with his friends almost every nigh • Comes from a broken family • Very friendly and street smart