Top 10 i phone apps 2012


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This article will focus on the best 10 apps that listed by the Time. If you are looking for some helpful apps to make utmost of your iPhone, then you may try these top 10 iPhone apps 2012 by far.

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Top 10 i phone apps 2012

  1. 1. Top 10 iPhone Apps 2012
  2. 2. • Time has recently introduced the best 50 iPhone applications in 2012 by far. These top 50 apps covered kinds of area, such as the game app “Angry Bird”, the consumer review app “Yelp”, the cloud storage provided “Dropbox”, the photo sharing platform “Instagram” and so on. This article will focus on the best 10 apps that listed by the Time. If you are looking for some helpful apps to make utmost of your iPhone, then you may try these top 10 iPhone apps 2012 by far.
  3. 3. • 1. Find My iPhone (Free)• Among all the apps provided in App Store, this is the one which each iPhone owner should not miss. Once you don’t know where your iPhone is, this app can display its location on the map exactly. In addition, if your iPhone is buried under the sofa cushions, this application will instruct your iPhone to ring with the greatest volume for two minutes, even if the iPhone has been set to silent mode.If your iPhone is unfortunately stolen, this app can also remotely control the personal data stored in your iPhone to self- destruct.• 2. ShopSavvy (Free)• This is a useful tool when you go out for shopping. It will tell you if there is a more cost-effective transaction on the Internet or in another nearby store. This app can access the product via the bar codes. Or you can also enter the product name to query if there is a better deal. The only difficulty is that you should control your buying temperature temporarily and remember to use it before your payment.
  4. 4. • 3. Dragon Go! (Free)• This is an app which can not only accurately recognize the voice as Siri, but also can lead you to find what you want accurately. It works well in delivering the results you want within a few seconds after you speak out what you want.• 4. Weather Underground (Free)• Most weather apps can tell you the temperature of the city where you are. But the problem is that they cannot exactly tell you the temperature in which part of the area in your city. This app enables you to find the super localized weather forecast from the over 22,000 weather stations. It can list everything related, including the weather, rolling weekly weather forecasts, radar image and more information on the Google map.
  5. 5. • 5. Kayak (Free)• This is a miniature mobile version of one of the Internet’s most useful travel sites. It enables you to quickly and easily search several airlines information to find the most cost effective ticket price.Besides, this app also includes the airline telephone numbers, track and baggage fees and other useful tourist information.• 6. GasBuddy (Free)• This app allows you to find a nearby gas station by entering the city or state you are rightly in. It makes use of multiple sources of updated information to ensure that the price is the current (each price will display the information is updated in a few minutes, a few hours or a few days previously released). It allows you to make a selection according to the type of gasoline, the distance, price or any other factors.
  6. 6. • 7. Angry Bird (Free)• Even if you have never played this game before, you must have been very close to the one who was playing the game regardless of whether you have realized it. It has become the popular mobile game in this history. And it has transcended the scope of the absolute principle.Even this is a simple and silly game, it can make you addicted.• 8. MapQuest 4 Mobile (Free)• In the navigation field, Apple was behind Android year after year. Before Apple develops its own featured map navigation app for iPhone, users have to make use of this MapQuest to meet their own needs. This app is free with some helpful functions, such as transportation, walking direction, low power mode, etc.
  7. 7. • 9. Fandango Movies (Free)• With this app, you can use your iPhone to browse movies, watch trailers and even read reviews to determine which movie you would prefer to watch in a cinema. And once you have decided which movie to watch, this app can also provide the the location and directions of the cinema. What’s more, you can also directly buy a ticket in this app and even choose a seat(the premise is that the cinema to support this service).• 10. Yelp (Free)• This is one of the earliest apps in iPhone App Store. And now it is still one of the best apps. Thanks to the support of user reviews, this app can list the locations of hotels, physicians, repair shops, retail shops and some other local companies. Recently, it also allows users to sign, submit photos, and lists nearby transactions.
  8. 8. • Besides using the above top 10 apps to gain enjoyment on iPhone, you can also import some fantastic videos or DVD movies for the spare time entertainment. If you once have the plan to get some media files on your iPhone for leisure playback without considering any compatibility issue, you can rightly get the 30% discounted Video Converter Ultimate or any other iPhone tools to do you a favor.