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  • Are you looking to generate massive traffic to your existing website? If you are, you’ve come to the right place! Megasite Creations will absolutely help you generate massive traffic to your website, organically, at a fraction of the cost…
  • We have developed the technology and a system to help you draw thousands of free organic visitors to your site daily. We do this by building you what we call a MEGASITE. A megasite is a site consisting of thousands of unique keyword optimized pages of content. Each page is uniquely different from the others, thus allowing them to be picked up and most importantly indexed by the major search engines…
  • Here is an example of how the large companies like Café Press, Overstock dot com, and buy dot com gain such tremendous exposure to their sites. Notice the number of web pages they have. Café press has over 18 million web pages and overstock dot com has nearly 2 million.
  • If it’s one thing we know how to do, it’s how to drive traffic and drive it affordably. Regardless of your product or service or what amount of traffic you are currently receiving, we guarantee that we can dramatically increase the number of hits you receive on a daily basis.
  • Here is an example of the results that were achieved by one of our clients in less that a two month period. When we launched this megasite for the client they were averaging just 348 page views and 171 first-time visitors per week.
  • And in less than two months we were able to increase their traffic to five-thousand and ninety-eight page views, and eleven-thousand and thirty-eight first time visitors in a one week period.
  • These are not your typical SEO methods used by the majority of the fly-by-night SEO companies just looking to make a fast buck. This is a legitimate service and system, designed to take your small site average website, and turn it into a huge Megasite with thousands of new and uniquely key worded web pages.
  • Here is a brief overview of what we’re talking about. Lets say you currently have a 100 page website which by the way is larger than most found out there. And lets say that site receives 500 visitors a month naturally. And based on traditional conversion rates you closed 5 of the sales at an average of $100 profit each. You would have made $500 for your efforts.
  • Now here comes the fun part. Now lets say we double the amount of pages you currently have and we take that one step further and we make sure that each one of those pages are uniquely different in the eyes of the search engines, and we also make them very keyword dense for the type of product you are selling. Now lets take that number and multiply it by creating several thousand of these unique keyword dense pages. Now we are talking some serious traffic, with some serious income.
  • That is the world that we call the MEGASITE world! We create MEGASITES, that generate MEGA TRAFFIC, resulting in MEGA Profits for your firm.
  • Google is constantly changing the game as far as search engine optimization. And new methods like ours must be implemented to gain the competitive advantage. Google wants content, and a lot of it. They more you have the better your rankings will be. But, there is one important factor that we must pay close attention to, and that is that google also wants unique content, not duplicate content.
  • As we see it the options a website owner has is to either spend a ton of money hiring internal talent to load their sites with relevant and up-to-date content, spend large sums of money on adsense, typical SEO tactics, email advertising, or several other forms of offline advertising, OR you can hire Megasite Creations to build you your very own megasite, and start enjoying the benefits of receiving a massive amount of traffic organically for the search engines.
  • Corporations with deep pockets can afford to spend large sums of money on advertising. Can you???? We can help you mimic the success of these large corporations at a fraction of the cost!!!
  • Lets talk a little about the typical forms of advertising and why they just don’t work for the average small to medium size business.
  • Pay per click advertising is a game that should primarily be played by the big boys. If you don’t have $10,000 or more a month to invest in this game, you will find your self at the end of a very short stick. The only people winning at this game is the large corporations and the search engines that make billions from it.
  • The only SEO methods that work to drive LARGE amounts of organic traffic these days, are those that involve the creation of large amounts of content. Content that is unique to the search engines, and content that added on a regular basis. Any SEO company that tells you they will increase your results by just adding a some keywords to your site, is leading you down the path to failure. Be cautious when dealing with these companies that are more often then not just a bunch of scam artists trying to separate you from your money.
  • Direct mail is just a roll of the dice… sometimes you win, but most often you lose, and lose big. It’s expensive. It has a very low response rate and the list companies recycle their lists to the masses, so you end up spending thousands and thousands of dollars before you realize that it’s time to try another type of marketing campaign.
  • Can you afford to throw dollars at this type of campaign? Over the years the newspaper and magazine ad response rate has continued to drop. Many of the large publications are struggling to stay afloat. This is definitely a form of advertising that you would be well advised to stay clear of if you have a limited advertising budget, or a budget that does not allow for expensive test runs.
  • Your website is created to share with the world what your company has to offer. The more people that you can get to see your sites affordably, the better off you will be in the long run.
  • When you invest in a MEGASITE, you will see a substantial increase in your page hits and views. These increased hits and views will result in more leads, which of course turn into increased revenues for your company.
  • This is what we do. We build affordable MEGA SOLUTIONS that drive MEGA TRAFFIC to our clients sites!
  • We know what the search engine spiders like to eat. We will share that knowledge with you and assist in maintaing a long term online solution that keep you humming along with bunches and bunches of new traffic every day.
  • We can increase you traffic by a ton. All you need to do is give us a call and we’ll show you how!

Massive free-daily-traffic-powerpoint-presentation Massive free-daily-traffic-powerpoint-presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Generate MASSIVE FREEDaily Traffic
  • Simple Internet Profit TruthThere is a simple formula to draw thousands of freevisitors to your site daily.The feed is through simple search engine searches,including Google.The key is to have a MEGASITE, consisting of thousandsof keyword optimized pages.This is how large corporations always hold the top pageranks on Google.Consider this…
  • Example of websites with snapshots (May 01, 2009) of their counts: # of WebPages on Website Visits per Day 18,900,000 884, 1,670,000 2,767, 1,430,000 906, 6,780 17,517Your Website ? ?
  • You Can Duplicate Their Successes - OVERNIGHT. Right Now. Regardless of your vertical,we can deliver you a MEGASITE capable of thousands of unique daily page hits. And We Will Absolutely Guarantee Youll Get Massive Traffic for Your Website!
  • Here is an Exampleof the Before and After Results of a MEGASITE Project we performed For just One of our Clients
  • In under 2 months the MEGASITE we created for them went from an average of 348 page views and 171 first time visitors weekly…
  • To a whopping 54098 page views…with 11038 first time visitors—in a week.
  • You Can Expect Results Like This… After We Have Created Your…Very Own “MEGASITE”!
  • Imagine This: You have a 100 page website. Each page receives an average of five visitors monthly from search engines. That’s 500 free organic visitors a month.The standard conversion rate tells us that five of those will turn into customers. If your average sale is $100… Then your profit from these search engines hits is $500 a month. (100 pages x 5 page views monthly / by conversion rate of 1in100 x average sale of $100) = $500/month NOW—consider if we:
  • •Double your quantity of pagesNaturally your sales will double as well. Now you are making $1,000 monthly.Keyword-optimize every page—attracting more page hits.•A keyword-optimized page attracts twice the visitors of a non-keyword optimizedpage. So—double your income number again. That’s $2,000 monthly.•THEN—we double the keyword-optimized page quantity again, and again.What if we multiplied the quantity by 1000 times or 10,000 times? Then You Can Expect to Multiply the Effective Income of your Website by a Factor of 1,000... or 10,000... or More as Well!
  • Welcome to the world of… the MEGASITE
  • Google has changed the game. Their search engine tactics are the most successful on the planet… and they set the rules. According to Google, the amount of pages you have, in conjunction with the content, will determine how many page hits you receive.Google has created a new web indexing technique dubbed Caffeine. Caffeine dictates that in order to have a good page ranking, you must have the most keyword-optimized pages.
  • •TimeSpend hundreds of hours loading pages with relevant and up-to-date content.•$$$Spend thousands of dollars on an advertising campaign, whether it be online,offline advertising, direct mail, email blasts, etc.—without quantifiable results.•Build a MEGASITEOR—easier yet—have MEGASITE CREATIONS do it.
  • A MEGASITE delivers you quantifiable results… Without investing huge sums of time or large lumps of money. This has been the key to large corporations over the years: corporations that have the money to investtens of thousands of dollars into advertising, and hundreds of man-hours into creating thousands of pages of relevant content. We however, have formulated their secret. Through using unique keyword dense pages in large quantities … We can mimic the success of these large corporations…. We can leverage the large search engine’s tactics, therein negating the need to spend thousands on online advertising.
  • Consider the alternative advertising mediums to creating a…MEGASITE
  • PAY PER CLICKThe most popular form of online advertising is traditional pay-per-click ads.These are the banner ads you see all over the net.FACT: To have a successful pay-per-click marketing campaign you must be willing to invest $10,000 to $25,000 amonth.While this is a successful form of advertising— it is strictly a game for the big boys.The small-to-medium sized business gets squeezed out of this marketing space quite quickly, due to their lack offunds.Unfortunately the smaller, hardworking businesses end up losing their money in pay-per-click.The reason for this is that Google, Yahoo!, and other search engine companies make billionsraising the cost of pay-per-click advertising, according to how successful it is.This means that it will take more and more advertising dollars to get the same results—This is what hurts the smaller companies.WINNER: Large Companies and Search Engines
  • FACT: Organic search results rely on advanced SEO tactics, user-friendly websites…and relevant and consistently updated content stuffed with keywords.This content needs to be consistently refreshed and stay relevant to drive any traffic to your site.The problem with this form of marketing is…That once again the big boys with their deep pockets and thousands of man hours to Invest in theupkeepare the only ones able to produce this kind of quality content.You also need the know-how of trained professionals.This professional know-how will cost the small-to-medium sized business ownerthousands of dollars per month.There are of course frauds that claim to do it for less—But you only end up out of money, with no results, and ripped off.WINNERS: SEO Marketers, Large Corporations, and Fraudulent Scam Artists.
  • DIRECT MAILFACT: A decent Direct Mail campaign will most likely cost between $5,000 to $10,000 dollars a month,and deliver unquantifiable results…Small businesses cannot afford this.A direct mail campaign not only carries a heavy price tag…but it must be maintained on a monthly basis.As soon as you stop—the results stop.The direct mail providers increase their pricing…when companies receive significant results.This means that the more successful the campaign is, the more expensive it willbecome.These providers also recycle their lists again and again,Which means that the customers you are sending your mail to are inundated with direct mail.Direct mail marketers who are successful are those who consistently continue their campaignsWINNERS: Mailing List Providers.
  • NEWSPAPER AND MAGAZINE ADVERTISINGFact: An effective print media campaign most often requires a monthly budget of at least $3,000 to $10,000…and would need to run for a minimum of three to four months, before it starts pulling at all!The budget alone of this type of campaign is prohibitive for most small-to-medium sizedbusinesses.Another problem is the response rate.Statistics from the last 50 years have told us:The average person viewing print media needs to see the same add a number of timesbefore it is effective and they feel a call to action.Most businesses become frustrated with the inefficiency of this form of marketing,and with its immeasurable results.The bigger the ad, the more likely it is to get noticed.The problem is the bigger the ad, the higher the cost—Another frustrating factor for small businesses.WINNER: Newspapers and Magazines.
  • SO WHAT’S THE POINT OF IT ALL? All of this marketing money wasted by small-to-medium businesses is in search of the marketing unicorn— Looking for Large Returns for Minimal Effort and investment: A small investment, that generates leads. Leads that turn into Revenue.Sale leads are the key to any successful business… This is where your MEGASITE comes in.
  • With 1000’s upon 1000s ….of Uniquely Keyword-Optimized Web pages inPlay,You will receive a huge amount of pagehits,of which a percentage will turn intocustomers.The more page hits, the morecustomers.The more customers, the
  • What if you never had to pay to generate anothersales lead again?What if you had an endless supply of leads for anybusiness youre involved in?What if you had the ability to produce thousands ofleads on a daily basis?What if you never had to pay for a mailing listagain?
  • This is exactly whatMEGASITEbuilt by our firm will provide!
  • WE build an incredible web of irresistible goodies…For the Search Engine Spiders...Think of them as delicious treats for:The Search Engine Robots… RESULTSYour Site rises to the top of Search Engine Rankings–At light speed.Your Revenue and Income will follow in suit.MEGASITES require little effort, little investment… while providing for long-term successful results.
  • If you are ready … To increase your… Internet presenceand Your Internet sales by 300 to 500%... Then Take ACTION now!