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  • 1. H Bldg. 3fl. 608-13, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea Tel. +82-(0)2-574-9541 / Fax. +82-(0)2-515-6197 ⓒ1996-2012 Team Interface Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
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  • 3. Philosophy & Mission“ Humanism Beyond Communication” We Teaminterface Co., Ltd. seek Humanism beyond innovative user experience and Communication. Happiness and freedom caused by experiencing the others different from me and bigger than me away from the thinking seeing myself in the center of life… constant worries and efforts for this, ongoing challenges and passion, that is Conatus, the philosophy of Teaminterface. 3
  • 4. HistoryTeam Interface is the first generation leader in the domestic UI/UX industry. With its insight in user experience, Team Interface providescore values of the consumers and business future and leads the change in paradigm for maximization of mutual satisfaction. 2011 Establishment of the Korea Service Design Council Team Interface co., Ltd. 2010 Member of Service Design Network (Korean Representative in the Berlin SD Conference) Founder S.H. Lee 2008 Launching of UI Academy On-line Course Foundation Date 2007 Selected as the official partner company for user research by Samsung Electronics Partnership with Seoul National University Visual Design Lab and Hongik University Design Innovation Center January 1996 (Establishment ) May 2000 (Incorporation) 2005 Launching of UI Academy training Address 3F, H Bldg., 608-13 2004 US UPA (Usability Professionals’ Association) - 3G Mobile Internet Guideline keynote address Commencement of global project with CX Partners in the UK Sinsa - dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea 2003 Published the book, “The way a successful design shop works” Phone 2002 Published the book, “” 82.2.574.9541 2001 Received certificate of venture business by the Small and Medium Business Administration (Passed the technology test for the User Interface sector in Korea) Fax 82.2.515.6197 Hosted the 1st User Interface Seminar entitled Basic Step Published the book, “Winning website, losing website” 2000 Website Incorporation Contents cooperation with Jakob Nielsen (NN/g), one of the UI leader in US Establishment of UI Research Center (Usability Test Lab) E-mail 1997 Acquired certification of “professional industrial design company” by Korea Institute of Design Promotion Tenancy in the Korea Telecom Venture Center 1996 Establishment of Team Interface
  • 5. OrganizationTeam Interface uses professional skills in advanced methodologies to establish easier communication between man and new media.As the leading company in Korea for UI, Team Interface offers User Interface Design Services based on improved user experience to achieveboth business profits and user convenience at the same time. Management Contextual Research Service Design Division & Planning • Strategic Planning of New Products Service Planning Design • Advertising/PR and • User Experience Research • Market & Business Research • Visual Design Concept Strategic Partnership • Customer Experience Research Development • Market Analysis and • Service Design Consulting • Detailed Design Creation Promotion • Producing Touch Points and Blueprints • Design Modification & • New Business Planning • Co-creation Workshop Supplementation • Recruiting & HR • Business Model Development & Prototyping • Financial Accounting UI/UX Laboratory UI Academy • Development of • UI Training Evaluation Solutions • Planning & Publication • Research and of UI Materials Development of • Planning & Execution of New Technologies Seminars • Publication of USI • Online Lectures Report 5
  • 6. UI AcademyThe UI Academy operated by Team Interface fosters UI professionals from facilitators with abundant project experience anda real hands-on education environment. Take advantage of the opportunity to become a UI professional through a group projecttype training curriculum and a hands-on education system. User Interface Program · Research and evaluation methodology for improvement of usability · User-centric UI design methodology Accessibility Program · CSS for web designers · Global Web Expert Workshop - Strategy to improve web accessibility through web standards Online Lectures · User-centric UI design methodology 1, User-centric UI design methodology 2 Information · Serial publication of Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox (2000~2002) · Information on overseas and domestic conferences · Provision of user interface knowledge and information Publishing · Publication of “UI” · Joint publication of “The way a successful design shop works” · Publication of independent volume of Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox, “Winning website, losing website” USI Report 6
  • 7. The Best UI/UX ConsultancyThe knowledge and experience of Team Interface is sure to guarantee the success of any new technology or service platform.Internet sites and intranet services, various applications, mobile phones, digital cameras, navigation products, TVs, refrigerators,PCs, audio players, printers and many more. Internet Application Mobile phone, PDA, Smart Phone Mp3Player Camcorder S/W Digital device IPTV Consumer Product Internet website portal shopping, telecommunications, finance, media, public agencies etc Intranet and application Groupware, Information System, HTS system, Security Application etc Mobility Product Mobile phone, Digital Camera, Mp3 Player, Navigation etc Consumer Product PC, Printer, TV, Refrigerator, Audio etc Prototype Product Screen mock-up, Paper mock-up 7
  • 8. The Best UI/UX ConsultancyTeam Interface’s spirit of challenge and experience led to the “3G Mobile Internet Guideline” keynote address at the UPA (Usability Professionals’Association) conference in June 2004. This presentation summarized the differences in cultural and environmental characteristics of each countryand introduced the characteristics of Korean style UI and users to receive great response from UI professionals from around the world. 8
  • 9. The Best UI/UX Consultancy Team Interface received a Venture Business Certificate for professional UI consultancy and received a citation by the Minister of Information and Communication for its contributions to the domestic UI industry. Team Interface always strives to be the “first” and the “best” in the UI industry with its complete theory and abundant experience. Citation GD(Good Design) Award GD(Good Design) Award Web Award Korea International Design Award Korea International Design Award Korea National Web Design Award· Citation by the Minister of KOSCOM(2006) Daewoo Securities(2010) Paradise Hotel Busan(2011) Information and Communication Developed user centered professional Award of the President of KIDP Website renewal project considering both stock exchange software for KOSCOM Home Trading System(HTS) renewal by business and customer side of view to solve emphasizing the brand identity and And Improve their needs. simplifying the previous complicated system 9
  • 10. The Best UI/UX ConsultancyThe successful projects completed by Team Interface in various industries draws testimony to the ability in providing the best UI consulting.The challenges of Team Interface to create value and profit for clients and a better UI experience for consumers will continue. Improvement of Usability Improvement of Satisfaction Ranked #1 in through Expert Evaluation through User Evaluation Stockpia IBS Evaluation 새로운 개편사이트에 Rank 개선안을 모두 적용 1 After Launching 2 Before Before Launching 3 4 Continuos Management 5 6 Start Project 2003 2003 2004 time <Kookmin Bank Stockpia Ranking> KTF(2005) KTFT EVER(2007) Kookmin Bank(2004) 10
  • 11. Global UX ResearchWe expand the vision of our clients globally through Global Network Partnerships with major UI professionals around the world. 11
  • 12. Global UX ResearchWorld leading company Google, Microsoft, HP and many more companies have joined hands with Team Interface to conduct UX projects.Through various methodologies, these clients have experienced the best results and greatest satisfaction. Google USA • Google International User Research Microsoft USA • Microsoft New Service UI Consulting (with amberlight) HP USA • 2010 CSC Usability Consulting • 2009 Customer Support Center UI Consulting Information Architecture Consulting • 2007 Korea Competitive Research • 2006 Web based e-support UI Consulting • 2005 Web based e-support UI Consulting • 2003 eSupport Tool FGI Project • 2003 Korea Site Customer Support Center UI Consulting Project • 2002 Comparative Analysis Project between Current Korea Site and Improved Site • 2001 Korea Site Usability Consulting Project Jakob Nielsen(NN/g Group) • 2000 Contents cooperation with Jakob Nielsen (NN/g) who is one of the UI leader in US • 2001 Usability Test in korea (Group Work) Joint Global Projects with UI professionals in the US and UK cxpartners (United Kingdom) amberlight (United Kingdom) KOHL (USA) 12
  • 13. Service DesignProviding new values which can satisfy customers continuously by newly designing tangible,intangible service elements through innovative thinking and process to reflect desire of various interestedparties and Needs of customers through contextual survey. 13
  • 14. Service DesignService Design Network( Service Design Network is an international network of organizations & businesses working in and developing the Service Design domain.Team Interface was the first to become the member of Service Design Network in Korea. 14
  • 15. Service Design Korea Service Design Council(President : S.H. Lee, Team, CEO of Team Interface) was established to promote service design and share knowledge by operating educational program, research and project etc. <Korea Service Design Council> <WORKSHOP TOOLKIT>KSDC (Korea Service Design Council)2011 15
  • 16. Clients & Partners Mobile &New Device Worldwide Web Application S/W 16
  • 17. 17
  • 18. Business RangeTeam Interface provides the best service consulting through approved scientific and quantitative methodology from projects over the years.We optimize the right development process for each part to improve customers competitiveness 18
  • 19. Method : Business Canvas 19
  • 20. Method : Customer Insight 20
  • 21. Method : Creation 21
  • 22. Method : Evolution 22
  • 23. Method : Implementation 23
  • 24. Usability Test LabThe Team Interface UI Laboratory not only engages in the R&D of new UI technologies but also provides the best usabilityconsulting by HCI professionals in each field through user behavior observation and analysis using the latest test equipment. Work Conducted by Experts • Experts in the fields of computer engineering, industrial design, and ergonomics work as facilitators, moderators, and observers • Various methodologies to observe and analyze user behavior are proposed • Systematic and scientific usability test methods are applied in contextual fashion The Best Test Equipment 1 2 • New technologies are researched and developed using the latest test equipment installed at the UI Laboratory (FGI room / UT room) • TechSmith’s Morae program and Tobii’s Eye Tracker are used as solutions to evaluate web sites and software • Highly accurate test results and analysis methods are used to accurately and effectively evaluate the test results 3 41. View of the observing room2. System control equipment installed at the UI Laboratory3. View of the FGI room4. Usability test equipment for mobile platforms 24
  • 25. Usability Test LabWhat are the elements that attract the user’s eyesight?Where are the concentration points of the user’s eyesight on the screen?In what order and line of movement does the user’s eyesight move? • X120 Eye Tracker Eye tracking “Track the Eye” The Eye Tracking equipment continuously tracks pupil movement to analyze the locations and duration of user eyesight on the screen. By collecting scientific data on user behavior, the error of human behavior can be minimized during product and services planning, and marketing effectiveness can be reviewed. This technology can also be leveraged in the planning of advertisements and web site home pages.• Applicable to all display screens 25
  • 26. Usability Test LabIs there a way to improve the prototype?What is the best method to track and analyze the user log?Visual analysis report of data after conducting the test Morae “Record the Behavior !” TechSmith’s Morae program which is optimized for websites and applications provides highly accurate usability test results based on scientific observation and comprehensive analysis. •Morae Program 1 Morae Recorder 2 Morae Observer 1 2 3 3 Morae Manager 26
  • 27. 27
  • 28. Project History 2011 • SKSecurities HTS UX Consulting / Visual Design • Paradise T&L Service Design • SamsungSDS Mobiledesk UX Consulting • Melon PC Web / App UX Counsulting • Medical Endobot Service Design • Hyundai Motor Usability Test • Canada, British Columbia UX Consulting • Hyundai Mobis iBox HMI Usability Test Consulting • SamsungSDS Wyxmeeting UX Consulting (UI/GUI) • Ministry of Health & Welfare UX / Service Design Consulting 2010 • Paradise Hotel Busan Service Design • Daewoo Securities BESTez Qway UI Consulting & Visual Design • Hyundai Merchant Marine WINS UX Consulting • Melon Usability Test Consulting • Hana Life UI Consulting • Hyundai Card/Capital/Commercial Marketing Sales • Supreme Court of Korea UI Consulting & Visual Design Support System UI Consulting • HP Support Page Usability Test • Hana HSBC UI Consulting • Hyundai Card Consultation UI Consulting • KTH CB Service Design(UI/UX) • Samsung Sync Manager UI/UX Consulting • SKT Mobile Android Stock Exchange System • Bank of Korea Economy Education Usability Test UI Consulting & Visual Design • Melon Registration and Product Purchase Usability(Expert) Test • Hyundai Card Automobile Insurance Inbest UI Consulting • Samsung SDS Mobile Office Usability Test 2009 • LGE 3way Sync UI Consulting / Design • LGE Application Store UI Consulting / Design • Hyundai Card/Capital CS Usability Test • KT DBDM Connectivity Scenario Usability Test • KT Tech New Product UI Design • KOSCOM PowerBase UX Research & UI Design • KEB Internet Banking UI Consulting • Daewoo Securities Bestez Qway UI Consulting & Visual Design • Gseshop Website UI Consulting • Website UI Consulting (Global) • information Architecture Consulting • Hyundai Card / Capital / Commercial Marketing Tool UI Consulting • Samsung Medial center Website UI Consulting • SAMSUNG Interactive TV test input solution Visual Design 28
  • 29. Project History 2008 • KT Application UI Design for PC/Web • KT Networks SmartPhone New Service UI Design • SAMSUNG Home Audio Usability Test • employment Insurance usability Test • CJ Internet Netmarble Website Usability Test • KOSCOM CHECK Expert UI Consulting • KTFT New Mobile UI Usability Test • Touch Phone Usability Report • SAMSUNG Home Appliance Usability test(Korea/USA) • SAMSUNG Networks Soft Phone UI Consulting • Samsung Networks Gaam Service Usability Test 2007 • Google International User Research (Global) • KTFT New Mobile UI Expert Review (5 Step) • SKT WCDMA Multi-Access Menu UI Consulting • Samsung Electronics Jungum Global UI Consulting • Doosan Capital Website Design • Korea Site Customer Support Center UI Consulting Project • SAMSUNG touch DVD Camcorder UI Consulting • CJ mall Purchase process and e-TV UI Consulting • SAMSUNG touch Screen UI research • ET News Website UI Consulting • Sports to-to website UI Consulting • Hana bank Website UI Consulting • KTF NSTEP UI Consulting and Design • KISTI_ACOMS system UI Consulting • KDS (Korea Securities Depository) UI Consulting and Design • Monitorapp WEB INSIGHT UI Consulting and design 2006 • SAMSUNG Digital Camera UI Consulting • Empas Website UI Consulting • KT U-comm UI Consulting • SKT T-interactive Service UI Consulting • KT WiBro New Service UI Consulting • Prudential HTS UI Consulting and design • Website UI Consulting (Global) • SAMSUNG Usability Test • Microsoft New Service UI Consulting (Global) (DTV, Refrigerator, mobile phone, MP3 player) • Seoul metropolitan government culture website UI Consulting • KTH Megapass Website UI Consulting • KTF Mangic-N Website information Architecture Consulting 2005 • KTF Mangic N Website Usability Consulting • Web based e-support UI Consulting • SAMSUNG Settop Box UI Consulting • Hanhwa S&C Groupware UI Consulting • SAMSUNG Jungum Global UI Consulting • Ministry of Legislation Website UI Consulting • KT WiBro UI Consulting • Fine Digital car Navigation UI Consulting • KT Ann Phone Expert Evaluation • Seoul metropolitan government culture website UI Consulting • KT Mobile New Service UI Consulting • KOSCOM CHECK expert UI Consulting 29
  • 30. Project History 2004 • Daum USI report Project • SAMSUNG jungum Global S/W UI Consulting • UPA (Usability Professionals’ Association) Presentation • KT SmartPhone MMI Project • SK Telecom Calling Photo and PPT Service Planning • LG eShop UI Consulting - 3G Mobile internet guideline • Daum Cafe UI Consulting • KTF Mobil/Service USI report Project • Daum Messenger User Research • Ministry Information Network Village Website UI Project • Seoul Women University Website UI Project • Korea-China-Japan Mobile Comparative Research • Hyundae Card Website UI Consulting • Korea SW Industry Promotion Agency Authentication UI Consulting • Willbee solution Website UI Project 2003 • HP U.S. eSupport Tool FGI Project (Global) • Kookmin bank Website UI Consulting • SK Teletech Mobile MMI Usability Consulting • Nate Drive PDA UI Consulting • HP.Com UI Consulting (Global) • Hitel UI Consulting • KTF mobile Internet and Platform Usability Consulting • Oullim Securework UI Consulting • Buy&Joy (Ktmall) UI Consulting • Mobis Automotive Product sortware UI Consulting &Design • Maxon Telecom Mobile Phone MMI Consulting • Isuperpage(KTD) UI Consulting & Design • Nate PIMS UI Consulting • Maxon Telecom Phone GUI Design 2002 • HP Pavilion PC OOBE Project (Global) • UI Consulting • UI Consulting • Find All website UI Consulting • LG CNS ‘G4C’ English site UI Consulting & Design • SAMSUNG UI Consulting • Smart Solutions PDA & Smart phone H/W UI Consulting (Home theater, Camcorder , Kimchi-refrigerator, • SAMSUNG e-market place system PDA UI Consulting Washing-machine, Digital Printer ,TV ) • Korea Site Customer Support Center UI Consulting • Intizen Game website UI Consulting & Design • SKT Nate PDA UI Consulting 2001 • Handy Soft BizFlow Groupware UI Consulting & Design • Auction Website UI Consulting • Kookmin bank “”& “” UI Consulting • G4C Government portal system Conceptual Design • Oullim Secureworks 3.0 & Windows.UI Consulting & Design • Kumho life e-focus system Consulting & Design • Nielsen/Norman Group“” UI Cusulting(Global) • Posdata natural language search system UI Consulting • Hanabank Cyber School Renewal UI Design 30
  • 31. Thank youTel. +82-(0)2-574-9541 / Fax. +82-(0)2-515-6197 / /