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A fun way to look at losing weight

A fun way to look at losing weight



It's not that you're fat and it's funny, it's funny that we get fat at all. A funny little e-book about who we are, what are we doing and why are we so fat. Losing weight is actually the easiest thing ...

It's not that you're fat and it's funny, it's funny that we get fat at all. A funny little e-book about who we are, what are we doing and why are we so fat. Losing weight is actually the easiest thing to do, if you just know what to do and do it with a sense of humor.



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    A fun way to look at losing weight A fun way to look at losing weight Document Transcript

    • Awesome Tips For Losing Weight Quickly! A fun and very funny look at weight loss and ourselves © Copyright 2012 - Author: K. Daranee –Khun Daranee’s Awesome Tips For Losing Weight Quickly! khundaranee@gmail.com Page 1
    • Hey there, and thanks for checking this little but very informative (and veryfunny) e-book. A lot of people try to reduce their weight, but with little or nosuccess. It doesn’t seem to matter what they do, but they are simply not able toachieve any results, in other words; nothing seems to work! This is my field ofexpertise, so pay attention here, its well worth your while. If some actually dohave a bit of success, it’s quite possibly they have done some or even a lot ofharm to their bodies and worse yet, are totally unaware about it. No problem! Iam going to share with you some of the greatest tips to lose weight. These tipswill do everything to help you to lose weight quickly and without compromisingwith your health, but improving your health!Don’t Overeat: Few people feel shame leaving food in the plate for whateverreason, culture, guilt etc. They think, if they leave food on the plate, others mightthink they took more than they could eat. You know, the “eyes are bigger thanthe stomach” thing, or you’re a fat greedy slob. (YIKES!) But regardless, youshould stop as soon as you find that you are full. There should be no shame inleaving the food in the plate if it may ruin your health, or just leave you feelinguncomfortable. Drop the habit of ‘cleaning the plate’ of all the food, otherwise,food will finish YOU! In some cultures, especially in Asia, it’s polite to leave foodon the plate, for finishing the plate means they didn’t give you enough. I’ve hadthis experience. Visiting friends in Thailand, I polished off everything on my plate,and real Thai food is really good. I was offered more rice, I said “no”, and theysaid “nit noi” which means ‘just a little’ as they spooned copious amounts of whiterice onto my accomplished clean plate again. So I finished all that rice, nowuncomfortably “stuffed” only to have the incident repeated. Live and learn, Iguess I should have read something about the culture before going.Khun Daranee’s Awesome Tips For Losing Weight Quickly! khundaranee@gmail.com Page 2
    • Walk instead of using vehicles: Walking is a great exercise. Walking doessome great things which are not possible when driving. There is nothing wrongwith breathing deeply, improving your stamina, reducing cholesterol, getting theheart pumping as well as the circulatory system. Not only this, people generallyhave some great ideas while walking. For me walking is my meditation time.Time for me to just let it go to contemplate and think about things. You can planyour life, (LOL) think about what’s important, think about business, work ormaking money, and even saving money with a new household budget whilewalking. Stop and smell the roses, you can’t do that while driving, actually youcan’t do that while walking either, but you have to be walking in order to stopwalking so you can smell the roses. I love to bike, and for me that is pretty muchsimilar to my walking “meditation”, but it’s a little too fast to totally “space out” likeI like to do, and do well.If the market is close enough to your home to walk to like it is for me, and then goon foot rather than taking a vehicle. I’ve got this nifty little cart with wheels to putmy groceries in so I don’t have to carry them. Take a stroll, take the time to watchthe beauty of the nature surrounding you, see what the neighbors are up to, you’llbe surprised just how much fun strolling the neighborhood really is.Plan your diet: Most people for some reason think to lose their weight; you haveto stop eating all the things you like, or really for the most part eat less. This is a‘perfect’ recipe to reduce your Hemoglobin or become anemic, which will lead toweakness, not losing weight and ultimately getting sick. In a week or two you willstart feeling weak. If you want to control your weight then you must have a gooddiet plan. You may be instructed to eat more, but of different things. Eat moreLose weight, that’s my kind of diet!You may want to go to a dietician and ask him or her, what to eat to get yourweight down. You may be asked to put together a chart or write down all thethings you consume and when, which will surely identify all the things which areaccounting for your extra weight. You have to be strong willed to leave thosethings which are really tasty, but are stacking on the extra pounds or kilos, forKhun Daranee’s Awesome Tips For Losing Weight Quickly! khundaranee@gmail.com Page 3
    • example, hydrogenated oils, trans-fats, corn syrup, refined sugar etc. It’s morethan just saying “I’ll cut out the chocolates and chips”, what if chocolate was agreat weight loss tool, and chips could be healthy as well, and much better thanthe average crap we are used to buying in the stores? No pun intended, you’re infor a treat here. Keep reading.Eat One Big Meal, Rather Than Snacking: There is no real big difference ineating once or several times a day if your total quantity of food is same. But inmost cases, if you are only eating one or two meals a day, then you’re probablygoing to gain some extra weight, unless you can deal with the hunger pangs. Notonly this, it will not give you a proper feel of ‘full’. When you don’t feel ‘full’, yourmind is going to suggest you to eat more. That’s what the mind does, it’s the big“problem solver” even if it is wrong 99.99% of the time. It’s a survival thing. It’snatural and it’s a way of continuing the species. If you can get past the mind, like“step back” and see what the mind is doing and know why, then you can havebetter control over it. So let’s say you’re finished with dinner, you’ve taken a walkaround the neighborhood and burned off some calories, you’re probably feelingpretty good, but there is an emptiness somewhere in there. The emptiness is notin the stomach, it’s somewhere else. Here comes the mind to save the day! Themind is a processor that searches its resources and looks for something thatworked in the past. Ice cream! That works, and has worked well in the past too.So here come the suggestions, how about some ice cream? You know better soyou say no, but the mind is persistent and starts to justify eating ice cream. Bestrong oh little one that lives in a big body. What is the emptiness the mind istrying to fill with ice cream? More than likely what’s on the TV is so boring andhypnotic, as well as suggestive, we become numb to the boredom but see it asour natural state. Play a game, read a book, blow up the TV, that’s always fun.Getting back to the point, our goal is to digest not digress.So, taking a big meal once a day will not give you a satisfaction and last all day,and you’re going to want or feel the need to eat again and again.Khun Daranee’s Awesome Tips For Losing Weight Quickly! khundaranee@gmail.com Page 4
    • The notion that snacking is bad is not always true. If you are eating foods that arevery low calorie, very nutritious, and stave off hunger which keeps you fromeating large of simple carbohydrates (which is usually caused by sugar cravings)then snacking or eating 6 small meals a day can actually make you lose weightfaster as your metabolism remains higher than not. The trick is, do you knowwhat these secret weight loss foods are? Which foods keep you full, protect yourglucose levels, don’t put stress the body, are high in anti-oxidants and make theweight fall right off of you? Wouldn’t you like to know?Don’t Cross Your Boundaries: If you are already dieting then this tip might beof particular interest to you. You know your body better than anyone, as mostpeople know their bodies better than anyone else, but are we listening tothem? If you can keep dieting the whole week, then why to break it on a Sundayor why to eat more during the holidays?, Holidays and weekends, the cookouts,barbeques, pot luck dinners etc. seem to bring out the extra delicious foods.They just do, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. But why do we stuffourselves silly and then go through a period of being uncomfortable, or worseyet, gas! What’s worse than letting a big one rip? The proverbial “silent butdeadly fart” and pretending it was the dog. If they or you don’t have a dog, whatdo you do, pretend you’re the only one that doesn’t notice?Let’s stop thinking that eating is fun, it’s just something we have to do in order tostay alive and healthy. Alive and healthy is a far better option than alive and nothealthy, which seems to be the going trend. We’ve heard in any language, “it’sbetter to look good than to feel good” Well that ain’t right. When you feel goodyou look good. So when someone says, “there’s more pie” or ribs or whatever,“help yourself” Help yourself by not taking another extra, unnecessary ‘helping’.Help yourself now has new meaning doesn’t it?Khun Daranee’s Awesome Tips For Losing Weight Quickly! khundaranee@gmail.com Page 5
    • Choose Only Healthy Food: if you’ve got a choice, go for the simple vegetablesand fruits rather than cakes and pastas. If you don’t have a choice, go for thecarrot cake. LOL just kidding, but that is funny. If you find your will-power meltingaway instead of your waistline and want to taste the cake, then do it. Taste thecake. Who cares what’s in it, if you want to taste it, then taste it. My grandfatheralways said there are no calories in samples and crumbs. That’s ridiculous ofcourse, but sample one and be happy with that, and don’t go about samplingevery single dessert. Let’s keep it real shall we? I like to ask what’s in stuffbecause there are certain things I just don’t want to eat. Actually by asking youcan be a better judge about the number of calories you’re going to stick in theback of your mind and try to forget about, as well as the weight you are probablygoing to gain as you temporarily set your diet efforts back. 3 steps forward, 1step back blah blah blah. Basically if you possess some knowledge about thekinds of foods which are causing you to gain weight, then you can control themmore easily.Moderate Your Eatables: Just a quick recap here: if you can’t resist tastingsomething then rather than eating in full, moderate and limit how much. This way,you can do both and not feel like you have to repent. You can take a taste ofwhatever as well as keep yourself away from extra pounds. Keep in mind thatmaintaining a balance between the “bad foods” and “good foods” is what it’sreally all about. Bad foods are those which put extra weights on your bodywithout giving you any nutritional value and good foods are those which give younutritional value but no extra weight gain. This almost warrants us to define food.Does it do a body good, or is it all about sense gratification? Most people eatregardless of the damage it can or is causing, but do it because it make them feelgood. Dogs will eat just about anything if it tastes good. I’m better than that andso are you!So throw your shoulders back, hold your head up, straighten your spine, andknow you can go anywhere anytime, in control as the great moderator who is theonly one that can moderate your diet.Khun Daranee’s Awesome Tips For Losing Weight Quickly! khundaranee@gmail.com Page 6
    • Drink In Moderation: Here drink doesn’t only mean the hard stuff. Anything,which is alcoholic or non-alcoholic, may pack on the extra pounds. Whether youare imbibing in a whisky or soda, or in my case rum and anything sweet, that canand usually does add to gaining weight more quickly. It doesn’t matter whetheryou’re a full time or part time drinker, never drink alcohol in excess. Sounds like ajob, Wanted: Drinker – FT/PT experienced preferred. Alcoholics need not apply.You’re not only burning your chances of losing weight, but also ingesting moretoxins which are going to have adverse effects on your body. Dis-eased bodiesgain weight, healthy bodies do not. If your body is constantly working to eliminatetoxins, which is very well designed to do, it can’t focus on good healthy weightlosing cellular activity. Clean water is always your great friend and protector andneeds to be consumed, and in copious amounts. If you don’t like water, which Ifind to be an outrageous and ridiculous claim, drink tea without the sugar. Stufflike Stevia is very sweet, derived from plants, and has no calories and is healthy.Humans are about 80% or more made of water, so how can anybody not likethemselves? OK, that’s a little extreme, drink water because you have to, its’ partof the grand design of things, the big picture or whatever you want to call it. Justa thought, you can go literally 40 days without food, but only a couple of dayswithout water. Which is more important here? A no brainer for sure.The “No Eating After 7 PM” Rule: I know, it’s too difficult and 7 P.M. is tooearly! Try to eat before the sun goes down which I know, most people don’t evenget home until after dark. In this case there is the old adage; Eat like a king orqueen in the morning, a prince or princess in the afternoon, and a pauper in theevening. This doesn’t mean you have a bowl of “mush” for dinner, but restrictfrom eating heavy proteins and starches as well as dessert in the evenings.Most of the people don’t go for a walk after their evening meal, they plopthemselves in front of the TV. By taking an evening stroll around the block,believe me you’re not going to miss a thing that’s on the tube. My goodness,worst case scenario; get in the car and drive to the mall and window shop.Window shopping is good for your health. It’s walking for goodness sake, and itsKhun Daranee’s Awesome Tips For Losing Weight Quickly! khundaranee@gmail.com Page 7
    • air conditioned! If you also don’t want to go anywhere after your meal and it’safter 7 PM, and you feel like you just have to have a snack, don’t eat anythingheavy, rather go for fresh vegetables and fruits. I like nothing more thancrunching on big fat juicy carrots. Its’ fun, it’s noisy, it’s kind of primal, and filling.Most of the people drink beer in the evening too. It’s not really a breakfast kind ofthing yet. That is a recipe for gaining weight. “Lite” beer is a joke, and for thosethat think they are doing themselves a service by drinking that swill, the jokes onyou. Don’t let them get one up on you, if you’re going to drink a beer, and I lovebeer, have one. Have one very satisfying, maybe imported, maybe moreexpensive, maybe higher in calories, but just have one. You know a beer a day isgood for your health. It lowers your blood pressure, releases stress, but only one.Why do people drink a six pack of beer every night? Because it sucks! It’s justnot satisfying enough for just one to do the trick so for some reason we think thenext one is going to be better, and it’s not. It only gets better when you’re buzzedand clarity of thought and reason begins to disappear. I think we’ve all hear thesong, and a stupid song at that, “she’s looking better every beer” or somethinglike that. It’s stupid but true. The same goes for cheap beer, they taste better themore you drink, and not because of the quality. I’m not one for plugging anyparticular product, but when it comes to beer for breakfast, one beer stands out,and that would be Guinness Stout, or Guinness Oatmeal Stout. It’s rich, it’s fillingand healthy. Try it on a Sunday or something when you don’t have to go to work.Drink More Liquids Than You Eat: Drinking liquids will fool your body intobelieving that it’s full especially before a meal. Drink a lot of water, unsweetenedtea or coffee. Caffeine actually raises your metabolism and helps quicken theweight loss process.DO NOT drink diet sodas, artificially low calorie fruit smoothies or soft drinks!Carbonated or non-carbonated it doesn’t matter. Here’s a little known fact tomost, but a well-known fact to those of us that know. (A little bit of undisputablelogic there) DO NOT eat or drink anything that contains Aspartame orNutraSweet. Aspartame is a chemical that was used in the cattle industry toKhun Daranee’s Awesome Tips For Losing Weight Quickly! khundaranee@gmail.com Page 8
    • increase the weight of cattle. Problem was it was giving them tumors and cancerso they pulled it off the “market” I don’t want to bore anybody with those sillytechnical medical details, but what it does is affect the way the pancreas utilizesinsulin which is actually the key to weigh-loss. Screw with that and you not onlygain weight as by design, but you aggravate diabetes symptoms. They advertisefor diabetics to stay away from sugar, and advocate drinking sugar freebeverages that contain Aspartame and all it does is make one more diabetic.Diabetes is not a disease, it’s a symptom of a lifestyle. Aspartame was illegaluntil the company CEO Donald “the Nazi” Rumsfeld was in a position to pushlegislature through and get it passed again for human consumption. There’s a lotof money in sick people, none in the healthy ones. NutraSweet was made as aninsecticide. You read that right, an insecticide, it kills bugs. Bugs eat it and theydie kind of thing. NutraSweet is sweet by design so the bugs are attracted to itand the poison part of it kills them. The theory is, it’s not enough to kill people,but it is enough to do a lot of damage. The thing is; it’s difficult to prove in a courtof law that your health issues were actually caused by these products, eventhough it may be obvious, you’ll still lose to the pharmaceutical and chemicalcompanies. These companies actually control the governing bodies, not we thepeople.So just basically stay away from sweetened stuff, this will only defeat your effortsto lose weight. Don’t toy with trying to get around the calorie issue by fooling thebody. It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.Think of it this way, what the hell is so good about sweet? Who taught us, andwhen did we “learn” that sweet is satisfying. Another adage that doesn’t require asoapbox; change the way you see the world and the world changes. Apply that tofood. What is it and why do you want it, or why are you thinking about or actuallyeating it? Didn’t someone say somewhere “forgive them, they know not what theydo”? Know what you’re doing! For those that have eyes to see let them see, forthose that have choices let them choose, heal thyself physician! This is hardlydigressing in my never to be humble opinion.Khun Daranee’s Awesome Tips For Losing Weight Quickly! khundaranee@gmail.com Page 9
    • Eat Something Before You Go For Shopping: This doesn’t mean that everytime you go shopping you have to eat something. Wouldn’t that be a greatexcuse? I feel like eating something, but it’s not the right time, but Daranee withall her good advice says to eat something before you go shopping, I think I’ll goshopping, so I better eat first. Circular logic, I love logic, especially the circularkind, it makes the world go round. Ever wonder why donuts are round? It’s logicalreally.The idea here is that if you’re not hungry and/or your stomach is full, you won’tbuy any junk food at the junk food court. Reaching but not too much of a stretch,the calories from eating before you left to go shopping will be burnt off hopefullyby the time you finish your shopping, either by “shopping” the entire mall, or fromthe exertion of carrying all those bags of things you’re going to fit into. Actuallyyour shoe size doesn’t seem to change much with weight loss unless you’rereally super fat. (That’s a medical term by the way) Set yourself a goal, lose 5pounds, and buy something, like shoes. I love shoes. I have tons of them I needto wear more often. Buy only things that you need. LOL just kidding! Butseriously don’t buy anything to eat.Here’s a good rule, if you don’t or can’t make it at home, you don’t need it, orhave the technology to create some of the crap developed by the industrialrevolution. Is it food or not? Is an orange Julius food? Is a sticky bun, what arethey called sin-a-buns or something, is that really food? Does it do anything thatis good for you?Think about ‘what is that smell’ when you get within 100 yards of the food court.Is that salad you smell, or a stir-fry? Or is it oils and fats, sugars, acrylamide andprocessed white flour. There is a great video somewhere on YouTube where thisguy takes McDonalds fries and puts them in a jar for 7 months. And guess what?They look the same as the day he bought them. Why is that you ask,preservatives one might logically ask? Heck no! They’re made of plastic. Theway they make plastic is to take a heavy starch like the potato, and heat it to ahigh heat mixed with oil, voila, c’est un plastique! Actually I’m being very serioushere believe it or not, eating French fries, potato chips, corn chips, ‘doodles’ etc.Khun Daranee’s Awesome Tips For Losing Weight Quickly! khundaranee@gmail.com Page 10
    • is plastic. This crap is mostly made up of acrylamide that was created during theprocess. The plastic we use is made with petroleum oil but the same process. Ifpetroleum wasn’t such a great money maker, they could and should have beenmaking plastic out of hemp seed oil which would be healthy and biodegradable.One other thought here, if you eat those things, you’re eating GMO plastic. Talkabout adding insult to injury, Sheesh!Plan Outdoor Activities: Plan outdoor activities which don’t involve ‘EATING’.Going for shopping, buying yourself gifts, and walking in the park are some greatthings to do.I do get a bit carried away, I seem to only address the women, so in all fairness,there is skating, (which actually we do quite well) skate-boarding, playingfootball,(women are too smart for that game, more fun to watch the men do thatone) extreme sports like speeding down a mountain at break neck speeds on abike and a lot of other things. I wonder how many calories are burned up from theexhilaration of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane with a parachute thatmight or might not open. Keep it real, have fun doing it, and remember thatshopping for safety equipment is very satisfying too. To keep things interestingyou can involve more stuff like feeding the pigeons, or running away fromaggressive geese etc. This will not only keep you fit, but maybe keep you out ofthe emergency room.A Word About Smoking- just don’t do it. You’ve come a long way baby, we’velearned that smoking is not cool or good for your health. Winston cigarettes don’taid in digestion and more doctors used to smoke Camels over any other brand,and the Marlboro man died of lung cancer. This is a mind thing again, you haveto step back and say “why do I want to smoke”? This is another grand solutionthe mind has pulled out of its’ archives that worked in the past and dumb enoughto think it’s going to work again. How long does it work you might ask? I don’tKhun Daranee’s Awesome Tips For Losing Weight Quickly! khundaranee@gmail.com Page 11
    • know, but if you divide the number of waking hours in your day by 20 (cigarettes)that’s a pretty good average. I hate to say this, but I love to smoke, but it’s notcool, it’s dirty, it smells and it’s just gross. I fought with smoking for years andactually did come up with a good solution. Here’s the thing, I like to smoke, butdon’t like the tobacco and consequences that go along with it. A friend of mineturned me on to one of those electronic cigarettes called Green Smoke.Harmless yet fun. When I get the urge, and I still do, I huff on a harmless GreenSmoke cigarette. Here’s how good they are; I can actually like go to a party orsomething, smoke a few cigarettes socially, and when back in my home if a getthe urge again, suck on a Green Smoke. Pretty cool, geeky but cool just thesame. If you smoke and want to quit, here’s a link, I totally recommend it.www.greensmoke.com/save10-27648 I even found a 10% coupon. YEAH! What smoking does is actually increase your weight because it puts stress on thebody. The place it shows up first is around the waistline. That “spare tire” thingyis really a sign of heart disease. So quitting smoking not only helps you reallylose weight, but improves the condition of your heart, and not to mention lessensthe chances of stroke, heart attack and cancer etc. Nothing ruins a weekend likefinding out you’ve got cancer or had a stroke or something. I’m not going to sayanything about smoking pot, there are just too many good medicinal qualities tomention in this weight loss e-book. If you’re serious about curing cancer and ahost of other ailments and you want access to this amazing God given gift of anherb, you best vote for Ron Paul. I’m all about freedoms and liberties andkeeping the government out of our lives.There are always a lot of more things which can be done to reduce weightquickly. Be creative and have fun with it. The most important things are your willpower and making a plan. Self-control and self-discipline are really key elementshere. Keep an eye on what you are eating and what the ingredients are.Read the labels of the things you buy. I have a rule of thumb, (I hate thatexpression) if it has a label, it’s really a warning. If it doesn’t have a label, itKhun Daranee’s Awesome Tips For Losing Weight Quickly! khundaranee@gmail.com Page 12
    • doesn’t need one because it’s food. When was the last time you saw a head oflettuce or an apple with an ingredient label on it? President Obama never gotaround to following through with labeling of the GMO (genetically modifiedorganisms) food, (don’t get me started here…) but learn about what foods aregenetically modified. GMO’s cause organ failure, (FACT!) and remember, sickbodies don’t lose weight. If you stay away from anything with GMO ingredients,you’re going to fast track it to a new healthy body and lose weight.So there you have it. There’s a link below that will guarantee all that I’m talkingabout here, you just have to do it, and why would you not? Good Luck! K. DaraneeKhun Daranee’s Awesome Tips For Losing Weight Quickly! khundaranee@gmail.com Page 13